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"Get in here right NOW Jameson Jeffrey Michaels!"  Dad yelled from his office when I got home from college classes. I knew I was in for it. He used my full name.

I walked into his office and he was looking at something on his laptop sitting at his desk.

"Come here, I want you to see something very important."

I moved closer and the pictures I saw immediately took my breath away.  He was staring at me.  

"How did you get these?" I asked. I mean I was a sophomore in college for heaven's sake, but was living at home still trying to save some money.

"Family data, our phones upload to the same account.  Or maybe you didn't want me finding out you were gay since it looks like you've had every cock in the family fucking you?"  

"I can explain . . ." 

"Really, you can explain" he clicked on a picture,  I jacked off to the memory of that one many times, and he enlarged it. "Why are both of my brothers fucking you like a cheap slut and at the same time?  Or perhaps," he enlarged another picture "you can explain why both of YOUR brothers are fucking you?  Or this one, isn't that your coach and a few players from the hockey team while we were on vacation?  Or maybe this one that clearly was taken last Christmas when your cousins were here, apparently to visit the family during the day and to cum in my son during the night, and right here in this office too?" Seems every man in this family has bred you.

I didn't know what to say. He was right.

"I can't believe you.  I can't believe this.  I can't believe what you let them do.  What the hell were you thinking, any way? That I wouldn't find out? That I wouldn't mind?"  He was standing now and I started to back away from him as he seemed so angry.  He went around the other side of his desk and closed and locked his office door.  His back was to me and he said, "But most of all, I can't believe that you apparently let any man in sight shove his dick in you," he turned around facing me and his cock was sticking out of the front of his pants, "but you've never let me do it, not even once you lil whore."  

I was shocked and my eyes locked on his big circumcised dick. So this is where my uncles & brothers got their big dicks from.

He was stroking his hard shaft and hairless balls and said "My cock isn't good enough for you, is that it? Or maybe it's because I'm your father? Maybe it's not big enough for you?  Maybe you don't think my cum will taste as good as your brothers' or uncles'?"  He was fully hard now and starting to ooze pre-cum, "Or maybe your Daddy's cock is too big for you, as you saw it at least once getting out of the shower?"  

He stepped closer, "Is that it, you don't think it will fit in your pussy? How do I know you call it it that, you ask; well your Uncle Rick told me you did and that you like to be called baby gurl while your pussy is being stretched out. Your oldest brother told me you like spanked too. Interesting fact, you like being spanked right on your gaping pussy, huh?"  

He took my hand and placed it around his shaft and made me stroke it.  "Does it feel too big for you?  I bet we could make it fit into one of your holes at the very least."  He reached around and slipped his hand inside the back of my sweatpants and he slipped his finger right into my cunt and twirled it around causing me to moan.

"I, I bet we c-could, I, I, I'm beyond willing to try."  I stuttered and started to go down on my knees and he grabbed my arm pulling me up.

"No," he spun me around, "that's not the hole I was thinking of."  He pushed me up against his desk and shoved me down until my face was pressed against his paperwork.  I didn't move while he ripped my sweats off. I was naked in front of him as I was free balling. Next thing I knew he was eating my pussy. 

"OH, gawd, yeah Dad eat my pussy" and I did my best to push my pussylips open. 

He was gnawing on it hard, chewing my pussylips, biting them; then he drug his tongue, in and out of me and around the opening like a wild man. Like eating my ass was his last meal. He began spanking me too with his open hand. 

WHAP. WHAP. Whap. Three slaps on each side. Pulling his face from me he said, "that's for being a very naughty girl." and with that he spun me off his desk, sat in his leather chair, and threw me bare ass up over his knee. WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP real fast, real hard. I was starting to fight back tears. WHAP, WHAP WHAP, WHAP even faster and right on my exposed hairless cunt. YOUCH! DADDY, that hurts."

"That's the idea you stupid slut! I think your pussy is red enough for now." He stood me up and bent me over his desk again.

I heard a drawer from his desk open and close. A few seconds passed and I felt the heat from his cock as he placed it against my pussy. He kicked my legs far apart and told me to arch my back. Your oldest brother says I shouldn't be too worried if it hurts too much as you like it hard, deep and rough."  He drove into my cunt with one solid thrust and stayed in my pussy with his balls pressing against my taint. All nine inches buried deep and his short trimmed pubes rubbing against me. He was rocking his dick in place as I moaned my head off. 

"Maybe he was right."  He said and started to fuck me, "you owe me this so I"m going to take my dear ole time and really fuck you good and long, you'd like that huh, you lil bitch."

I gripped the sides of his desk and tried my best to relax my pussy enough for his rutting, he was right, I did owe it to him.  And I definitely owed him a few more rounds considering I just came all over his paperwork completely hands free. He kept hammering away at my now slackened pussy, smacking my upturned ass. He was deep dicking me good.

"You love being cored out and cunted huh?" I turned my head shocked he knew the word and clearly my amazement caught his eye.

"Shocked I know that word? Well don't be, your oldest sister's husband taught me that word shortly before they married and I've been cunting him ever sense. He's a whore just like you, poor Diane has no idea we're lovers or he's filing for divorce so he can marry me. It's also why your Mom divorced me, she walked in on me fucking the hell out of Rob and heard me call him "my bitch".

Dad was fucking me even harder, tearing my pussy up. Thank god I did a daily pussy workout with my dildo, otherwise I'd be in trouble. I broke and moaned, "fuck my pussy Daddy." That did it. I could feel his balls tighten so I said it again even louder, "fuck my pussy Daddy. He slapped my ass six quick times. 

"You ready for my load, baby girl"

"Oh my gawd yes, Daddy!" With that I felt him shoot six big ropes of cum in me.

"Such GOOD pussy!"

I smiled to myself. "I've had a bit of practice you know." He stayed balls deep in me.

Oh I know you do. But you know something, since it's just you and me living here now, how about you share Daddy's bed?"


"Sure that way you get dick every night and every morning, because when you sleep with me you sleep naked. I have an idea too."

"You do? What about?

"Your birthday is next month and you'll be old enough to drink. I think I'll call your brothers, and your uncles for a guys weekend only out at the cabin and we all gang bang you. How about that?"

"I love you so much Dad!"

"I love you too, son; or should I say baby girl? How about another round? I think MY pussy needs more cum in it."