Blindfolding Her Sweetheart

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Nia’s favorite part of her boyfriend was his patience. Ryan would wait for hours, hands placed obediently in his lap, squirming in his seat as she played with herself in front of him, stripped her clothes off, or simply lotioned her legs after a bath. His dark eyes would follow her every move, heavy-lidded and shiny with desire. He was a good boy, and he knew it, but that didn’t mean he never wanted to test himself.

Tonight, Ryan sat waiting on the edge of their bed with his hands flat on his bare thighs, his cock hard beneath his tight boxer briefs, and his broad chest flushed as red as the silk blindfold cloaking his vision. 

“Ryan, baby?”

At the sound of her voice and the quiet click of the door shutting, Ryan turned his head towards her and smiled. “Hi.”

Sometimes, Nia wouldn’t announce her presence. She’d step into the room without a word, knowing that with each passing minute, the silence would rile him up more. Still, he’d remain patient, wet lips twitching in their efforts not to beg.

She was in a more generous mood tonight, less likely to tease. Besides, he'd been on his best behavior all week. Cooking every night, rubbing her feet after her long shifts at work, making sure she comes at least twice a night. 

“How’re you feeling?”

“Good.” Ryan licked his lips, taking a visible breath. “Excited.”

HIs excitement was evident, every thick inch of it straining to be let loose from his boxers. Nia stepped out of her robe and approached him, taking a spot between his spread legs. Heat radiated from him and she was sure he noticed anticipation warming her skin just as much.

Nia bent at the waist and pressed a kiss to his forehead, tracing invisible lines on his shoulders with her nails. She trailed down his biceps and back up to neck, where his pulse pounded beneath her fingertips and he shivered under the light touches. Cupping the back of his head, she combed through his short hair and gave a gentle tug. A soft whimper escaped him and he relented to the pull, allowing Nia to tilt his head back.

She loved how much he trusted her, loved how he moved his cheek into her palm, how his lips parted for her thumb. He closed his mouth around the digit and sucked, his whine vibrating through her like a low frequency hum.  

Pride was something Nia never thought would fuel her desire. Before meeting a man like him, one who's natural disposition contradicted his large, intimidating frame, she never thought it would turn her on to have a man at her will. He had awakened something in her, and each time they played, their connection grew. Each time he went pliant under her touch, a rush shot through her and faded into a familiar throbbing between her thighs. 

Nia removed her thumb from his mouth and traced it down the center of his chest, leaving the trail of spit to dry in the cool room. She followed the line of hair at his navel to his waistband, stopping to listen to an inhale catch in his throat. 

“I know how much you want me to take care of you, baby.” She scraped her nails up and down his inner thighs, harmless little cat scratches that made him flinch, and brushed the back of her hand along the length of his cock. “I will, I promise. Want you to take care of me first.” 

He nodded, and she picked up his hands, smiling at his immediately reaching fingers, placing them flat on her belly. He massaged the soft flesh there for a moment before he slid his palms upward to cup her tits. Through the thin mesh fabric of her bra, her nipples hardened and Nia hissed at the targeted sensation. 

Ryan sighed, his voice nothing but an awestruck whisper. “God, I can’t fucking get over how amazing your body feels.” He followed the curve of her waist, squeezing at her hips, fingertips pressing against her ass. He was never rough with her, only firm because he knew it’s the way she liked to be touched. His carefulness turned her on as much as anything else, a quiet exploration of her body as if each time was the first. That was her second favorite thing about him possibly, though she could go on listing the reasons he was the perfect boyfriend, the perfect partner, and the perfect sub when they were behind closed doors.

Ryan smoothed both hands over the back of her thighs and she shivered, growing hotter between her legs. She'd been wet since she entered the room, her cotton panties damp and cutting at the creases of her thighs.

Nia reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, then stepped closer in the v of his legs, urging his head to her chest. The silk of the blindfold was cool against her hot, bare skin and they both sighed, the warm fan of his breath causing goosebumps to erupt in its wake. His mouth opened, licking and suckling, allowing her small breast to fill his mouth. He left red markings with each kiss, ones that would fade by tomorrow morning.

"You're being so good." Nia moaned, dizzy with pleasure. Her panties were soaking wet now, and all she wanted was to rip them off, climb on top of him, and ride him right where she sat. "Making me so fucking wet, baby. Want to feel?"

Ryan keened and titled his head up at her as if he could make eye contact. He held out a hand, and she lifted it to her lips first, taking two of his fingers into her mouth. His hands were shaking, his chest heaving as she guided his fingers beyond the elastic waistband of her panties.  

He took his time as he stroked through the trimmed hair before parting her lips, a single fingertip pressing at her clit, an unintentional tease. Her wetness gathered on his fingers as began circling them in a slow rhythm, letting her rock against him. Nia rocked back and forward on her toes, unable to control the involuntary spasms that signaled the very beginning of her release. She cupped his jaw, a gentle hold on him to keep him still.

"Feel that? Dripping for you, baby. You did that."

Ryan whined, high pitched and needy, his fingers pressing harder. He'd never slip inside of her without permission, had long ago learned the exact way she liked to come. 

Nia gave his shoulder a delicate shove, and he fell onto his back with zero resistance. At last, she freed herself from her constrictive panties and crawled onto the bed, settling with a knee on either side of his head.

"Fuck." Ryan groaned and his hands grabbed blindly at her body, gripping up her thighs to rest on her ass. "Can't wait to taste you."

“Open up, baby,” she said, and lowered herself onto his waiting mouth. He picked up right where he left off, his tongue licking full, delving into her pussy and rolling against her clit over and over. Nia quivered at his impossibly hot mouth, his expert tongue pulling her apart. She came like a crashing tide, toes curling and tensing in the spinning room. 

Nia lifted herself up and looked at his red cheeks and mouth, running her fingers over his silk blindfold skewed crooked over his eyes. On shaky legs, she shimmied back down the bed and settled on her knees, tugging Ryan’s boxers to the floor with her. His cock was hot in her hand and she was bordering on impatient, wanting to choke on him and sink onto him at the same time. She settled for teasing him the way he had done to her, licking up his shaft until he leaked against her tongue. 

“Move up the bed for me?” 

Ryan followed Nia’s request, and for a few moments, she took in the sight of him lying there for her use. He reached for her when she climbed onto the bed and straddled his waist, helping guide her onto his cock. She’d never get over how he felt inside of her, thick and perfect, especially when he was laid out like a toy. 

Ryan followed Nia’s request, and for a few moments, she took in the sight of him lying there for her to use him. He reached for her when she climbed onto the bed and straddled his waist, helping guide her onto his cock. She’d never get over how he felt inside of her, thick and perfect, especially when he was laid out like a toy. 

Nia smoothed her hands up his chest, getting settled and used to the stretch and slight ache in her thighs, then removed his blindfold. As his pretty brown eyes blinked up at her, glassy and dazed, she began a slow grind back and forth. “How fast do you want me to ride your cock, sweetheart? Tell me exactly, or I won’t know.”

Ryan licked his lips, his face going beet red. “Want you to ride me hard and fast. Want you to make me come.”

“Ah, ah-” Nia touched her thumb to his lips. “I think you’re missing a word, baby.” 

“Please,” Ryan added, his voice strained already. 

"Of course," Nia said, and pressed his shoulders to the mattress. "Anything for my good boy."

If she wanted to, she could draw it out. She could move her hips as minutely as possible until he pulsed and came inside of her. But as it was, she was just as needy and dripping down her thighs. She'd have all night to use him, getting him hard again just to sit in his lap and pleasure herself. Thinking about what was to come later had her bouncing on his cock, her knees aching as much as her center. Beneath the faint squeak of the mattress, his moans strung together into one desperate sound. His jaw was slack, eyes glazed over, sweat collecting at his hairline. 

"You here, baby?" Nia didn't slow her movements, but watched carefully as his gaze crawled back up from her belly to meet hers. 

A lazy smile pulled at his lips, a shaky sigh escaping him. "Yeah. Just- you're so fucking beautiful."

Nia draped herself over him and met his lips in a messy kiss, still bouncing and grinding her hips up and down, back and forth in a practiced rhythm. Her heart pounded against his chest and she dug her nails into his shoulders, her skin going white hot for a few blissful seconds. She came with a small cry against his panting mouth as he twitched inside of her. Before he could come, she pulled off of him and straddled his thighs, taking his cock into both her hands.

With a single twist and tug, he was coming, making a mess of his belly. His hips bucked beneath her and he gripped the sheets, his eyes wrenching shut.

She was tingling, pulse still rushing in her ears when she collapsed next to him. He curled into her, seeking her touch, and she obliged with a hand to his cheek. She placed kisses across both his cheeks and stroked through his hair until his trembling stopped, whispering against his lips, “Good job, sweetheart.”