Daddy's Here.

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"Tonight, I’m coming over. I want you waiting in bed; naked and asleep. Leave your door unlocked and I’ll let myself in. You must trust me. Don’t be scared, it’s just me. Do you understand, Baby Girl?”, he commands. 
“Yes, Daddy. I understand.”, I reply with certainty. 
“Good girl. I’ll see you soon.” 

I hang up the phone and gather myself. This man has a magical hold over me and I’m his, without question. I’ve never had a Daddy before and he has changed my life from day one. I have a trust in him that I don’t even have in myself.  
I freshen myself up and remove my clothes. I rub myself down with vanilla-scented lotion and I climb into bed. I’ve left the front door unlocked and I close my eyes unaware of what Daddy has in store. 

When my nerves finally subside, I finally drift off to sleep. Finding myself in that limbo stage of conscious slumber, I feel a hand lay across my mouth. As my eyes begin to open, I lock eyes with the man on top of me. His body pressed on mine; holding me down. He leans in, moving his hand from my mouth and down to my throat. Pressing hard enough to prevent me from speaking but not blocking my air, he presses his mouth to my ear. 

“Don’t scream. Don’t be scared. Daddy’s here but he wants you to resist. Fight against me. Don’t let me have it.”, Daddy whispers, his voice is deep, stern, and direct. 

I open my mouth to reply but with Daddy’s hand around my throat, no sound is made. I lock eyes with him and I nod. I agree. I trust Daddy. 

“Good Girl.” 

Lifting up slightly, Daddy releases my throat and uses full force to flip me over. I place my hands on the bed and lift; putting myself on all fours. Grabbing my leg, Daddy lifts it and causes me to fall onto the bed. His hand presses on the back of my neck and my face is shoved into the pillow. Daddy’s other hand moves up my inner thigh and then to my pussy. He spreads me open. He jams 3 fingers inside me. I cum and I scream but the scream is muffled. 

Closing my leg, I try to resist. Daddy is stronger. Still holding me by the back of my neck, he lifts my leg back up. This time, he pins it down with his knee. Grabbing his hard, 10-inch cock, Daddy shoves himself in me. Reaching back, I dig my nails into Daddy’s thigh. I begin scratching at him, digging my nails deeper. He groans, pressing harder on my neck. He thrusts into me. Hard. Grabbing my hand, he pulls it from his thigh and bends it up behind my back. 

I try thrusting up, almost bucking but I can’t move. I’m pinned down. I’m restrained. I’m his to use. I’m cumming. I cum again as Daddy starts pounding into me. With my face pressed into the pillow and my arm pushing on my back: I can’t do anything. I can’t do anything but take it. Take it and cum. I try to resist but Daddy dominates me. He’s holding me tight. His stroke is fast and deep. He’s thrusting into me; every inch filling me completely. 

Loosening his knee just slightly, I’m able to move just enough to thrust against him. His hand slides and my head turns. My mouth is free.  

“Take it, Daddy!”, I demand, “Fill me up, Daddy. I need it. Please. Please, Daddy.” 

He moans and begins squeezing my throat; choking me lightly. Daddy liked what I said. He starts thrusting and moaning. 
Faster and deeper. Harder. Harder. I’m cumming, again. Soaking Daddy’s cock. Drenching the bed.  

“Daddy. Please!”, I scream. 

With a deep thrust, his fingers dig into my neck and Daddy cums in me. His hot load filling me; causing me to cum one more time. 

Releasing me, Daddy collapses on top of me. 

“Good-night, Beautiful.”, he whispers as he rolls beside me. 
“Good-night, Daddy.”, I reply as I cuddle up to Daddy. 

Mmm. This is perfect. He is perfect.