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Brent's dad had caught him jerking off one day.  "Until you can learn to control yourself and these urges," he told his son, "you are going to stay in chastity," as he clicked the cage closed on to his only boi. 
"Dad, please, you can't do this to me," Brent said humiliated and almost in tears.  

"I'm trying to protect you, boi.  Now you just sit there and think about what's good for you," his father said shutting the door behind him. 

Once the door was shut, Brent tried to get the cage off him, but despite tugging and pulling and almost stabbing his dick with a metal letter opener, it wouldn't come off. Instead, all the pulling just got him hard.  The pain of his enclosed swelling dicklet and frustration of needing to cum had him almost going crazy.

After awhile, giving up, Brent Skyped his buddy Ethan.   

"No, way!  Dude!  Seriously?  Your dad locked your business up?" Ethan said after Brent had explained everything. 

"Show me," Ethan said.  

"Naw, man, it's embarrassing as hell already," Brent replied.

"Come on, we're best buds, besides I won't tell anyone," Brent said.

Brent adjusted the camera and knelt in front to show his cocklet caged.  "Fuck, that's incredible," Ethan said, not just remarking on the cage but also on how sexy his buddy's trim body was.  Ethan had never been one to be interested in guys, but seeing his buddy submissive and vulnerable caused his cock to stir.  There was something about not really seeing his buddy's junk that made him more appealing, almost like a girl.

"You know," Ethan finally said after studying the boi's body and rubbing his crotch as Brent droned on about how he was SO sexually frustrated, "I think I have a way to get you off even with that thing on you." 

"Really?" Brent asked hopefully.

"Oh yeah," Ethan said imagining his thick cock pummeling his buddy's pussy as he held on to that tiny little waist.  "Come on over tonight, around 8.  I'll make sure of it, and you'll feel so much better."