Loving Victor

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Victor opens the door to Armando's apartment carelessly, hoping he didn’t wake his dad up as he walked in.

"Dad!" He yells, surprised at what he saw when he opened the door. 

Armando, Victor's own father, lays on the couch, naked. His face goes red as he grabs the nearest cushion and tries to cover himself up, embarrassed to the core.

“Oh my god! Victor!” Armando says, shaking his head.

It was all so fast he hadn't thought to turn off the TV yet.

Victor covers his eyes and turns around, “I’m sorry, Dad! You gave me the keys and said I should come whenever!”

“And I meant it!” Armando yells, looking around for the boxers he tossed to the floor a few second ago, “Just give me a second!”

It was then that the TV made more sound.
 "Fuck me!" The voice in the TV booms.

Victor isn't surprised by that, it was obvious his dad must've been watching porn. But what is surprising him is the voice. 

It was a man. His dad is watching gay porn.

Victor turns around just enough to see the screen and can't believe what he is seeing.

Gay porn. Gay porn with two dudes. Gay porn with two dudes who are very clearly not from the same age group.

His hands shakes slightly as he puts them down fully, looking the apartment.

His dad is scrambling around the couch, one hand pulling up his boxers, the other one trying to find the remote.

Armando mutters to himself, "Where the fuck are you?"

Then he hears a click. The door. Looking over, Victor is now inside. His left hand is still on the doorknob, but his right is palming his member through his shorts, looking at the screen.

"Victor…" he says, out of breath.
"I've seen that video," Victor says, "the older guy's his dad, right?"

Armando shakes his head, "Just let me find the remote, Victor…"
Victor keeps his eyes fixated on the TV, "Why are you watching father-son porn, dad?" His hand now goes inside his boxers, his dick now hard.

Armando looks down and finally sees the remote. Faster than he though he could, he goes down and grabs it, immediately turning the TV off.

They're left in the dark, but Victor's eyes seem to be locked onto his dad.
"I'm sorry, Victor!" His dad says, "I'm so sorry!"

Victor shakes his head, “Why are you sorry dad?” He moves closer, slowly, “you’re not doing anything wrong.”

Armando's breath is heavier now, as he turn around and tries to face away from his son.

Victor steps closer, asking again, “Why we’re you watching father-son porn, dad?”

His dad bites his lip, “Well, ever since your mom and I separated, I’ve been doing a little thinking…”

“Yeah?” Victor says, continuing closer.
“And I thought about you coming out, and how it affects things.”

“Okay…” Victor says, keeping his steps steady.

Armando closes his eyes, “And I’ve realized maybe I needed to expand my thinking, son. I fell in love with your mom when we were young, and maybe along the way I have forgotten some of my more… unnatural… impulses.”

His heart skipped a beat as he felt a hand on his shoulder, but he still didn’t turn around, “There’s nothing unnatural about us, dad. Our love is beautiful.”

Armando shook his head, “No, Victor. This is wrong. We can’t do this.”

Victor used all of his might to pull, making his dad turn and see him, “Dad, I want this.”
“It’s illegal, Victor. And wrong.”

The teen's hand moved downwards, stopping at his dad's chest, “I won’t tell anyone, please, dad.” He whispers, "Promise."

Armando wraps his arms around Victor, pulling the teen in. "Are you sure, Victor?" He whispers, knowing that this would be a bad decision.

Victor doesn't say anything, instead just let's himself go deeper, his lips crashing with his dad's, finally.
Victor moaned into his dad's mouth, pushing his tongue forward. His dad's hands roam around him, struggling to stay still.

"You're so fucking hot, dad!" Victor lets out, still shocked this is happening.

Armando's fingers wrap around his son's shirt, trying to pull it off. Victor raise his arms and lets his dad do it, his naked chest now rubbing against his dad's.

"You taste amazing, Victor," his dad says, and Victor can't help but feel proud of the way he makes Armando feel.

His dad keeps going downwards, hands now around the teen's shorts, struggling to push them down.

"Get these off," he says, "Now."

Victor feels turned on by his dad's assertiveness and breaks free from the embrace, unbuttoning his shorts and letting them fall down alongside his briefs. 

Armando sits on the couch, looking upwards at his naked son. His legs are spread but he hasn't taken the boxers off again. Victor straddles Armando, kissing him. He runs his hands through Armand's hair, loving the feel of it.

Victor locks his lips to his dad, rubbing his tongue against the seam of his lips and then plunging it in. Armando's hands lock on Victor's ass kneading, thoroughly. Victor moans into his dad's mouth. He begins to rock his hips, letting pleasure wash over him.

Victor slides his hands to his dad's hips, sneaking in to rub the clothed member. He can feel his dad's rigid length twitching and groaning. Victor pushes in deeper, feeling his dad's muscles tense up. He pulls back, gasping for air.

"Yes, Victor." He says, sensually. "Are you sure, dad?" Victor mutters, knowing that the answer doesn't matter to him.

His dad raises his hips, and Victor already know this means he has to pull the underwear down. Once done, Armando's long dick slaps out, and Victor can't help but gasp at the size. He runs his hand down the length, enjoying the feeling of the thick veined shaft in his hand.

"I want you, Victor." He says, looking into his son's eyes, “Do you know what to do?”
"I love the way you make me feel, dad. I love everything about you."
Victor leans in, and his dad's eyes widen as Victor attempts to take him in like a pro.
Victor takes his time, slowly letting the head of his cock work its way into his dad's mouth, before he begins to thrust, wanting to get as much pleasure from this as he can.

"You taste so good, dad," he moans while trying to catch his breath, "but it's gonna take me a while to go down all the way."
"Take your time, son," Armando says, "I'm gonna do something while you work on that."

He reaches down and takes hold of Victor's legs, pulling them up.

The teen lets out a gasp, "Dad! What are you doing?"
"Don't worry, Victor. Keep sucking my cock, I'm gonna make sure you have a good time."

His dad reaches under his legs and spread his ass, revealing his asshole, clearly still a virgin, "My God, son. I can't believe I made someone so beautiful."

He takes a deep breath and dives in, licking all around his son's asshole, while Victor keeps sucking on the cock that made him. He licks the rim and then laps at the entrance. He works his tongue around the entrance, making sure it's clean and then sucks on the skin with his mouth closed.

Victor lets out a quiet groan of pleasure as his dad's tongue laps at his entrance.
"I know you want it, son. I can feel it. Suck harder."
Victor begins to suck, and soon his dad groans in pleasure, and his hips rise up, pushing Victor's mouth further onto his cock, while he keeps his tongue working on the ass.
 Victor has never enjoyed a sexual experience quite like this. His cock throbs in anticipation to more, but he keeps his head bobbing up and down and savoring the moment.

His dad's hands grip his ass, pulling him in deeper as Victor keeps on sucking.
"You're a wonderful son, Victor. I'm proud of you."
“Thanks dad,” he says, “I only wanna make you feel good.

Armando smiles and lets his tongue inside his son’s ass again, trying to get as deep as he can.
Victor tightens his grip on the older man's hips, and he begins to suck even more.

 The teen takes a deep breath in and without thinking takes his father's entire length in, his gag reflex nothing but a distant memory in this moment.

"Oh my god! Victor!" Armando yells, shifting under him, "That's it, boy, I think you're ready for the real deal."

He pushes Victor around so they are facing each other once again, "Last chance, Victor. After this, we can't take it back."

Victor leans in until his forehead is pressed against his dad, "Fuck me, dad."

Just for a few seconds, they sit still like that. His hands around his dad's shoulder, looking into the eyes of the man that cared for him all his life. His ass cold with saliva, but ready for more.

And then, it continues.

Victor lets out a loud moan when his dad's cock passes the rim, "Oh god, Dad!"
"Yes, Victor. I'm gonna make you feel so good. I'm gonna make you feel so good."
His dad slides his hands down Victor's sides and then cups his ass. He begins to pump, and Victor's entire body tenses up at the contact.

It’s slow, and he’s still only halfway in, but Victor feels like he may never walk again. "Are you okay, son?" Armando whispers.
"Yes, dad. Just give me a second." Victor closes his eyes.
"Relax, Victor. You can do this. I know you can."
Victor grits his teeth and nods, trying to move his hips down on his dad's length.
"Good boy."
A few more strokes, and Victor's eyes flutter open as he feels his dad's entire length sinking inside.
"God, Victor,” Armando moans, “I’ve wanted to feel you around my dick for so long!”

The teen feels proud of himself, “You are so fucking big, dad. You make me feel so good.”
 "Don't stop, son. Ride my dick."

Victor's hip move upwards slightly, and then he lets himself fall again. The pain is big but the pleasure he feels is even bigger, "I love you, dad."
"Yeah, I love you too, Victor."
The throbbing vein in his dad's neck bulges as he begins to pump. They're both moving slowly, meeting each other halfway. Victor's hands roam around his dad's chest, feeling the little scruff and squeezing his pecs.

Armando slaps his son's ass with one hand while holding his hips with the other, loving the friction as Victor slides up and down his cock. He grips the base and pulls it in deeper, his pleasure increasing with each stroke.

Victor's orgasm threatens, but he keeps it in check and just focuses on riding his dad.
Armando releases Victor's hips and cups his son's face in his hands, "That's it, son. Ride me."
"Yes, dad."
Victor's entire body tightens around his dad's length as he continues up and down.

His dad pulls him in closer and begins to kiss him and he can’t help but feel excited at knowing which beard he’s feeling. And what mouth he's kissing. And what cock he's pleasuring.

It’s all his own father’s.

Armando pulls away and puts his hand behind his head, spreading out, “Keep going, Victor. You feel so good.”

His son eagerly nods as his hands go down to his stomach, not caring if he is in shape or not, just loving the feel of his dad everywhere. His hands run through his belly hair and he spreads his legs, opening up for his dad.

"Yes, that's it, son. Keep doing that." Armando says, loving every minute of it.

Victor feels his hips trembling as he pushes down, his dad's dick still deep inside him.
"Yes! Yes! Yes!" He says, louder than he meant to.
“Do you like you dad's cock in your ass?” Armando asks, his hands once again going around Victor.
“I love my dad's dick in my ass,” he moans, “I love the way my dad’s cock feels when it’s inside me.”
His dad smiles, “And I love the way my son’s ass feels around me. I wanna fuck you more, Victor. I wanna feel you tense around me while you cum.”

“Please, dad!” Victor groans, “Fuck me!”

Armando puts his hand on his son's ass and stands up, not letting the teen down. He stumbles upon the nearest wall and pushes Victor against it, his dick still inside his son. "Yes!" His son says, "Yes, dad!"
Armando keeps his hands on Victor's ass, pushing forward as he buries himself deeper in his son, “You feel so good, son. You’re beautiful.”

The teen's legs wrap around his hips, pulling him closer, “Please, dad. Fuck me like you were always meant to.”

Armando felt so guilty after hearing that, but he was too turned on to stop. And he knew in his heart that this was the only person who could satisfy him like this, even if it was his son.

Victor, on the other hand, felt like he was on Cloud 9. He never thought his own father would even find him cute, let alone fuckable. He felt as he was born for this. Like the dick that was inside was the one destined for him.

Armando thrust more intensely, trying to keep a steady rhythm now.
"Yes, yes, yes!" Victor cries out, bucking his hips into his dad's.
"Oh, fuck!"
"Yes, yes, yes!"
The two of them continue making out, Victor's body shuddering with each thrust. The teen knew it was coming. His own dick was being stimulated by his dad's stomach, and even though he wish this would last forever, his body had other plans.

"OHH! DAD!" He yelled as his entire body tensed up, the moment finally here.

His dick exploded, shooting semen between them intensely. Victor only looked into his dad's eyes as he shook, his torso practically covered in white.

Armando slowed down, letting his son take it in for a while before pounding him again.  His dick slid in roughly now, burying itself deep inside Victor's tight ass.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Victor said, his hands gripping his dad's arms, “Please, dad! Please come inside me!”
"You feel so good, Victor. I wanna cum, but it’s gonna hurt. Can you take it?” Victor pulled his dad's head in, their lips crashing once again. Armando got the message and started fucking his son son harder than ever. His dick slotting in and out at light speed. 
Victor let out a yell as his dad buried his face into his neck, sucking hard. His body twitched as his dad continued to work his magic. And then, finally.

"FUCK!" Armando shouts, pushing inside for the last time.

Victor gasps as he feels his dad's dick exploding inside his rectum, followed by the smooth feeling of his sperm, moving down slowly.

His dad kept his eyes closed, maybe to make the feeling last just a little bit longer, trying to keep the shame and guilt at bay for another second.

Victor, seeing this, took it upon himself to make his dad happy. He kissed him once again, and his dad gasped this time, but he didn't pull away. They stayed one more moment kissing, and it felt like forever.

Armando unhooked his arms from Victor, letting his son down.  Victor stood up and looked at his dad, who smiled weakly.

"We can't do this ever again, Victor." Armando said, sighing.
Victor nodded, "I know, dad."
"And you can't tell anyone."
"I know, dad."

His dad turns away and again realizes that they're in the dark. He stumbles along the wall and find the light switch, turning it on.

When he looks back, Victor is looking down at his legs, seeing his dad's cum marching along to the ground.

Armando shakes his head, "I'm sorry, son."

Victor walks forward and hugs him, "Don't be. You're everything I wanted."
"You are too, Victor."
"Then let's just stay like this for a while. The sun doesn't come up for another few hours."

His dad finally takes a deep breath and returns the embrace, "I love you, Victor."

"I love you, too, dad."