He's Back

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Authors Note: Please enjoy an additional chapter from the book: That's My Kink - He's Back. This writing is a work in progress. Comments are always appreciated.


It’s been 3 days since Marcus left for his work trip. We’ve talked on the phone every night before bed and we text throughout the day but it’s not the same as having him in person. I really miss his presence, his energy, his aura. There’s something about Marcus that just draws me to him, it’s magnetic, it’s uncontrollable.  
He called earlier today and told me that his flight arrives at 3am. 3am, what a ridiculous time for a flight to come in but for Marcus, it’s worth it. I have to leave around 1am to get to the airport in time so I most likely won’t sleep at all, excitement is real.  
After dinner, I took a nice hot shower, shaving every inch of my body... I love being so nice and smooth for Marcus. His rough hands on my soft body is a feeling that I can’t even describe. Just thinking about his hands on me makes my whole body crave him. I curl my hair with a large curling iron to create some authentic porn star curls and throw on his favorite hot red lipstick. It’s almost time to leave for the airport so I throw on my sexy heels and trench coat. I turn the lights off and head out my door. 
Just as I step outside, someone grabs me and puts their hand over my mouth so I can’t make a sound. He presses me against the wall right beside my door, holding his hand on my mouth so tightly. He's dressed in all black and wearing a ski mask. He rips open my coat, exposing my naked body. I hear him moan as he starts touching me all over. I try to push him off of me but he presses harder against me, I can feel his dick getting hard against my leg. I’m scared, where’s Marcus when I need him? He moves his hand from my mouth and grips it tightly around my neck, he lifts the mask just above his lips and he kisses me. I’m trying to resist but there’s something about this kiss that is so familiar. He pulls away from me and takes the mask off... it’s Marcus. 
“Surprise, Baby”, Marcus says with an evil smirk on his face. 
“Marcus?” I reply, with confusion and disbelief in my voice. 
He drops to his knees and begins to suck my clit right outside my house. He spreads me open and runs his tongue along my slit. I reach down and grab his head. 
“Marcus, let’s go inside, we can’t do this right here,” I suggest. 
“No, baby, I haven’t tasted you in 3 days and I don’t have any time to waste. I need you; I need you right now,” he states. 
He stands in front of me, and looks at me with eager eyes. he grabs my throat again, pressing me against the wall. He pulls his throbbing member out and slides it into me, lifting me slightly against the wall. He slowly slides every inch of him into me and I cum. He's the only man that has ever made me cum from penetration and it happens every time. I melt onto him, taking all of him in me. I wrap my arms around him as he begins thrusting hard into me. He does need me; he needs to fill me. He lifts me completely into his arms, my legs tightly wrapped around his waist, his cock deep in me. He thrusts and thrusts, holding me hard on him. I feel every inch of him pounding into me. 
“Oh my God, Marcus. Oh, Fuck.” I barely manage to audible say. 
Marcus just looks at me and smiles as he begins thrusting even harder. I start to cum so hard that I can’t even stop. I can’t catch my breath, I can't even moan, all I can do is cum and cum all over Marcus’ hard dick. 
“Are you ready, Baby Girl? Do you want it?” He asks 
“Mmm, yes Marcus, I want it. I need it. Fill me!” I beg. 
He thrusts and thrusts and then explodes deep inside of me. He presses against me, pressing me harder against the wall as he uses me and the wall to maintain his balance. He runs his hands along the side of my face and kisses me with such passion. 
“God, I missed my Baby Girl. Mmm”, Marcus says in the sweetest of voices. 
I kiss him back as he lowers me to my feet. I grab his hand and open my door. We walk in hand and hand and head straight to my bedroom. I take off my coat and climb into bed, Marcus removes his clothing and climbs in with me. He pulls me to him and I lay my head on his chest. He begins running his hands up and down my back until I fall asleep in his arms. I have deeply missed this man, more than I can fathom. 
I wake up early, before Marcus and slip out of the bed. I throw on my red silk robe and head to the kitchen to prepare the surprise breakfast I have for Marcus. I grab a cup of coffee and take a look at my phone. Perfect! The text that I was hoping for was there, 
“On my way, be there in 20! 😊" - Lexi 
And that was sent 10 minutes ago so I have just enough time to freshen up.  
I run a brush through my hair and give it a fluff. Wipe my face with a cool rag, brush my teeth, and dab on a thin layer of cherry Chapstick. A little bit of lotion on my arms and legs, then I finish with a spritz of perfume. I walk back into the living room just as I hear the faint knock at my door of Lexi arriving. 
I open the door and there she is, wearing a long coat. 
“Come on in, hon,” I say, as I grab her hand. 
“Hey Babe,” she replies as she walks in and closes the door. 
She takes her coat off. She’s wearing a lace, black robe. The lace hugged every inch of her beautiful body. So thin, I can see every curve. Mmm. 
“So, when does Marcus wake up?” Lexi asks as she embraces me with a hug. 
“He should be up before long but his flight did come in pretty late so I guess we’ll just play it by ear.” I reply, as I move her hair back from her face and give her a very gently ‘good morning’ kiss.  
She moans in my mouth as if she has missed the taste of my lips. Her hands grasp firmly on my waist as she pulls me to her. I begin to kiss her deeper, sliding my hands around her back and down to her ass. I squeeze and moan as she slides her tongue into my mouth. 
“Am I interrupting?” 
Startled, Lexi and I stop kissing and turn towards my bedroom door. There stands Marcus, leaning in the doorway with his arms crossed and a devilish smile on his face.  
“No, no, please continue. I was enjoying the show.” Marcus states, as he motions ‘go ahead’ with his hands.  
I take Lexi by the hand and walk towards the kitchen. I pat on the counter as I pass it and release her hand. She takes a seat on the counter as I continue to Marcus. I reach Marcus and grab his hand. I look up at him and kiss his soft lips. I place my hand on the side of his face as I pull my lips from his. 
“Lexi is here for you,” I whisper, “well, us. I thought we could eat out for breakfast.” 
Still holding his hand, I lead him towards Lexi, who has spread her legs just enough to show that she’s only wearing that sexy, black, lace robe. I place my other hand on Lexi’s knee, slowly sliding it up, moving the robe as I pass by it, exposing more of her sweet pussy. With Marcus standing next to me now, I look up at him as my hand just grazes her throbbing clit. 
“Get on your knees,” I command as I lock eyes with Marcus. 
With a look of surprise on his face but eagerness in his eyes, he did as I requested. I step behind him and lean in, next to his ear. 
“Are you hungry?” I ask and before he could even think to answer I shove his face into Lexi’s pussy.  
He begins to eat her, eagerly, hungrily. Lexi’s hands clench around the countertop. I drop to my knees, next to Marcus. He moves over just enough for me to squeeze in right beside him. We both begin devouring Lexi’s sweet pussy. Slurping and licking. Our tongues randomly become intertwined with each other’s as we make Lexi cum over and over again, all over our faces. Her legs now wrapped snuggly around both of our heads. I slide up, just a bit, just enough to suck her fully exposed clit into my mouth. I begin sucking her clit with the same rhythm as Marcus licks her slit. Within moments, she’s screaming in ecstasy and squirts all over Marcus’ chin and chest, dripping to the floor.  
Her legs release and we stand. As Lexi gathers herself, Marcus and I kiss, deeply... tasting Lexi on each other’s lips. I pull away from Marcus and look at Lexi, just as she’s reaching the door. 
“Thanks for cumming.” I say with a chuckle. 
Lexi waves as she leaves out and closes the door behind her. 
“Hope you enjoyed breakfast,” I say to Marcus, with a wink, “I’m going to hop in the shower now. 
"Mmm, Babe, you sure know how to wake me up well in the mornings”, He says, with a smirk, “It was an unbelievably delicious start to my day. I do have to stop by the office, though, so, I think I'll just get dressed and go do that really quick, while you take a shower.” 
“Sounds great, just call me when you leave the office and we’ll meet up,” I say. 
“Perfect,” he says as he pulls me in for a kiss, “I will see you later.” 
“Bye,” I state, as he heads out the door. 
The door closes and I head off to take a shower.