Home Early - Confronted - Chap 3

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Caleb sat in the school courtyard, waiting for Hayley. The bell rang and he watched as students started emerging from the campus buildings. The day was finally over. He saw Hayley coming from the east building and he waved her over.

He watched as she slowly crossed the courtyard, her eyes fixated at the ground, as she approached him. A devilish grin went across his face as he thought about how cute she looked. Even though her school uniform made her look innocent, she was anything but.

Hayley spoke first, “Caleb, I am so sorry about yesterday. I wasn’t expecting my uncle to be home so early.”

He watched as her eyes welled up. He stood and wrapped his arms around her, allowing his towering frame to envelope her, and he gently kissed the top of her head.

“It’s ok babe. I was more worried about you. I hope you didn’t get into too much trouble?” His voice was caring and affectionate, he didn’t give any inclination that he knew, what had really happened.

“My uncle yelled at me and he’s threatening to tell my parents. I am so scared!”

“Did anything else happen?” Caleb waited to see if Hayley would offer any of the truth.

“Nooooo! He was so mad.” Hayley’s words were muffled as she buried her face into his chest.

“My aunt texted me and said I forgot my babysitter pay at their house. I was so scared, I left it on the counter.” More muffled words as she buried further into him.

“Well then, let’s go get it. I’ll drive you over there, you run in, and then we can leave before anyone gets home.” Caleb gently rubbed her back as he convinced her she was safe with him.


Caleb pulled his Jeep into the empty driveway. 

“It looks like no one is here. I’ll go inside with you. We’ll grab your money and then we can leave.” He leaned over and gave Hayley a small kiss. 

“Ok,” She nodded.


Ryan had left work early again. His wife had texted him earlier that day, that Hayley still needed to be paid for babysitting. Images flashed through his mind of what had happened just the day before.

Ryan felt his dick harden at the thought of his young niece on top of him, lowering her sweet pussy to his face, so he could taste her youthfulness.

He turned down his street and was surprised to see a blue Jeep in his driveway.

“Seriously! What the fuck! That had not better be that guy again, in my house!” Ryan felt anger run through his body as he sped up the truck and whipped it into his driveway, blocking the Jeep from leaving.


Hayley and Caleb turned around with a startled looks on their faces as they heard the front door slam.

“Hayley! Where are you?!” Ryan’s voice yelled from the living room.

“Oh no he’s home early again!” Hayley’s face was a pure look of fear.

“Let me handle this, you stand behind me, and I’ll talk to him.” Caleb rubbed her shoulders as he led the way into the living room.

“What the hell are you doing in my house again! Maybe I should call the cops and have you arrested for trespassing!” Ryan’s face was tense with anger as he shot angry looks at both his niece and Caleb.

“That’s fine bro! Call the cops, then you explain the photos and video I have of you and Haley. That’s right, the photos I took of you two in your bedroom!” Caleb held his phone up as he flashed his devilish grin again.

Ryan’s face went white and he stumbled back as he sat on the couch. He knew he was in deep shit if Caleb was being truthful and had evidence on him.

“Caleb, what photos and video!” Haley was now facing him as anger flashed across her face.

“Don’t act surprised babe. I saw everything. You’re quite the tease!” Caleb held his phone higher as Hayley struggled to reach for it.

“Alright, you win. What do you want? Money? Blackmail?” Ryan’s voice was much calmer now as he tried to regain control of the situation. He had to make sure that evidence was deleted for good.

“Actually, I felt left out yesterday. You interrupted my playtime with my girl. So now I need a re-do and you’re going to watch!” Caleb’s demand was clear and dominant.

“So sit back on the couch and watch. Hell you can even stroke yourself if you want, but your eyes better be stuck on us the whole time!” Caleb laughed as he turned his attention towards Haley.

Caleb dropped his shorts and pulled out his thick cock that was rock hard and already dripping pre-cum. He smiled at Hayley who still had a scowl on her face.

“Either get over here and start sucking, or I am out, and I’ll have those photos posted before I leave the driveway!” Caleb waited, he knew he’d get what he wanted.

“Hayley, do what he says. We can’t have those photos leaked.” Her uncles voice was defeated.

Caleb watched as she sank to her knees and approached him. He gave his hard cock a few strokes and let out a loud moan as he felt her mouth touch the tip of his cockhead. Hayley bobbed her mouth up and down his shaft as spit drooled below. Her eyes were staring upwards at the tall young guy she was now blowing.

Caleb easily reached behind Hayley and gave her tight ass a hard smack. He loved her small butt and his giant hands took a nice grip of her behind as she continued to swallow his massive cock in her tiny mouth.

Caleb pulled her off his cock and smiled as her spit fell onto her blouse. “Let’s get you out of this skirt! You have too many clothes on!” 

He unzipped her uniform and pulled it down as Hayley undid her blouse. She stood there in front of Caleb and her uncle in her matching cotton panties and bra. Caleb pulled her panties off in one sweeping motion and had her step out of them. He picked them up and held them to his nose. “These smell great!” He then threw them at Ryan who was sitting on the couch staring intently.

He watched as Ryan picked up the panties and held them to his nose, taking a deep inhale.

“You like her young innocent panties you dirty perv! Well keep watching and we’ll put on a good show for you!” He laughed as he easily picked Hayley up and placed her on the couch next to her uncle.

He pushed her back and easily opened her legs, exposing her beautiful pussy to him. “Spread and hold your legs like that!” He demanded. 

“In fact, your uncle can help too, hold her legs for me!” Caleb watched as Ryan did as he instructed. When he was happy with her easy access, Caleb dove down and was rewarded with the wettest pussy he had ever tasted. He heard Hayley moan as his tongue flicked all over her swollen slit.

Caleb pushed his tongue in as far as it would stretch and he felt Hayley contracting against him. He pulled back, licked two fingers and then shoved them in. Hayley’s body jerked at his intrusion but he felt her grind against his hand as he pushed his fingers further in and out.

With his free hand, he reached up and pulled her tit free and leant down and took it into his mouth. His tongue traced around her nipple as he continued finger-fucking her from below. First he felt Hayley shudder, then heard her loud moan, followed by a gush of wetness.

The little bitch climaxed! He pulled his face off her tit and looked over at Ryan, who had pulled his dick out, and was eagerly stroking it. Caleb pulled his wet fingers out and held them to Ryan’s mouth, “Suck on these and taste your niece!”

Caleb moaned as he felt Ryan greedily sucking on his wet fingers, lapping at Hayley’s sweet flavor.

He pulled his hand away from Ryan and repositioned himself at Hayley’s swollen entrance. He lined up his hard cock and pushed in. Hayley let out a small yelp as she felt her boyfriend enter her. He stopped and waited as her pussy relaxed before he started a slow but steady fucking pace.

As Caleb fucked her, he pulled off his shirt and his chiseled chest was already glistening wet from sweat. Hayley wrapped her arms around his waist as he thrusted deeper into her. Caleb grunted with each push as his cock bottomed out in her tiny hole.

He looked over at Ryan who was jerking himself off with such stamina. Caleb let out loud grunts as his body tensed and he shot several large loads of cum into his small lover. He let his entire body collapse on her, as she panted with pleasure.

He pulled his spent dick out and watched as his cum slid down her leg. He looked over at Ryan and asked, “Do you want a piece of her now?”

“Hell yea dude!” Ryan jumped at the opportunity. 

Caleb stood up, “She’s all yours bro.”

Hayley watched as her uncle took her boyfriends place and he quickly shoved his hard shaft into her wet and waiting hole. She let out several moans as he thrusted into her creamed opening, causing more of Caleb’s cum to push out.

“Uggggh!” Ryan moaned as he quickly came and added his hot load inside his niece. He pulled out and stood back as his cum quickly gushed out and ran down her leg as well.

Hayley still on her back, took her fingers and gently played with her pussy as she looked at both guys who had just fucked and creampied her. She smiled as she thought of all the fun she was going to have with them.

“So will you delete the photos now?” Ryan was still short of breath as he looked over at Caleb.

“We’ll see.” Caleb shrugged. He redressed and then left.