Jealous. Chapter 1 of My Bestfriend.

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So, Saturday, my best friend Kati came over. She's going through ANOTHER break-up. 
We all have a friend like that, right? 
Anyways, my husband was working late, so I decided to invite Kati over to enjoy a few drinks. 
Let's just say we had a couple past a few... 
There we are just cozy and tipsy on the couch and Kati kissed me... like, really, kissed me. 
"I'm so sorry, I'm drunk, you're beautiful and I just couldn't control myself", Kati said, sounding extremely apologetic and embarrassed. 
"I have no problem kissing you, Kati. My husband might be jealous, he fantasizes about us doing naughtier things." 
She kissed me again, this time moving herself to straddle my lap. 
Her lips are so soft, her tongue gently caressing mine. 
"Let's make him jealous." She says. 
She sits up and removes her shirt, exposing her very pretty bra and absolutely perfect breasts. 
I begin kissing on her cleavage, removing her bra... Oh my God, her chest is amazing. 
She sits straight up, placing her breasts right in my face. I nibble beside her nipple, I flick my tongue against it, barely, causing it to harden up under my breath. 
I suck her nipple into my mouth. 
"I think my husband is more than jealous now”, I said, jokingly. 
"Oh, honey, I haven't even started yet”, she exclaims. 
Kati drops down to her knees and removes my shorts. 
"I just want to play," she says, "lay back, okay". 
As I lay back, she spreads me wide open. She lays her tongue flat against my pussy and in one slow, fluid motion, she tastes all of me. 
She sucks my clit into her warm mouth and begins flicking her tongue so swiftly. 
I was so caught up; I didn't notice that Marcus had come home early. 
"Um, what's going on?", he asks. 
He's confused and, based on the tent, aroused. 
Before I could even form words, Kati chimes in... 
"I'm tasting your sweet wife, jealous?" 
"Kind of", he says, as he takes a seat across from us, "I'm just going to watch.” 
Kati dives right back in... licking, sucking, tasting me. 
She climbs on top of me and kisses me again. 
She whispers, "wanna give him a show or can he play too?" 
"He can play”, I mutter. 
Kati stands up and turns towards Marcus, “come here”, she says, while motioning him towards her. 
Marcus stands in front of her, looking her body up and down. Kati runs her fingers down his arms, grabbing his hands. She brings his hands up, placing them on her perfect breasts. He looks to me for approval. 
I stand up behind Kati, placing my hands on hers, pressing Marcus’ hands onto her breasts. He moans, Kati moans. 
I kiss Kati softly on her neck, "I'd like to kiss my husband hello,” I whisper in her ear while my hand moves from her breast, across her stomach and rests just at her shaved, smooth, slit, “why don't you let his friend out; he's been standing at attention for some time now”. 
As Kati drops to her knees and removes my husband’s pants, exposing his hard cock. I pull Marcus in and kiss him deeply.  
I point to the couch, “sit down”, I say. 
Marcus sits on the couch; I straddle him and begin kissing him some more. 
He pulls away from me, "Kati's sucking my dick", he says, surprisingly. 
"Mmm, it's okay, babe, enjoy it, she's got a finger in me", I replied. 
I continue kissing Marcus as Kati sucks his cock, he’s moaning in my mouth and I’m grinding against her hand. 
"Mmm, Kati. Stop. Come here”, I demanded, “lay here”.  
I pat the couch next to Marcus. She lays down, placing one leg on the back of the couch while her other daggles off, fully exposing her shaved, tight, wet, beautiful pussy. I climb from Marcus, spreading her soaked pussy. I begin to taste her; so wet, so sweet, so delicious. 
Marcus comes up behind me and shoves his dick deep into me, causing my face to go hard into Kati's sweet spot. 
Marcus pounds me harder and harder, making me fuck Kati with my face. She’s moaning so much, I’m cumming so hard. 
Kati begins sliding lower and lower, until I'm being fucked right over her. She's loving it and still slides lower. She begins sucking my clit as Marcus is pounding me hard, doggy style. 
"I'm going to bust." Marcus states, "I can't last." 
We cum so hard together, right over Kati's face as she continues to suck my clit. I’m still cumming. 
Marcus pulls out and Kati is still eating me. She begins sucking my slit, taking in every drop of mine and Marcus's juices. 
It was amazing and Kati will definitely have to come back again.