Kayla's Sleepover - Story #2

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Devon stood in the doorway staring at his daughter and her best friend. “Now I know how you two like to be silly and laugh all night.” His voice trailed off.

Both girls began laughing in unison. “Pops, you’re embarrassing me! I am not a kid anymore. I promise we won’t keep you and mum up.”

“Alright you two, get some rest and we’ll see you in the morning.” Devon turned off the rooms lighting and smiled as he shut the bedroom door.

“It’s been a long time since we had a sleepover. Are we weird for doing this at our age?” Emma quietly laughed as she pulled the covers up to her neck.

Kayla turned towards her bed mate, “You’ve been my best friend since grade school. Plus, we just get each other.” She smiled, as she reflected on their memories.

Kayla and Emma had been friends for over fifteen years and yet they still spoke almost every day between text and sporadic phone calls. Both girls were socially awkward, but they could spend an outing together and still cut loose like they had just met.

“Hey Kayla, can I ask you something…” Emma’s voice was almost a whisper as she spoke.

Kayla became concerned. She had known this girl, almost all of her life, and she knew when a serious topic was beginning. “Umm, sure, what’s up Em’?” Kayla propped herself up on her feathery pillow as she waited for her friend to speak.

“Well. The thing is. I feel so weird bringing this up. You know what. Don’t even worry about it. It’s nothing.” Emma closed her eyes as she continued to clutch the coverlet.

“Yea, mate, you can’t do that. You know we don’t keep secrets from each other. What’s on yer’ mind?” Kayla raised her hand to Emma’s hair and gently moved it from her eyes and forehead.

“Well, the thing is. When you were in the bath. I went to use your iPad and, well, I saw a filthy website open. I promise I wasn’t snoopin!” Emma turned away from her friend in embarrassment.

“Oh. I see. Yeah, I really should put a lock on that thing. Em’… Don’t be silly, turn back towards me, you knob!” Kayla rubbed Emma’s back as she comforted her flustered friend.

Emma pouted as she turned back towards Kayla. “I am not a knob, you wank.”

Both girls stared in silence before a raucous laughter erupted in the room. “Shhh, my pops will hear us and be back in here buggin’ us to be quiet.”

Emma reached over and grabbed an oversized stuffed animal from the bedside chest, tossing it onto the bed. “Here, use daddy rabbit to muffle your cries!” Several minutes passed as the girls continued to giggle and laugh.

“Thank you for not judging me Em’. You have always been and will remain my best friend.” Kayla smiled as she held the stuffed animal against her chest.

“Oh, I am still judging you Kay!” Emma blurted out. She bit her lip and scrunched her brow before she continued on, “To be honest. I read the site you had open and it was really hot.”

“Emma! You naughty girl!” Kayla gave her friend a soft whack with the stuffed animal. “Did you really read it?”

“Uh huh… Do you really have a daddy fetish?” Emma batted her eyes at Kayla, holding back a small grin as she awaited a reply.

“I mean. The stories turn me on, but it’s my little vibrator that really gets me off.” Kayla replied, as she joking brushed off the real question. Kayla knew she had a weakness for daddies and just the thought of it, was already making her soak between her legs.

“A vibrator! Kayla McStrattson! And you’re calling me naughty.” Emma shot up in bed as she motioned to her friend, gimme. “Ok, let’s see it!”

“Shhh! You know these walls are thin. Why do you want to see it anyways!?” Kayla started to blush as she avoided her friends gaze.

“Maybe I want to feel it. Maybe I need one too.” Emma’s voice softened as the words escaped her lips. “You said, no secrets, ever, so why fib now.”

Kayla was weary, but she knew Emma would not let the topic end unless she gave in. Kayla reached over to her nightstand and withdrew the small velvety bag that contained her intimate device.

“Ok, I’ll show you, but you must keep quiet. And please no laughing, I am sharing something personal with you!” Kayla’s words were stern, but in reality, she could never be upset at her friend for very long.

Kayla produced the small silver wand and held it firmly between her fingers. She knew the power her novelty possessed and she had an urge to turn it on and feel the smooth vibrations herself.

Instead, she handed it over to her friend, who was eager, but quietly waiting. Emma carefully took the silver bullet and held it in her hand. She gently whispered, “How does it work and can you show me?”

Kayla gently bit her lip as she pondered the question. “I don’t know if we should. It can be very powerful.” Her body shuddered at the thought of orgasmic bliss.

“Then we should use it.” Emma quietly moaned her response.

Kayla watched as her friend tossed the coverlet aside and began pulling up her nightgown. In the dimly lit room, Kayla could make out her friends slim body. The aroma of her body lotion enticed her to follow suit, and she soon stripped her thin nightgown as well.

Both girls laid atop the bed, naked, taking each other in.

“Come show me how your toy works.” Emma extended her hand, gently laying it atop Kayla’s. Her warm touch was electric and Kayla found herself repositioning between her friends legs. It was then that she noticed her friend was pantyless.

“Spread your legs for me a little more. It can be a little cold at first, so… Here, let me do this.” Kayla leaned in and began blowing warm breath on her friends exposed flower.

Emma began gripping at the fitted sheet as she experienced sheer pleasure from the simple gesture. She elicited small moans of elation as her friend blew on her exposed cunny.

Kayla stopped and looked upwards at her friend, who was indulging in the intimate attention. Her body squirmed, tossed and turned, as Kayla’s gentle blowing continued to tease her exposed skin.

Kayla stopped and smiled. She and Emma had never been intimate like this before. Sure, she had seen her friend naked, while they changed in the past. But she never expected to be on the giving end of sexually satisfying her, as she was at that moment.

“Are you enjoying this?” Kayla purred.

Emma’s breathing was heavy and her voice was elevated as she replied. “Oh yes, is that what a vibrator feels like?” She continued gripping at the sheets as her body slowly descended from her heightened emotions.

Kayla let out a small laugh. “I haven’t even turned on the toy yet! That was just me teasing you. Oh this is going to be fun!” Kayla notice she was turned on as well as she remembered her first time with the toy. 

Her arms were so weak her first time, she dropped the powerful little vibrator on the floor and she was terrified her parents would hear it. Kayla gave a mischievous laugh, Emma wouldn’t have to worry about dropping the toy because Kayla was determined to hold the vibe against her friend until she gushed with a hard climax.

Kayla teased Emma’s leg with the small vibe before she asked, “Should I keep going?”

“Mmmm, please do.” Emma reached up, squeezing her small breasts, letting out a small pleasurable moans in the process.

Kayla could smell the sweet scented musk Emma was exuding and it turned on her on immensely. Kayla powered on the vibe to the lowest setting and gently pressed it against Emma’s pussy.

“Aghh, aghhh, oh my gosh!” Emma’s voice erupted in loud pleasurable moans disturbing the silence in the bedroom.

Kayla yanked the toy back and used her weight, as she tried to subdue Emma from thrashing about. “Shhh, my parents are going to hear us!”

Emma finally regained her composure while her breathing was still elevated and heavy. “That was intense! You did that on purpose!” Her chest heaved as she struggled to talk.

“Let’s try something else, but I need you to be quiet! Put daddy rabbit over your mouth if you feel the need to squeal again!” Kayla was serious but both girls couldn’t help but giggle as Emma reached for the stuffed animal.

Kayla repositioned herself between her friends legs and took a deep inhale of rousing scent. She was determined to help her friend achieve a memorable climax. Kayla pulled Emma’s legs open as she neared her face closer to the exposed pussy.

“Mmmm, let’s try this.” She purred. Kayla dropped her mouth to her friends slit and began pulling her lower lips open as her tongue probed the sweetest abyss. She could hear Emma’s muffled sighs as she continued lapping at her new fixation.

Emma’s sweet cum filled Kayla’s mouth with each flick of her tongue. Kayla struggled as Emma clenched her thighs closed, but both girls were lost in complete bliss as they explored each other.

Kayla slowed her passionate licking to a stop and pulled herself off Emma. She placed her delicate fingers where her mouth had been and was excited to see how wet Emma had become.

“Do you think you can handle the toy now?” Kayla purred as her fingers swirled around her friends elevated clit. Her digits easily slid over her friends mons as she waited for a response.

Through heavy breathing, Emma removed the stuffed animal from her face, and managed to whimper, “Yes, please.”

Kayla gently bit at her bottom lip as she removed her fingers from Emma. “Ok we’ll try this again, but please try and keep quiet. Better yet, put daddy rabbit back over your mouth!” Emma smiled and nodded her head yes.

Kayla turned on the small vibrator to its lowest setting and brought it close to her friends opening. She lowered her mouth and gave Emma’s exposed pussy one last kiss before she brought the silver wand down, placing it against her outer lips.

Emma trembled with pure pleasure as the toy began sending an infinite number of pulses to her body. Kayla was close enough to see glistening cum on the toy and around Emma’s skin. Carefully, Kayla, lapped at the exposed juices as she pushed the toy inside her Emma.

Emma let go of the fitted sheet and began gripping at the back of Kayla’s head. She pulled her close to her to delicate opening. “Keep kissing me…. right there… I am… Ughhh. Cumming!”

Kayla felt as Emma’s body began a hard climax with several jerking motions. She knew at that moment, her best friend was experiencing something magical. Emma kept pulling at her as she flooded the toy and sheets with her wetness.

Kayla pulled the toy out and switched it off as she repositioned her face close to Emma’s spent opening. Kayla gently placed kisses on the girls inner thighs before she kissed her wilted flower one last time.

Kayla scooted up on the bed, resting her head on her friends chest. She listened as Emma’s hurried breathing slowed before it became a gentle sigh.

“That was incredible. Thank you.” Emma hummed. She gently ran her hands along Kayla’s side, caressing the girls soft skin.

Kayla let out a small laugh before blurting out, “Daddy rabbit is going to be very busy tonight! Are you ready to go again!?”

Both girls began laughing and carrying on as they grabbed at the stuffed animal. The laughing abruptly stopped when there was a loud knock at the bedroom door.

Kayla’s dad, Devon called out, “I don’t know what you girls are doing, but don’t make me come in there!”