Peter Parker: Cam Boy

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Spoiler Alert: This story takes place shortly after the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home.
Being alone sucks.
After Doctor Strange’s spell made it so that nobody on the planet remembered Peter Parker, I’ve been on my own. No friends, no family… just me, the amazing Spider-Man. Now I have to figure things out on my own. Getting my GED was a snap. So was being accepted by New York University. The only problem now is figuring out how I’m going to pay for it.
In between temp jobs, I must have gone to a dozen interviews before figuring out that I might need to explore unorthodox methods of increasing my cash flow. While submitting countless resumes on my laptop at a coffee house, I was surprised to see Brad Davis walk in. I’m not sure how it happened, but the guy had gotten better looking since graduating high school a few months ago. Instinctively, I reached to my crotch and tugged on my cock while staring at the strikingly handsome, dark-haired, tanned former biochemistry student. What was Brad doing on this side of town? Once I realized I was staring a tad too long, I returned to my computer and submitted a few more resumes.
“Excuse me?” a deep voice said from the front of my table. “Do I know you?” It was Brad.
“Um… no,” I said, squinting my eyes like I was attempting to recognize him. “I don’t think so.”
“Ah, okay,” he said. “It’s just… you stared at me the entire time I was in line. I thought we might have met before. I can be bad with faces sometimes. I’m Brad.”
“Peter. Peter Parker.”
“Mind if I sit down?”
“Um, sure… yeah.”
“So, what are you writing? The great American novel? Or is it something spicier?”
“Heh… no, nothing that exciting. I’m submitting resumes. I’ve been trying to find something a little more permanent than the temp jobs I’ve been bouncing back and forth between.”
“I hate job hunting. Everyone wants experience, but the pay always turns out to be shit.”
“And there are about two-hundred more qualified people trying to get the same job.”
The two of us talked for about thirty minutes, and it turned out that Brad wasn’t as much of a douchebag as I remembered from our trip to Europe a few months ago. Of course, he didn’t remember me being there. As he discussed preparing to go to NYU, his hand reached across the table. He put it on top of mine. As far as I knew, Brad was straight. He shot me a disarming smile, and I shot one right back.
“You’re cute, Peter.”
“Um, thanks. Likewise.”
“Do you live close?”
As soon as the door to my empty studio apartment was closed, Brad and I were tearing off each other’s clothes. He was a few inches taller than me, and his body was toned with muscle. Surprisingly toned. I had gawked at him a million times in the gym showers, and he never looked like this. I pulled back and looked him over.
“You’re in great shape,” I said.
“I sort of have to be these days,” he replied as he pulled me close to make out with me. “What about you? You’re ripped.”
“Oh… yeah, I like to work out,” I said.
“Peter, you can say no if you want, but is there any way I can record this on my phone?” Brad asked. I thought he was joking as he stood in front of me with a fat nine-inch boner and a deliriously attractive smile.
“Wha… why?” I asked.
“It’s not why I asked to come up, Peter,” Brad said, reaching for my dick and caressing it. “But your body is fine as hell, and this cock has got to be ten inches solid.”
“Um, yeah… so?”
“I’m a camboy,” Brad admitted. “I could blur your face out so nobody would know it was you. I mean, except maybe a few former partners.”
“I don’t know…” I said. And then it hit me: there was nobody who would recognize me. I looked at Brad, holding his phone in one hand while he jerked his beautiful cock. My mouth began filling with saliva. “No need to blur my face.”
After turning on all the lights in my tiny apartment, Brad sat on the side of my bed. I crawled between his legs and hesitated for a moment (for dramatic effect). Then, I took his cock in my hand, brought my lips to the head, and clasped my fingers around it until a droplet of precum revealed itself. I let my tongue brush the liquid and pulled back to allow a tiny strand of his seed to connect from his dick to my mouth.
“What’s your name, cutie?” Brad asked, holding his camera toward my face.
“Ben,” I said. It was the only name I could think of.
“Are you going to suck that thick cock, Ben?”
“You think you can fit it all in your mouth?”
Not that it mattered anymore, but I’ve gone down on heroes, gods, and super-geniuses. Some of them are alive, while others are dead. I had become something of a legend in the superhero community, but that was all gone now. All the memories that is. Not the experiences. And Brad was about to benefit from them.
“Oh… OOOOHHHH… FUUUUUCK!!!” Brad bellowed as I made my way down his cock. He dropped the phone three times while I blew him and eventually set it on my nightstand. “Fuck Pe… Ben… oh Ben… fucking hell… suck my fucking cock!”
Brad yanked at my hair, grabbed the back of my head, and shoved his pelvis into my face with intensity. It was the sexual equivalent of kicking the tires on a car to determine if it was road-worthy. Brad wanted to see what I had in me. Of course, he would never push my body to the limit, but it was fun having him try. Most strangers don’t get as rough with me because they think they’ll break me.
“You love cock, don’t you, slut?” Brad barked, spitting in my face. “You’re just a fucking cock hungry whore, aren’t you?”
“Yes, sir,” I said, pulling his dick from my mouth before diving onto his nuts to give them the “Peter Parker treatment,” as Cap coined it. My tongue swiveled across his nuts as I wrapped my lips around one and then the other. I jacked his cock off the whole time I was working his balls.
“Fuuuuck…” Brad called out. I was sure he was used to being in control and probably thought I would be some submissive twink that he would spend the night wrecking. “Oh fuck… your tongue… oooohhhh Ben…”
“I want you to cum all over my face,” I commanded, going back down on Brad’s cock. I moved up and down his weighty tool as aggressively as possible without hurting him. My former classmate’s body spasmed repeatedly, and he started uttering gibberish. I pulled away again and jerked his cock off in front of my face. “Come on, man… show me what you’ve got… blow your fucking load!”
“Ben… Ben… please…” Brad moaned as he convulsed through an especially hearty orgasm. I didn’t blink once as my gorgeous former classmate’s cum sprayed across my face. I kept my mouth open and tried to catch as much as I could. Once the gushing stopped, I ran my lips up and down his deflating tool and cleaned any remaining cum from it.
And then, as part of what I assumed was a star-making appearance, I turned to Brad’s camera and said, “How’d I do?” as the stud’s cum fell down my face.
“Fucking great, Ben,” Brad said, pulling me back to him and licking his semen from my face as we made out. “That was—easily—the best fucking blowjob I have ever had.”
“My pleasure,” I said. Brad was shocked when I grabbed him by the rear of the thighs and flipped him onto his back like he weighed nothing. I let his legs rest on my shoulders and pressed my face against his muscled butt. “Then you’re gonna love this.”
Pulling Brad’s asscheeks apart, I let my tongue dip into his hole and dart around. He was tight, but I was used to rimming much tighter men. It wasn’t long before Brad was howling at the top of his lungs. He was not prepared for most of the tricks I’d acquired as an Avenger.
“Deeper Ben… oh fuck… get in there!” Brad squealed, pushing my head into his ass with both hands as his legs waved from side to side in the air. “Fuck… oh… oh… OOOOHHHH!!!”
I wouldn’t stop until his carved stomach was soaked with his second load of cum. I moved up and ate anything that hadn’t spilled onto my blankets. I took my time, making sure to face the camera as much as possible. How had I never been recorded up until this point? It was exhilarating to know that a pack of horny strangers would be beating off to this eventually.
“I hope you still have the energy to ride me,” I said, taking Brad’s cock in my hand and giving it a few strokes. Like any healthy nineteen-year-old guy, he was hard again within seconds. “I guess that answers my question.”
“You’re a fucking whore,” Brad growled, grabbing me by the back of the neck.
“That a problem?”
“Fuck no.”
Brad adjusted his phone to make sure it captured most of our bodies when he pushed me down on the bed and planted his cock inside me. I’ll give him this: he had some incredible stamina. He must have been used to going for hours, which we have in common. And it was clear from the way he fucked that he had been with numerous guys. Brad knew what he was doing.
“Fuck me… ram that fucking dick in me…” I moaned as Brad screwed me on my creaking bed. “Your cock feels so fucking good!”
“Yeah?” he grunted, sweat starting to drizzle down his body. “You like that big cock?”
“Fuck yeah, I do,” I cried, bringing my hands up his stomach to his chest. “It’s the fucking best!”
I was pouring it on, for sure, but I was having a great time with Brad. He fucked like he had something to prove to me. Not to mention, the guy was throwing as much experience at me as I was throwing at him. Watching his body move gracefully against mine as his balls slapped against my ass was making it hard to restrain my orgasm.
“I want to see you cum, Ben,” Brad said while I jacked off. “Aaaaah… fuck you’re tight… come on, Ben… blow your load for me!”
“Then fuck me harder,” I grunted as Brad summoned all his strength to pound my ass. Unlike my body, my poor bed felt like it couldn’t take much more. “Yeah… oh fuck… just like that… oooohhhh…”
Three streams of cum hit my face, and then two more landed on my pillow as I moaned through a much-needed orgasm. The rest of my heavy spunk drenched my stomach, combining with the sweat dripping down steadily from Brad’s forehead. He looked like he might collapse any minute.
“Shit, Ben… oh fuck… I’ve never cum this many times…” Brad shouted as his face clenched and the grip he had on my ankles tightened. “Oh… FUCK… FUCK… TAKE MY LOOOOAA…NNNGH!!!”
After his climax, Brad fell on me, and we made out as he caught his breath. He moved onto his side and scooped the cum from our bodies, feeding most of it to me. We must have spent twenty or thirty minutes holding each other and kissing. As attracted as I was to Brad before tonight, he was so much hotter now that I knew he was such a passionate fuck machine.
Brad reached for his phone and brought it to our faces. “I hope you guys got a kick out of that,” Brad said. “And make sure to let me know in the comments how much you loved Ben. Anything you want to say, Ben?”
“Just that I can’t wait for you to fuck me again,” I answered.
Brad stopped the video, and we spent the night screwing and taking longer and longer breaks. Evidently, he wasn’t used to being with someone with so much energy, but he didn’t say anything about it. He begged me to make more videos with him in the future. I wasn’t hesitant at all, but I was starting to think a little bigger.
A week after Brad introduced me to the world, in what became his most-watched video after three days, I started my own channel. My new schedule was great, and I was fucking some of the hottest guys I’d ever met in my life. And the best part was… well, the fucking was the best part. However, not calling another temp agency or filling out any more applications was a close second.
And that’s how Ben Reilly, the cum-loving jizz-junkie was born!