A Boi's Reward?

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There… that’s not so bad is it baby girl? 

mmmm no Daddy.

I bet you like being out of your clitty cage?

mmm Yes Daddy.

Daddy is going to give you a little spanking now. Are you ready?

*clenching his ass* Noooooo, Daddy. Please don't. I haven't been bad at all this entire week. I've done every lil thing exactly as you wanted, when you wanted.

*continues stroking his boys nub* I know you have that's why this reward of being out of your clitty cage. You want to please Daddy don’t you?

Yes, you know I do Daddy.

Spanking your pussy would please me very much, baby girl.

*whimpers* But I don’t want to be spanked Daddy! I don't deserve to be spanked.

*stops stroking his boys clitty* Spanking can be a reward too, you've yet to learn that. Maybe I don’t want to play with your clitty any more then.

*heaving his hips high in the air desperate for more* That’s not fair, Daddy!

You want more?

Yes please, Daddy.

Beg me to spank your pussy then.

*whimper* Please spank my pussy… please Daddy.

*grinning* Since you ask so nicely baby girl, I’d be happy to.


*stops rubbing his boys clitty and starts rubbing his pussy* I know you don’t like spanking so I won’t make this too bad this time. OK?

*tensing and nodding his head*


*yelps practically pulling himself off Daddy's lap*

*holds his boi firmly in place*

No more please Daddy, no more.

*ignoring his boys pleas. Whack*

*sequels again* 

*whack* *whack* *whack*

*breaks into a sweat, his heart racing and his pussy stinging*

*rubs his boys pink pussy* Good girl… you did a good job Daddy’s proud of you. Since you were such a good girl I’m going to let you cum as a reward

*feeling relieved, happy and excited at the same time* Really Daddy?

Really baby girl. Just relax. *starts stroking his boys clitty, reaches over to the side table, grabs a dildo and shoves it deep into his boi's pussy holding it place with one hand*

*almost immediately tenses groaning and shoots his load*

*grinning* Apparently you liked that… you sure came quickly.

*blushing and looking down*

Now what do you say?

Thank you Daddy.

You’re welcome baby girl. *kiss* You know though, with you having cum and a nice pale pink pussy I think you deserve another reward.

You do, Daddy? *smiling*

Yup, sure do. How about a nice, deep, hard cunting?