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"Good boy, now suck daddy's dick you slut. You're getting better at it bitch, aren't you?"
Hugo just moaned and continued to worship his Daddy's throbbing cock the best he knew how. He couldn't remember the last time his own dicklet had been sucked, but Daddy had made it very clear that it wouldn't be until he learned to suck his Daddy's dick properly first. The poor boy had been too intimidated by Daddy to focus like he was supposed to. 

Daddy was more muscular than he was, he definitely was way more masculine than Hugo and he commanded your attention when he walked into a room it was just the type of MAN Daddy was. Hugo on the other hand wasn't all that muscular with his swimmers build, and boyish good looks. True he Hugo had grown a beard but his mannerisms couldn't hide his effeminate behavior that Hugo clung too, as he had seen himself as a girl for years now. It's not that he wanted to take hormones, or have a sex change or that he was even transgendered for it wasn't that but Hugo was one of those "boi's" who thought that deep down that bottoms like himself were all just girls and should act as one.

But Daddy had grown annoyed with Hugo's sucking skills and spanked his lil slut bare ass up and over his knee until the boy begged for another chance to try again. It was embarrassing to be spanked like that at first but Hugo loved it every time it happened and it wasn't always when he was being naughty.

"I know you know how to suck cock, slut" Daddy said, "Now try it again."

Hugo was back on his knees swirling his tongue around the tip before taking the rest of his Daddy into his mouth balls deep. He was sucking like a real pro this time for he had been practicing daily with a dildo while Daddy was a t work. He felt Daddy throb and bobbed his head up and down his shaft while Daddy gently caressed his head. Daddy could tell the difference.

"Such a good boi. I see you've been practicing and more than likely with that dildo, huh" Hugo just nodded his cock stuffed head.

He wanted to feel Daddy's hand grip his hair and watch his muscles bulge as he came down his throat. He wanted to taste his Daddy's cum desperately. Unfortunately, Daddy had other plans. Yanking the boy off his cock, Daddy forced him on his hands and knees, and began teasing his tight pink pussy with his fingers. Hugo moaned, craving more. He felt something hard and thick tease his wetting pussy lips. Daddy's dick was bigger than any cock he'd ever taken and he had only taken Daddy's dick a few times. 

Hugo gasped as Daddy fucked the boy's pussy, slowly sliding his monster cock inside of his slut, grunting with every thrust. The boy could barely breathe, his dicklet was hard and oozing pre-cum as Daddy fucked him harder, his desperate little pussy clenching around Daddy's thick cock. He could feel Daddy getting close as his groans got louder and his thrusts more aggressive. He felt like he was about to burst, his swollen dicklet slapping against his stomach as Daddy pounded into him. 

"Please Daddy!" He squealed, "Can I cum?"

"Control yourself, baby girl. Daddy" Daddy commanded, pulling out of his boy. He swiftly flipped Hugo onto his back and spread his quivering legs. Roughly sliding his member into the whimpering, little slut, daddy smiled, "So you wanna cum baby girl?"

Hugo nodded frantically, unable to speak. Daddy wrapped his hand firmly around Hugo’s pulsing cock and gently jerked him while ramming every inch of himself into the boy's tight cunt. Hugo’s whole body shook. His boi-ovaries tightened and his cocklet twitched as he sprayed his cum all over himself. 

Still trembling, Hugo looked up at his Daddy, so full of submission and lust. Daddy smirked and forcefully pumped his cock in and out of the desperate sluts gapping cunt.

"Oh god! Daddy, I can't it's too big!" Hugo wailed, overwhelmed with sensation, frantically gasping for air as his Daddy moaned on top of him. 

"Fuck" Daddy growled as he slammed his cock deeper, tightening his grip on the boy as he came deep into his womb. He remained buried in his pussy for a moment and Hugo clung to his Daddy tight in his arms, feeling the comforting weight of the man on top of him for this was truly home.