Geralt & Jaskier Series - New Monsters

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Authors Note: This written literature is a FanFic loosely based off characters from a popular game. The artwork has been provided by (See CoAuthor) above. Thank you for all your support.


Geralt slept soundly in the oversized bed. It had been months since he had embraced a true deep calmness. He would need all the rest and strength he could muster if he was going to continue protecting Ciri from additional threats.

Normally, the Witcher would be on high guard always anticipating an attack. However, today he recuperated, knowing that both Ciri and Yennefer were safe in Aretuza. They had traveled days prior, hoping to study scripts the Elves had written centuries ago.

Kaer Morhen was silent except for an occasional howling of the wind. The cold drafts easily slipped through the ruined walls and cracked windows, swirling around Geralt as he slept naked on top of several furred covers.

Geralt let out a grunted sigh as he drifted in and out of a deep slumber. He welcomed the cold air against his heated muscular body.

Geralt had just drifted away when a loud screeching howl awoke him suddenly. “Fuck, what now,” he mumbled. He stood from the bed and stretched his arms upward as his body awoken from his relaxed state.

The rooms door flew open, and a panic stricken Jaskier sprinted in. “Geralt! Oh! Sorry! I wasn’t expecting to see this side of you.” Jaskier’s eyes hastily glanced his friend up and down, observing his nude body for the first time.

“Mmm” Geralt grunted. “Maybe knock next time.”

“Geralt, we doń’t have time for this. Get dressed. There is a large monster flying around the castle and you’re the only Witcher here!” Jaskier exclaimed.

“Mmm, I am one of the few Witchers period.” Geralt found his black leather clothing and began dressing. “Are you going to watch me dress too?”

“Oh sorry. I guess I’ll politely go ask the monster to stay outside!” Jaskier turned and left the room, mumbling sarcastic remarks as he retreated.

Geralt stared out the rooms window watching as the new creature flew around the ruined castle. He had never seen a beast like this before. It reminded him of a Royal Wyvern, but this new monster was three times larger, faster and louder. From his vantage point, it also seemed to be secreting a mucus as it flew around. The screeching and howling was truly deafening.

Geralt grabbed his silver sword and made haste down the stairs. He would need to slay the new creature before it flew down into the valley and killed countless innocent lives.

“Jaskier, stay here! I’ll be right back.” Geralt yelled as he ran through the large castle doors. Just as the sunlight kissed his skin, he produced a vial with black liquid, popped the cap and swallowed the contents.

“Ok Geralt! I’ll stay inside here and scribe you another ballad!!” Jaskier yelled back. His words were always sarcastic, but secretly, he always worried about his best friend, each time a new conflict arose.

As Geralt charged at the flying creature, he wondered what monolith had produced this flying demon. As he swung his sword he growled, “You’re going to die today!”

The large flying creature swooped and screeched as it fought the Witcher. Each time casting copious amounts of mucus outwards. Geralt knew if he climbed the pendulum, he could lunge at the monster and kill it as they fell to the ground. He began the daunting climb, swinging his sword each time the demon lunged at him.

Geralt finally reached the top and waited. He watched as the large monster flew in circles, screeching with deadly howls, waiting to attack. The Witchers eyes were black as death as he timed his jump.

The wyvern looking creature began its dive, howling and spitting bile as dove downwards. Geralt squatted low, jumped out and swung, slicing the creatures neck. They both crashed to the ground with a thunderous clap.

“Geralt! Geralt!” Jaskier stood over the Witcher, as his eyes slowly opened.

“Mmm, are you always this loud?” Geralt mumbled.

“Oh come on, let me help you inside. And for the love of the gods, what is that stench?!” Jaskier complained, as he assisted his friend up. They slowly made their way back to the castle, and by the time they entered, they were completely covered in the noxious mucus.

Both guys drunkenly ascended the stairs as they struggled their way to the large wash basin.

“Geralt you are foul and pungent!” Jaskier exclaimed.

“Mmm. And you smell like an ass.” Geralt retorted.

Jaskier began helping his friend undress, and once again eyed him in the nude for a second time that day. This time, he allowed his eyes to gaze his friend longer, as he assisted in stripping the tainted leather from his beautiful body.

Geralt struggled to climb into the luke warm water, and Jaskier was no help, as he also showed signs of intoxication as well. “Mmm, I think we’ve been exposed to a new poison.” Geralt mumbled as the water encased his grimy skin.

Jaskier grudgingly picked up the soiled clothes and moved them across the room, as the stench was unbearable. He stumbled back to the wash basin and dipped his hands into the water, as he tried to wash off the toxic mucus.

“Here, just join me.” Before Jaskier could protest, Geralt easily grabbed the small framed bard and pulled him into the water, still dressed and all.

“Geralt! I hate you! Ughh!” Jaskier yelled.

Geralt let out a deep inebriated laugh as he held his friend against him. “You needed to bathe too, so I am just helping you, my friend.” He replied.

“So now, we’re friends.” Jaskier pouted.

“We could be more.” Geralt teased, as his eyes turned a bright yellow-green.

“What!? What do you mean!” Jaskier replied, as his face scrunched up in confusion.

“Mmm, I mean this.” Geralt grunted. He leaned into Jaskier and forced a passionate kiss onto the sulking bard. Their tongues intertwined as both guys embraced in the intimate moment.

Jaskier pulled away first. His voice was much softer as he spoke, “Geralt… I think the poison we’ve touched, is toying with our senses.” Still dripping wet, he looked downwards into the murky bathwater.

Geralt gently placed his hand on the bards face turning his chin, so that they faced each other again. “Mmm.. Maybe..” He leaned in again and their tongues began a romantic dance once more.

Whatever poison they had come into contact with, had inebriated their sober senses and pure arousal now controlled their lust for each other. Between Geralt’s grunts and Jasper’s moans, both guys tore at each other, until Geralt succeeded in stripping the bard of his clothing.

Geralt leaned in and began sucking the nipples on the boyish chest, as Jaskier ran his hands through the chest hair of the Witcher. Through heavy breathing, Jaskier finally managed to speak, “The water is getting cold Geralt, can we take this to the berth?” 

“Mmm.” Geralt nodded as he pulled his mouth off the smooth boyish body. He watched as Jaskier stood, dripping wet, and stepped out onto the cold stone floor. Geralt smiled as he observed his friends smooth ass.

Lust filled his eyes as he stared on, imagining how far his tongue could probe, until his friend pulled away from an overwhelming ecstasy. Geralt stood and his thick uncut cock protruded outward, hard and already dripping with precum.

Geralt stepped out of the basin next, and pushed himself against Jaskier, pressing his cock against the bards smooth ass. “Mmm.” He grunted.

Geralt was extremely turned on, and he wanted Jaskier on his cock as forthwith as possible. He grunted, leaned down and easily picked up Jaskier, throwing him over his shoulder. They retreated to the bedroom, where Geralt tossed him onto the bed.

“Geralt, I am still wet!” Jaskier pouted.

“Mmm, I don’t care!” Geralt grabbed him by the ankles and pulled him to the edge of the bed. He easily manhandled the young guy, flipping him over, once again exposing his bare ass to his eager eyes.

Suddenly Geralt felt like a monster. He had the urge to bury his face deep in the boys ass, and he did just that. His hands pulled the bare ass apart and he placed his tongue to the smooth opening.

“Geralt! Ohhhh.” Jaskier moaned. He kept moaning as his ass was lapped at from behind and probed by his friends strong tongue. The sensation was something new to him, but the poison had him craving even more, so he began pushing his ass against the Witchers face. 

He could hear Geralt moaning as he continued to bury his face deep inside him. His hole welcome each thrust Geralt gave it. The Witchers tongued pushed until the muscle could stretch no further. He used his spit to lube the tight hole, because he knew what needed to happen next.

Geralt was determined to sink his thick cock into the boys ass. The urge to have lascivious sex was over-taking every sensible thought he had. Geralt pulled his wet face from the smooth ass and admired his handy work.

Jaskier looked back at his Witcher with pleading eyes and begged, “Please fuck me.” He wiggled his ass, teasing Geralt further. This landed a hard slap on the boys bare skin. The sound of the intense smack disturbed the rooms silence.

“Mmm.” Geralt grunted as he massaged Jaskier’s smooth bottom. “Are you ready to be split wide open?” He continued rubbing his thick cock against the bare hole, lubing it further with his precum.

Jaskier still looking back at his Witcher, bit at his bottom lip, before replying, “I’ll be your little monster, but you better fuck me into submission!”

Geralt took a wad of spit onto his fingers, before pushing it deep into Jaskier’s tight hole. “Mmm, this will have to do.” Geralt lubed the bard as best as he could before he brought his hand to his hard shaft. He gave himself a few strokes, before pulling back his foreskin, and aligning himself up.

“Geralt, put it in me!” Jaskier’s impatient demeanor took control and he pushed back onto the waiting hard cock. He felt the thick head push past his tight ring and his eyes widened then began to well up with moisture.

The slight pain was soon replaced with intense pleasure. Jaskier waited as his body adjusted to the intrusion, before he pushed back further, taking more of the Witchers cock deep inside of him.

“Mmm, slowly Jaskier. Don’t rush it. You’ll have all of me soon enough.” Geralt’s breathing was heavy as he allowed Jaskier to take control. He placed his hands on the boyish ass and held himself firmly in place as his friend loosened around his massive shaft. Geralt could feel his lovers muscles contracting as he slid deeper into him.

Geralt leaned further down, applying gentle kisses to his friends bare back. His skin was so soft and pleasant. His mind raced though; why had he waited so long to pursue him? It had to be the poison, but why was he enjoying it so much?

“Geralt! Fuck me!” Jaskier’s demanding voice interrupted Geralt’s day dreaming and he quickly glanced down and saw that his entire cock was submerged deep inside his friend.

“Mmm, as you wish.” Geralt pulled himself half way out before slamming his cock deep back into his bard. Both guys grunted as they met each thrust with fervor. Geralt grabbed at the boyish ass while he pistoned himself in and out; in and out.

“Geralt, I need to ride you.” Between heavy panting, Jaskier was turning into a little beast. His small framed body and sexual demands only attracted Geralt further. He admired how his friend was in full control. He loved how Jaskier would slam against his cock, squeezing it tight with his muscles.

“Mmm, let’s get on the bed.” Geralt pulled himself from the eager minx and repositioned himself on the bed. He watched as Jaskier climbed on top of him, lowering himself down onto his cock that stood at full attention. The water droplets on their body had been replaced with pure sweat and the room smelled of sex.

Jaskier grunted as the cock slid back into him. He moaned with pleasure as he felt Geralt hands pulling his ass cheeks apart. He leaned forward and both guys began an intimate kiss, as Jaskier remained impaled on the yearning cock.

Even as the cold air swept around the vast room, both guys were drenched in sweat as their bodies slammed against each other. Jaskier dug his nails into his Witcher as he felt the thick cock bottoming out deep inside him.

“Geralt, I can’t… last… much longer.” His face was flush and his breathing was quickly paced as Jskier continued bouncing up and down on his lover.

“Mmm, I am close too. Kiss me.” Geralt moaned.

Jaskier brought his lips to the Witcher and the embraced once more. Jaskier clenched his hole and it was all Geralt needed before his voice erupted in deep ardent moans. His hands grabbed Jaskier’s hips as he thrusted his cock deeply one last time and held him firmly in place.

“Arghh! Ughh! Fuck!” Geralt kept moaning as he filled the bards ass with his hot cum. He held him in place until his last drop had been deposited within his seeded hole.

“Stay deep inside me, don’t pull out!” Jaskier leaned back and began stroking his cock as Geralt continued to impale him. His stomach muscles contracted as he stroked his cock vigorously. “Arghh, I am… I am cumming!” Jaskier shot several thick ropes of cum, which landed on Geralt’s chiseled chest.

Geralt pulled his lover against him and they collapsed back onto a mound of coverlets and pillows. Both guys felt their elevated hearts pounding and listened as their heavy breathing slowed. After several minutes of silence, Jaskier finally spoke.


“Yes Jaskier…”

“Are you still inside me?”