Final Period - Chap 1

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The bell rang and final period had officially started. Katie sat at a sparse desk watching the principals secretary typing away on an old archaic typewriter. The tap, tap, tap, clicking and bell ringing was somewhat comforting to her. Katie giggled as she wondered who was older, the typewriter or the secretary.

Final period was a blowoff class for her. She had attended several classes during summer that had her ahead of her graduating class, so she had been assigned a filler class, which was labeled as “teachers aide” on her school schedule.

“Katie, will you take this envelope to Coach Matthews. He doesn’t have a class or gym this period and it’s very important you hand deliver this envelope to him.” The secretary’s voice was gentle but very crackled.

Katie nodded her head yes. She opened her drawer and found her hall pass badge and clipped it to her school blouse. She figured Coach Matthews would be in his office, which was inside the boys locker room. She started down the hallway, clutching the yellow envelope tight.

As she neared the boys locker room entrance, she started to feel anxious. Should she knock or just enter. She had never been near the boys locker room, let alone been inside it. She had been told, there was no gym class, so there probably wouldn’t be any harm in just entering.

Katie was surprised to see the locker room was actually very clean and organized. It even smelled fresh, like it had just been mopped. Her eyes were scanning the room when she was startled by a guys voice.

“What are you doing in here! You know you’re not allowed in here!”

Katie quickly turned around and was staring at a shirtless guy wearing athletic tights. His skin was nicely tanned, his body muscles were very defined, and he had a nice happy trail that went down his flat stomach. Katie knew exactly who he was too.

“Jared, where is Coach Matthews? And where is your shirt!?” She blushed as her eyes continued sizing him up and down.

Jared was a repeat senior, who was older than her. All the girls admired him and every girl wanted to be on his arm at every game or dance. Katie had never seen him dressed, or more undressed, like she was observing now.

“Can I help you hunny?” Coach Matthews appeared from a side office. He was in his usual attire, short shorts and a dark blue polo that showed off his muscular physique. Katie guessed Coach Matthews was probably in his mid to late twenties. All the girls giggled and blushed when they saw him, he was indeed, very good looking.

“I was told to deliver this to you coach.” Katie handed him the envelope and watched as he retrieved the paper inside it. His forehead scrunched up as he read the document with his eyes quickly darting over to Jared in anger.

“It says here, you are two points from failing your health class. It also says you have an anatomy quiz on Friday, and you must make a 90 or higher if you want to pass! Can you explain this to me?!” Coach Matthews was now waving the document at Jared, who stood there looking down at the ground.

“You don’t pass, you don’t play! No wrestling means no scholarship!” Coach Matthews voice was loud and angry.

“I am sorry coach! It’s a stupid quiz anyways! It’s all about the male and female anatomy and I promise you, I know the females body!” Jared casually laughed.

“This is serious bud! Just because you’ve made out with a few chicks doesn’t mean you’ll pass the quiz! You seriously need to straighten up and know your shit!”

Katie jumped when she heard Coach Matthews cuss. She knew he was furious and she felt this was her queue to leave. She started to back up when Coach Matthews turned and faced her.

“Hold on hunny. I know you’re a smart whizz kid, maybe you can help my knucklehead jock here, who needs some one on one tutoring!” His voice was still loud and foreboding.

“I don’t need some nerd chick helping me!” Jared’s face went stern as he now puffed out his solid chest in defiance.

“Alright, since you know everything. Where do babies come from?” Coach Matthews voice was very serious. He stood staring, at Jared, waiting for his response.

Jared pointed at Katies green and blue plaid skirt, “They come from down there somewhere.”

Coach Matthews shook his head in annoyance. “Wrong buddy!”

“Katie hunny, would you be willing to help me, teach Jared here, a quick lesson on anatomy? I understand if you don’t want to, or have other things to do, but I would be very grateful if you did me this one favor.” Coach Matthews flashed his hypnotic smile as he placed his strong hand on her shoulder.

Katie shook her head yes. In her mind though, her voice was screaming at her. “What are you doing? This is a hottest jock in school! Is this really happening?”

“Awesome, you are a lifesaver!” Coach Matthews led both students to the wresting mats and had them sit down.

“Katie, do you feel comfortable taking off your white blouse? I mean, Jared is already shirtless and I can take my shirt off too, it that makes you more comfortable.” Coach Matthews voice had now softened.

Again she nodded her head yes. She watched as Coach Matthews carefully started unbuttoning her top and with such ease, he removed it. “See, that wasn’t so hard.” He said. She watched as he pulled off his dark blue polo unveiling his solid chiseled chest. Katie took a deep breath as she admired both guys sitting across from her.

“Now Jared, pay attention, because we need you to pass that damn quiz. This is a females upper torso area. It’s different from guys, well because, she has tits… I mean breasts. Do you see the difference?” Coach Matthews was now pointing at Katies breasts still covered by her thin cotton bra.

“I mean, I can kind of tell a difference.” Jared replied, still starring intently.

“Katie hunny, is it ok if I remove this?” Coach Matthews had now placed one finger under her bra strap and was sliding it along her shoulder, patiently waiting for her reply.

Again, she shook her head yes. She watched as he smiled and reached behind her and unclasped her bra and gently pulled it away from her skin. She could feel the cold air in the room and she felt her nipples harden instantly.

“Wow, these are beautiful baby. Do you mind if I touch them?” Coach Matthews again waited as he admired her beautiful B cup tits with perky nipples.

“Uh huh” she managed to whisper as she waited willingly.

Katie let out a slight moan as she felt the large masculine hands groping her breasts, massaging them gently. 

“Is it ok if Jared touches them too?” Coach Matthews whispered his request close to her ear.

“Uh huh” she quietly moaned.

Within seconds she felt two pairs of hands touching her breasts and her flat stomach. She let out several sighs as she relaxed allowing both guys to further explore her young supple breasts.

“Jared, women are very sensitive around the nipple. If you gently suck them like this, it will cause them to do this.” Coach Matthews lowered his mouth.

Katie let out a loud moan as she felt his tongue flicking around her swollen nipple. She placed her hand on the back of his head, rubbing her fingers through his buzz cut as he continued pleasuring her.

She opened her eyes and watched as Jared followed Coach Matthews lead and did the same thing to her other breast. She felt her eyes roll back as she gently ran her fingers through both guys hair as they gently sucked on her.

Katie felt her chest going up and down as she panted. She had never felt such pleasure before and she was enamored to have two good looking guys pleasing her.

“Katie hunny, how are you feeling? Are you ok if we teach Jared some more anatomy?” Coach Matthews was smiling at her as he gently caressed her arm, waiting for her reply.

Katie opened her eyes and smiled. She again nodded her head yes.

“Lets get you out of this cute skirt.” Coach Matthews was now unzipping her school uniform and slowly lowering it to her feet. He pulled it off and tossed it to the side.

“Jared, this is a females lower anatomy. It is a very special place and you need to respect it.” Coach Matthews was now running his fingers along the inside of Katie’s thigh.

“Spread your legs a little more for me hunny.” Coach Matthews gently pushed Katie’s legs apart as he brought his fingers closer to her panties.

“Well these are really cute innocent panties. Look Jared, they are white with pink hearts. I thought all girls your age wore thongs and sexy stuff.” Coach Matthews was now running his finger along her panty covered slit.

Katie blushed. She knew most girls wore sexy stuff, but she was more modest and still enjoyed her cotton under garments.

“Jared, help me slide these panties off her.”

“Sure thing coach!” Jared replied eagerly.

Katie felt both guys slowly pulling her panties off her and she tilted her head back as she let out another long sensual moan of pleasure.

“Here Jared, hold these against your nose and take a deep inhale. I want you to smell her pheromones.” Coach Matthews handed the panties to Jared who held them to his face.

“Mmmm, they smell amazing. You need to sniff them to coach!” Jared pulled the panties away and casually tossed them back to Coach Matthews who happily held them to his face as well.

“Damn baby, your pussy smells sweet.” Coach Matthews smiled as he then folded the panties and placed them in his pocket. “I’ll keep these for later.”

“Jared, why don’t you stand up and drop your tights. Let’s show Katie the difference between her feminine parts and your masculine parts.” Coach Matthews motioned Jared to stand.

“I am all man coach!” Jared exclaimed.

“Oh are you bud? Well let’s compare.” Coach Matthews stood up and unbuttoned his shorts and slid them off. His huge cock sprung up and was already dripping pre cum. He stood next to Jared as Katie admired both cocks who were rock hard for her.

Coach Matthews had an impressive thick nine inch cock that was neatly trimmed. Where as Jared had an equally impressive seven inch cock with a slight curve, but his cock was thick with a blonde bush of pubes. Katie smiled as she stared at both guys who were now playfully sizing each other up.

“Hey coach, why doesn’t she have any hair?” Jared had a puzzled look on his face.

“Hmm, let’s see.” Coach Matthews ran his fingers along Katies slit up to the top of her mound and then smiled. “She’s freshly shaven bud. It looks like she could have a small mound of hair, but like most females these days, they shave it all off.” Coach leaned in and gave Katie a small kiss on her forehead.

“Katie hunny, do you know what oral sex is?” Coach Matthews stood up and gently gave his hard cock a few strokes.

Katie smiled and nodded her head yes.

“Why don’t you come show Jared some affection and I’ll make sure he shows you the same in return.” Coach Matthews motioned Katie to come towards them.

“And Katie, I want you to crawl to us. Girls need to be sexy and seductive to men, do you understand?” 

Again she shook her head yes and started slowly crawling towards both guys. She could feel the cold air all over her body. Her nipples were hard, her inner pussy was wet and she licked her lips at the thought of pleasing two of the hottest guys in her school.

Katie was surprised when she saw Coach Matthews drop to his knees next to her. She watched as he gripped Jared’s hard cock and slowly tilted it towards her mouth.

“Just like that hunny, place the tip in your mouth. Make sure you look up at him, when you suck on him.” Coach Matthews was actually guiding Jareds cock into her mouth.

As she slowly started taking his hard young manhood into her mouth, she felt Coach Matthews push her head a little lower. His grip was still around Jared’s shaft as he guided her head up and down.

“Ughhhh, coach, her mouth is amazing.” Jared had his hands on his waist as Katie and Coach Matthews continued pleasing him below.

Katie felt her head being pulled off Jared’s cock and she looked over and saw Coach Matthews smiling. “Let me show you what guys like and what we expect. Watch me, and then you can try.”

Katie watched as Coach Matthews took her place and slowly brought his mouth to Jared’s cock. His tongue came out and flicked all over the tip before he slid it up and down the underside of the thick shaft. Coach Matthews was now at Jareds balls and he gently took them into his mouth. Jared let out a loud moan as he reached down and ran his fingers through Coach Matthews hair.

“Now you try baby, and I’ll help you.” Both Katie and Coach Matthews took turns flicking their tongue along Jared’s hard cock, teasing him, pleasing him and causing him to moan uncontrollably.  Katie looked up and watched in awe as Jared’s stomach muscles contracted with every sensation of their tongues.

“Coach, I don’t think I can last much longer, I am so close.” Jared’s panting had increased and his moans were filling the room with his pleasure.

“Katie, play with your pussy as you suck Jared off. Jared, I want you to look down as she pleases herself. Imagine it’s your tongue, fingers or cock sliding between her wet tight slit.” 

“Go ahead you two, let’s get you both off.” Coach Matthews let Katie take the lead, and he watched as she attempted her best to deep throat. Her fingers were quick to flick across her young clit, and in between she slid her slim digits between her pink folds as Jared continuing moaning.

Coach Matthews who was still on his knees, took one hand and started jacking off his hard cock as he watched both Katie and Jared panting and moaning. With his free hand, he reached up to Jareds ass cheek and started massaging it.

The entire locker room was now filled with moans, heavy breathing and sucking sounds. Coach Matthews felt Jared’s ass tighten and then he heard the low grunts.

“Coach I am cumming! Uggghhh” Jared’s grunts got louder as he thrusted his cock deep into Katie’s mouth.

“That’s right baby, swallow as much of him as you can.” Coach Matthews watched in awe as Katie swallowed the entire young guys cum load.

Coach Matthews let out a loud grunt next. “Both of you get down here. I want you to see a real man’s climax.” He watched as both students brought their faces close to his cock as he continued edging himself.

Their faces were so close he could feel their warm breath as they panted. “Katie, are you still playing with your pussy?” Coach Matthews asked between heavy breathing and sensual moans. He was close to his built up climax.

Katie instantly spread her legs and showed her pink slit. “Uh huh, it’s so wet too,” she moaned.

“Ughhhhh,” with that Coach Matthews started cumming, sending ropes of his hot seed into the air. It then landed and covered his defined abs. He collapsed onto his back, his body jerking from his hard climax.

Coach Matthews felt a warm mouth around his cock and looked up to see Katie licking up a few drops of his spent cum. She then pulled Jared to her and placed a deep kiss on his mouth. Coach Matthews smiled as he watched his lovers happily sharing his cum.

“We should get dressed you guys, final period is almost over. Katie, are you free again tomorrow? I’d really like us to teach Jared some more anatomy before his quiz on Friday.” Coach Matthews stood up with his semi-hard erect dick still apparent.

Katie smiled and eagerly nodded her head yes. Jared helped her up and gave her ass a nice squeeze. “I can’t wait to learn more tomorrow!” He gave coach a high five and then headed towards the showers.

Katie redressed and went back to the principals office. She smiled as she sat at her desk, waiting for the bell to ring. She had never been pantiless, but she liked the feeling! Katie continued smiling as she dreamed about what final period would bring tomorrow.