When We Met

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Authors Note: Please enjoy an excerpt from an upcoming book: That's My Kink - Chapter One - When We Met. This writing is a work in progress. Comments are always appreciated.


When I met Marcus, we were just two people that enjoyed partying and having amazing sex. I was freshly single and was enjoying some rebound sex and Marcus, well, Marcus was best described as a man-whore. He enjoyed the ladies often and from the reviews that I had heard, they really, really enjoyed him. Eventually, Marcus had his eyes on me and asked when I was going to let him enjoy me. Being desired by such a desirable man, made me weak and I caved to him but not after making him ask a few times over the course of 2 weeks. 
Marcus and his friend showed up and picked me up. Marcus and I sat in the backseat of his friend's car on our way to yet another party. Marcus sat close to me, with his rough hand on my thigh. He slid his hand higher and higher, grazing my pussy ever so gently with his fingertips.  
He leans to me and whispers, “I want you.”  
He slid 2 fingers under my moist underwear, “I want to be inside you”, he mumbles as he slipped his fingers inside me.  
I let out a whimpering moan and began to grind into his hand, spreading my legs for him. 
“Mmm”, he moans as he kisses my neck.  
He kisses along my collarbone and then softly kisses my lips.  
He pulls away, looks me in the eyes, and begins to press his fingers deep inside me. 
“Good girl, cum for me baby”, he commands. 
Those words alone were almost orgasmic. I can't form words, he's moving his fingers in such a way, deep inside of me; words will not escape my mouth. All I can do is moan and whimper. I begin breathing heavy, heavier, oh my god, I'm cumming, I'm drenching his hand.  
Marcus bites my neck, just below my ear, moaning, “good girl”. 
He pulls his fingers out of me and slowly puts them in his mouth, he moans at the taste of me. I lock eyes with him; I’m panting, intrigued, fascinated... I want more of him. I want all of him. He must have felt my wishes. He must have known my desires because at that moment he kisses me, deep, like he needs me, like I'm his breath. We begin sliding and moving until I'm laying across the back seat and he's pressed on top of me. The weight of him is amazing, his smell is intoxicating and his kiss leaves me wanting so much more.  
He reaches down, between my legs, moving my soaked underwear to the side. Without hesitation, he shoves himself inside of me.  
I gasp, “Fuck, Marcus”.  
He smiles at me as he thrusts deeper, watching my body release and my eyes roll back. I’m hooked on him. He knows that I'm hooked. He knows I'm his now. I dig my nails into his back, he thrusts harder, deeper. Oh my god, I'm cumming. I'm moaning, scratching, grinding... cumming, I'm cumming.  
In one swift motion, Marcus grabs me and lifts me, and rotates. Now, he’s sitting and I’m straddling him. He holds me tightly around the waist and begins to pound into me, causing me to gush all over his lap.  
Smiling, he demands, “cum for me again, baby girl”.  
“I can't cum anymore”, I beg.  
He slides his hand up my chest and around my neck, forcing me to look him in the eyes “cum for me again, baby girl”.  
He adds pressure around my neck, taking some of my breath away, the feeling is overwhelming and I cum hard, harder, oh my god, I'm cumming so hard. Marcus pounds into me with his hand around my throat as I drench his lap in my juice, he cums... he cums deep inside me, digging his hand into my waist as he explodes. He releases my neck and I slide off next to him. 
We shared a cigarette as we arrive at our destination. It was a small house party so we went and grabbed a few drinks. We spent most of the night touching, fondling and making out with each other and as the party wound down and people started to leave, we NEEDED to have sex again. 

We went to a closed-in porch and just turned into animals. Clothing was quickly ripped off and Marcus threw me down on the sitting couch, he pressed himself on top of me and slid deep inside me. I moaned with eagerness and came, I came upon penetration. This has never happened; is it supposed to happen? What kind of magical dick is this?  
He begins thrusting and I can't help but cum again. I dig my nails into his back and drag them down his spine, he moans in my ear and begins pounding me harder, I begin cumming again, so hard.  
“Marcus, I'm cumming again, I can't stop cumming” I barely muster.  
“Good”, he says, “keep cumming for Daddy”. 
He begins pounding deep into me and grabs me around the throat... that's it, I start gushing and gushing, just cumming so hard all over his dick. He smiles, lays on top of me, and holds me tightly as he thrusts deep.  
He whispers “beg for it,” 
“Please cum in me, please fill me up, please Daddy, please”, I beg. 
He lets out a deep moan and a deeper thrust and he explodes inside me, filling me with so much cum. We end up collapsing on this couch and sleeping the night away.
I knew sex with Marcus would be good but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. He's officially ruined me for any other man. There’s something about him in me that makes any other sexual conquest fall short. He made me cum like no one ever has and he touches me in a way that electrifies my soul. I NEED more of him, I NEED him.