Hot for the Trainer

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Trevor wasn’t sure that this was what he wanted.  Oh, he was sexually aroused being around Keith, his trainer.  He had been secretly turned on by him for years but it was hard to admit that. There was something about the MAN'S raw masculinity that somehow made the boi go all quivery and almost breathless whenever he was around the MAN. But being fucked like a bitch, letting a guy stick his hard cock up Trevor’s new pussy and plow him like he was some cheap slut, that thought took some getting use to. Trevor was sure that only a stone-cold submissive would do something like that.  And, for all his undeniable excitement whenever he was around Keith, Trevor wasn’t sure whether that’s what he wanted to be.

But, Trevor soon found out, he didn’t have the final say in the matter.  As things turned out, Keith was hot to trot, too.  And as he quickly informed the boi, when a MAN was in the mood to fuck some boi-pussy, the boi just did what he was told. Which in Trevor’s case meant he just had to lie naked down on the bed, spread his legs as far apart as they would go, and let the MAN have his fun with Trevor’s pussy.  Since It was obvious that Keith was in no mood to debate the matter, Trevor simply did what he was ordered to do.

When Trevor felt his trainer’s aroused cock pressing hard against the boy’s tender pussy, he tried to relax like Keith told him to.  But Keith’s cock was so big…SO BIG.  Trevor didn’t think there was any way that he could fit that massive fuck-stick up his tight little pussy.  But this wasn’t the first boy-twat Keith had plundered and he kept up the pressure until, suddenly, with an awesome stab, he forced his cock up and in the boi.  

Trevor gasped at first but, amazingly, the worst of the pain was short-lived and was soon replaced by a sense of incredible fullness as Keith slowly fed the length of his cock  into Trevor’s pussy.  It still hurt, there was no denying that.  But it felt so right, so right that Trevor’s twat should be serving a Man’s throbbing boner, so right that the Man should be driving his dick back and forth inside Trevor’s body, turning Trevor’s boy-hole into a cunt, a pussy for MEN to use when they were horny, a fuck-pit for Men to spew their hot cum into when they were in rut – whenever they were in rut.  And as Keith continued to plow away inside the boi, Trevor realized that, despite his earlier misgivings, this was always how he’d been meant to be used.  This was his destined role in life.  

Trevor was exactly where he should be – naked, on a bed, his legs spread wide, his pussy stuffed with hard cock, pleasuring a MAN the way a boi always does – with his cunt.  And Trevor realized that there was no place else he ever wanted to be. Ever.