Sgt. Sweet Pussy's Sex Bootcamp - Part 1

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It’s a nice spring night. A beautiful woman sits at the helm of a white passenger van.

Four men are handcuffed and wear black satin covers on their heads. The only sounds are the tires rolling over rocks, RnB music, and the sweet voice of the woman as she sings along to the lyrics of a sexy song.

The van approaches a fence, the fence opens, the van passes through and the fence closes. After it stops, the sexy woman exits, wearing a black leather bra that houses her nice breasts and a G-string which shows off her amazing round ass, and on her feet, stiletto knee-high boots.

Her hand with nicely done nails opens the sliding door. She instructs the men to exit the vehicle. She helps them off and lines them up according to dick size.

There’s Shawn. He wears a shirt with the number 1.

There’s Jared. He wears a shirt with the number 2.

There’s Christian his shirt has the number 3

And finally, there’s Micah who wears the number 4.

She walks. The sound of her heels strikes the concrete. The men stand wondering why they were abducted in the middle of the night from their homes.

She halts between numbers 2 and 3 and strikes a pose. Her lovely hair flows in the wind.

“Gentlemen. You are not to speak unless directed. You are not to beat your meat unless directed. The use of electronic devices is prohibited, while you are here and you will address me as Sergeant Sweet Pussy.”

She turns to her right, walks to number 1, removes his face covering, and continues down the line. The men stare at the golden-brown vixen and they feel a twinge in their shorts.

“Your wives have enlisted my help because your skills in the bedroom are lacking.”

They make faces and murmur to themselves. None of them believe their lovemaking is bad.

“Silence,” she commands as she eyes them. “Now, as I was saying, either your stroke is weak, your tongue game is mediocre, you’re doing the same two positions or your foreplay is nonexistent. To put it bluntly, your wives are bored to tears. Welcome to sex boot camp!”

Two of her attractive assistants walk up, Sergeant Deep Throat a beautiful brunette with dazzling blue eyes, an impressive rack, and a set of legs long as the Mississippi and Sergeant Stroke Master an incredibly fit tall gentleman with skin the color bronze and a look on his face that says, he doesn’t take any shit.

Sergeant Sweet Pussy gives a sexy sinister smile, “This weekend you will learn all the necessary skills to fuck your wives into oblivion.”

Number 4 raises his hand. She eyes him, “What is it Number 4?”

“I don’t understand, my wife would not allow this. How is this supposed to work?”

“It’s simple either you leave here knowing how to fuck or your wives will be free to fuck other men such as our dear friend here,” she rubs Sergeant Stroke Master's massive cock, “And believe me, if your wife gets a cock like this inside of her, there will be no going back to mediocre fucking.”

Sergeant Stroke Master smiles, “We will show you all how to improve your technique. I got my name Stroke Master because my stroke is the best. If she ain’t clawing at your back or pushing her ass back on your cock, you ain’t stroking it right.”

Sgt Deep Throat smiles, “And of course, my name says it all, I give one hell of a blow job, but I also love eating sweet pussy.” She looks at Sergeant Sweet Pussy who grins. “I’ll show you how to make a woman’s pussy flood.”

“I suppose I don’t have to tell you how I got my name,” Sgt Sweet Pussy grins. “Your wives have given us consent to do whatever it takes to turn you into good fuckers. Now before we begin is there any man that feels like he needs to leave?”

Number 2 has this look of annoyance on his face. He always thought his skills were superb. He was actually a good lover at one point, but lately, he was not covering all the bases, he had eliminated foreplay and was barely doing oral.

She walks over to him. He looks down at her beautiful brown melons, “You seem conflicted. Do you wish to leave?”

He thinks about it, his wife permitted him to practice fucking with two hot women. Even though his ego was hurt, the payoff was a win. “Number 2 wishes to stay and learn all he can from Sergeant Sweet Pussy and her assistants.”

She nods, “Great. Sergeant Deep Throat and I will remove your handcuffs, remember, don’t yank your shaft unless we give you permission. We have been authorized to give spankings.”

“And I love to give spankings,” says Sergeant Deep Throat.

They uncuff the men and go stand next to Sergeant Stroke Master. “We’ll turn you over to Sergeant Stroke Master for your endurance and stamina training as we prepare for the next phase.” She rubs Sergeant Stroke Masters cock, “They’re all yours babe.” She struts off.

“Alright men, it’s simple, the key to mastering your stroke is in your hip movement. You have to be loose. It’s also in how long you can go and regain an erection after you’ve blown your initial load. All this can be achieved with a little cardio and endurance training, let’s go.”

He marches them in a single them single file, “We’re going to sing a little song. Whatever I sing, you repeat after me, he sings, “P-U-S-S-Y!”

Them, “P-U-S-S-Y!”

“I want it in the morning and I want at night!”

Them, “I want it in the morning and I want it at night!”

“Because Pussy is good all the time!”

Them, “Because pussy is good all the time!”

“Mmmm good!”

Them, “Mmmm good!”

They end up at an obstacle course and the fun starts. Twenty stations to complete everything from monkey bars, rope climbing over a wall, low crawling through the sand, and wading through a pool of water carrying heavy bags.

Sergeant Stroke Master, “The first man to finish the course, gets a special treat in his room later tonight. Alright, BEGIN!”

The men take off, the youngest of the bunch is number 4, Micah who is thirty-four, a biracial man with fair skin and hazel eyes. His wife sent him to sex boot camp because his stroke needed improving and he lacked imagination with positions. She’d grown tired of the missionary and cowgirl. She did list that his pussy eating skills were impeccable.

He got out in front of the rest of the men. Number 1, Shawn quickly realized that he was out of shape as he dashed toward the monkey bars. He was forty years old and even though he lifted weights, he didn’t do a lot of cardio. His wife sent him because he refused to do oral but he always wanted his dick sucked. She listed his best asset as his cock size and his stroke was decent.

Number 2, Jared was pretty fit, he stayed in close step with Micah. At thirty-eight years old he maintained his physical appearance. His wife sent him to camp because she was tired of him just sticking his dick in her pussy without any foreplay. She listed his asset as having a nice cock and having a good stroke game, but she wanted more creativity with positions.

Number 3, Cristian was thirty-six. He lagged with Number 1 to encourage him. His wife sent him to camp because his oral game needed improvement. She stated that he did have creativity, but wished he would last longer.

There was a lot of grunting and complaining. As Micah headed to the last obstacle the water wade with sandbag carry, he saw Jared catching up and gaining on him. The two men hustled into the water, falling over, regaining footing, holding the bag, and stepping as fast as they could, they make it to the end of the pool, Jared almost got ahead, but trips falls back into the pool. Number 4, Micah dashes to the finish line.

Moments later, Jared shows up, and later, Cristian and Shawn arrive gasping for air.

“Great work number 4! Now go get showered. Your rooms all have your numbers outside the door. You’ll have fresh gear in your room to get cleaned up. Again, congrats Number 4!”

After the men shower, they head to their rooms. Number 4, Micah sits and stares at the clock. It’s just after midnight when Sergeant Sweet Pussy and Sergeant Deep Throat enter wearing nothing but see-through robes. Instantly his cock stiffens.

Deep Throat smiles, “My look at that, someone has a monster cock. I’m going to have fun sucking his dick, while you ride his face.”

He’s giddy on the inside. They remove their robes, walk over to him and immediately start kissing him. “Do you want to fuck us?” asks Sweet Pussy as she kisses his neck and nibbles on his ear.

“I think he does,” says Deep Throat as she strokes his cock. “Let’s take turns sucking his dick.”

They kneel. Deep Throat lives up to her name. She takes all of his cock into her mouth as Sweet Pussy sucks on his sack. They alternate licking his shaft and sucking his tip.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe this,” he utters.

“Do you want to find out why they call me Sweet Pussy?”

He nods.

She straddles his face. He licks and tastes. Sips her juice. He likes it and licks some more as he squeezes her pretty brown ass and starts tongue fucking her, “Oh someone’s good at eating,” she says as she humps his face while squeezing her tits together.

Deep Throat is busy gargling on his shaft, her drool mixed with precum pool at the corners of her mouth, she slurps it and says “Come ride his cock, let me sit on his face.”

Sweet Pussy sits on his cock as Deep Throat sits reverse on his face. She and Sweet Pussy look eye to eye. Their lips touch, tongues tangle as they feel each other’s breasts, taking turns sucking each other’s nipples in between kisses.

They both moan as they feel a wave hit them. Deep Throat wets his face and then moves next to Sweet Pussy’s, kisses her as her fingers strum her clit. “That’s a good girl, ride that cock,” says Deep Throat as she moves her fingers rapidly on her clit.

Sweet Pussy moans loudly and twitches. Micah thrusts upward quickly, he grunts, Sweet Pussy climbs off and Deep Throat gets in position to receive his cum as it shoots out.

“Fuck!” he exclaims still twitching as the last few drops leak out.