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Daddy and I were attending a Swingers Club hosting a New Year's Eve event. We went with very little expectation of what we wanted to happen other than to have a really great time with some chill people. Daddy and I get dressed all nice and hot, I talked him into going without boxers and I was just wearing a tight little red dress and some thigh high red stockings. We get to the event on the early side so we can find our table and do a little walking through before we get good and drunk and the place fills up with people. I have never been to a club before, of any kind... swingers club, night club, or even a country club... I'm not exactly the "club type". 

However, this club was so nice and the people were great. Not once did I ever feel creeped out or uncomfortable. Anyways.... we get to the club around 9:30pm and it's just starting to fill up. We are cigarette smokers (gross, I know and we have since then quit) so, we find our way to the smoke room (an enclosed heated room for smokers). As I'm getting a cigarette out, I look up and see the couple sitting beside us passing what appears to be a cigar but then I realize it's a blunt... Daddy and I are very much 420 friendly. 

So, I say "Daddy, we should do what they are doing", implying we smoke the joint that we brought just in case we were able to smoke it. Before I could get the joint even out, the chick, Elle said "here, you can hit this" as she passed me her blunt. We informed her that we brought our own and have more at the hotel so we don't want to smoke all her shit. She informed us that her and her husband are from out of town and they are driving straight home after they leave the club and do not want to drive back with any tree left so she has a bunch to smoke and we're gonna help her...SCORE.  

Went in with no expectations and already found a nice, cool couple that we can smoke with all night... that's a win no matter what else were to happen. So, we sit out in the smoke area with this couple... Elle and Eric, smoking some blunts, getting to know them. I'm not a big people person and Daddy rarely gets along with other men in general... however, we all hit it off really, really well.  

When we were done smoking, we asked them to join our table, we had reserved a 4 top because all the 2 tops were reserved so we had 2 extra seats to begin with and they just so happened to not reserve a table... another thing that just worked out. So, we're all hanging out at the table, having a great time, the men are hitting it off. I'm really hitting it off with Elle and that is so rare for me... and after much conversation, it's rare for her as well.
Anyways, we hear the men talking and mentioning how extremely hot it would be to see us kiss, so... obviously, Elle and I kiss... Daddy takes a pic and then sends it in to the jumbotron (You could text any picture to a number and the club will show the picture on a HUGE jumbotron by the dancefloor) ... so, Daddy sent the pic of us kissing in. Which somehow turned into Elle and I both sending in a pussy pic and waiting to guess each other's pussy as it came across the screen. At this point, I guess Daddy and Eric had a side conversation that basically stated that their wives are into each other and are going to fuck.
We go back out to the smoke area and Elle keeps mentioning that the club usually does a "Lick The Nipple" deal where anyone that wants their nipple licked can line up on the dance floor and anyone in the club that wants to lick a nipple can line up and lick all the volunteering nipples... I guess they usually cover the nipples in whipped cream and that gets licked off. Due to some reason, the club just didn't get a chance to do the "Lick the nipple" and Elle was quite disappointed.

Being the problem solver that I am, I found a security guy and asked him "if I find one of the cans of whipped cream, can I have it to lick whipped cream off a nipple?" he said "I didn't see shit".... SO.... I went on a hunt for whipped cream and found a can but all the CO2 was gone so I improvised and gave Elle a really really good nipple sucking, she returned the favor... right in the smoke area.
After that happened, Daddy said "So, Eric and I, really wanna see y'all eat each other's pussy"  
To which I replied "that's funny, I want to do that too and I want to show her some of my toys" So, we invited them back to our hotel room... 3:30am and this is where it starts to get sexy.
We get to the hotel and we all start relaxing, Elle and Eric start making out in the chair... Elle stands up and I come by, grab her and start kissing her, I slide her dress up and off and she slips mine down and off. We're kissing, and caressing while the men are lounged out on the bed watching... I lay her back on the bed, turn and grab my favorite toy, turn back to Elle spread eagle. OMG one of the prettiest pussies I have ever seen is laying right on a bed for me. 

I honestly find all pussies beautiful but Elle's pussy was so pretty, just a perfect little pussy and it was all for me. I slip my toy in her as she begins to moan, slowly, slowly until the entire toy is in her and I can feel her juices flowing around the toy. I move up her body, caressing her breast and enjoying her nipples in my mouth, she moans a bit more with each suck on her nipple. I move back down to her pussy, remove the toy and dive in... as I dive in, I feel daddy's hard cock sliding into me... pressing my face more into her pussy causing her to moan as my moans vibrate her beneath my breath... her moans are muffled as her mouth is full of Eric's dick.
I get into this zone, where all I know is that my mouth is on a fantastic pussy and everything else in the room disappeared. Shoving a toy in her while sucking on her clit, sucking so much juice from her as she cums in my mouth. I just wanted to make her cum in all the ways I could... sucking her clit until she came for me, then using the toy until she came for me, shoving two fingers in and kissing her... telling her that she needs to cum for me. At one point Daddy and I were fucking while Elle and Eric were fucking, all in the same bed... it was a hot mess of naked sexiness. Everyone is cumming, I can't get enough of Elle. It's now 5:30am and we've all been having sex for 2 hours... well, not all of us exactly... Daddy only had sex with me and Eric only had sex with Elle but Elle and I had LOTS of sex.
We all get dressed, Elle says "I hate to do and leave but we have to hit the road".
I said "that's fine but one final question, did everyone cum enough?" Everyone mustered sounds that would appear to mean "OMG yes" and they left. It honestly was not what we expected to happen at all when we decided to go out for the night but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.