A Boi's Overnight Trip

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Are you going to be a good girl for Daddy while your gone?

*nods* yes Daddy. I will be.


I promise Daddy. Cross YOUR pussy.

Are you wearing your chastity device and pussy plug? Is my load of cum from earlier still in you?

Of course, Daddy. My cage and plug are always on, just like you ask of me.

Keys, baby girl.

*hands Daddy the keys*

You’re such a good girl. Daddy loves you so much.

I love you so much, Daddy.

Give Daddy some sugar.

*leaning in and kissing Daddy*

*squeezing his boys pussy firming and then patting it* 

Remember what you’re supposed to do when you arrive?

Strip naked, kneel on all fours and send you a pussy selfie Daddy? Then my Zoom call to you.

That’s right. Now don’t forget, baby girl. I packed a very special surprise in your bag for later. You'll understand when you see it.

I won’t forget, Daddy. What did you pack in my bag???? *all anxious in excitement*

Ok you better get going - you’re going to miss your train. 

Yes Daddy. Bye Daddy.

Bye baby girl. Have a very safe trip. 

After the selfie he unpacks his bag, and finds Daddy's favorite dildo that HE uses on him.

Oh I was hoping Daddy would pack you. Let's Zoom Daddy shall we? *turning Zoom on, he's naked, on his back, legs spread and three-fourths of the dildo Daddy packed is buried in him*

Hi there, how's my baby girl? *seeing just his face*

Better now that you're here Daddy. *Moving camera out so Daddy can see all of him*

I see you found Daddy's surprise for you. You look very pretty with your pussy stuffed. You always do.

Would Daddy like a pussy show? *riding the dildo hard for a minute or two*

You know I would, but honestly I'd prefer you to be home so Daddy himself could fuck your pussy.

So would I Daddy, besides I'll be back tomorrow. You can have all the pussy you want then.


* Pulling the dildo completely out and showing off his lubed slick gaping cunt* Promise!

DAMN, baby girl. I can't wait.