Please Me

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Tease me.  
Take me. 
Please me.  
Make me. 
Rip my clothes.  
Pull my hair. 
Grab my throat. 
Take my air. 
Penetrate me. 
Make it rough. 
Don’t stop now. 
Can’t get enough. 
Make me moan. 
Make me scream. 
Make me cum. 
Make me cream. 
Harder. Faster. 
Make it hurt. 
Fuck me deeper. 
Make me squirt. 
Scratch me. Bite me. 
Hold me still. 
Use me. Fuck me. 
At your will. 
Command me. Leash me. 
Yours to train. 
Rougher. Harder. 
I like the pain. 
Be my Daddy. 
I’m your whore. 
Fuck me. Fuck me. 
I need more. 
Please Daddy, please. 
Give me your load. 
Let me see you cum. 
Let me watch you explode.