Keep Your Toys Clean

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That's Daddy's good girl.. now put it in your mouth and suck it clean.

But Daddy it was just in my pussy! :(

Yes? And…? Daddy said put it in your mouth. I know you thoroughly showershot out before you do anything with your pussy baby girl, and you keep the right diet so you can bottom at a moments notice; so I see NO issue.

*whimpering* DADDY!

Suck it clean like a good little cock whore. Or Daddy's going to have to spank you. Unless you want an over the knee bare bottom spanking.

*hesitantly puts it to his lips and gently pushes it in* 

That’s it baby girl… taste your pussy juices. Daddy loves the taste of your pussy and the sweet candy like liquid you can make with use.

*gagging on the dildo*

*smiles stroking his cock* What you need to learn princess is that these are MY holes. I will use them however I want, when I want, where I want and even with who I want. If I want to use your face right after I finish using your pussy I will, and you’ll happily service me. Because pleasing Daddy is what really matters right? 

*pouting and nodding*

Besides a little pussy juice is good for you. Helps remind you of your place as Daddy's lil bitch. 

*pulling the the toy out of his boys mouth*

Yes Daddy. I understand. I know place and my duties to you as my Daddy. My goal is to make you happy and in your happiness I find mine.

Now who's ready to get their pussy fucked?

*up on all fours in no time*

ME, Daddy!