Lights Out, Parents Out

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I walk through the dark hallway, trying to find out what the annoying noise that kept waking me up was. It was almost midnight and I was sure that I needed a good rest, but I couldn't. Ever since my parents left on a vacation two days ago, I've grown weary of taking care of my little brother, who turned 18 two months ago.

He's legitimately a thorn on my side almost every day, and taking care of him should be a two-person job. It also didn't help that my girlfriend decided we should "take a break" a while ago, meaning it has been almost an entire year since the last time I'd fucked something tight. And for 27 year-old like me, fucking someone is basically necessary on a weekly basis. Okay, maybe it’s not as common as I think, but my horny brain isn’t really focused on being right.

Both of these things combined meant I spent most of my days counting down the seconds until I could fall asleep.

Which of course, I couldn't because of that noise.

I looked at the door to my right, seeing the door to my little brother's room ajar slightly, letting something come out. I realized it was there where the sounds came from. I walked closer, adjusting my gray sweatpants so they didn't sag as I paced.

Then, I realized something scarier. The sounds coming from my brother's room were soft whimpers as if someone had his mouth covered. Needless to say, I was worried sick. Of course, I hated my brother Billy, but I didn't want any harm to come his way.

After coming to this conclusion, I got closer to the door and peeked in, expecting a burglar or someone holding my brother down.

Instead, I found something even more shocking.
Billy was butt-naked, his ass in the air, with a pink dildo sliding in and out of him. His face was pressed against the pillow, so his cries of pleasure were muffled, but he was vocal enough that they woke me up.

I couldn't believe my eyes at first, but it made sense. I always knew Billy was gay, he never tried to hide it. While growing up, I constantly teased him about when he would grow muscle like me, but he never did, he always seemed content being small. Or maybe he just didn’t think he needed to have as much muscle as I did.

I watched as the pink dildo went in and out of his asshole, which had a weird effect on me. I became entranced... like it was hypnotizing me.

No...  not hypnotizing me... it was turning me on.

I took a peek down and saw my huge dick hard. It was bigger than ever before. I couldn't understand why I felt so good. Why I felt so hot.

But then, it clicked. The sight of Billy needing a dick inside him so bad, it made me want to do something about it. And my cock responded like it would, wanting to fuck his tight little ass.

It wasn't long after that I started jerking off right behind the door, just thinking about how much fun it would be to shove my big fat cock in his ass.
I started moaning quietly. Again, and again, seeing the object go inside and outside his skinny frame. I wanted it to be me. I needed it to be me. This was now a necessity. I needed to fuck him. I needed to feel him clenching on my cock.

Then, I took a decision that would change my life forever.

"Hi, Billy."

Billy screamed and turned around, throwing a blanket on his body, "Tom? What are you doing here?"
"Billy, your moaning was so loud that it woke me up. Not only that, it also woke up my cock."
"What? Oh... I-I'm s-sorry..."

I nodded, "Yeah. You better be. Because now my fat dick won't fall asleep now. It needs to fuck something."
"Yeah, Billy. What are you gonna do? Are you gonna help my cock?"
"Uh, I don't think that's a good idea, bro."

I palmed myself through my sweatpants, "Why the fuck not?"
"W-well... um..."
"I just saw you. I know love cock, Billy. You need it in your ass."

His face grew redder as he nodded slowly.

"You want my cock in your ass, Billy?"
"Uh, I..."
"Come on, little brother. You need some dick, don't you?"

And there it was. The feeling of power. The need to claim something as your own. The lust that could only be sated by my younger brother, clearly a virgin.
"… I do."

I pushed my huge cock out from my pajamas.
"Take off your clothes and get on your knees, Billy." I ordered.
"Uh, what?"
"Get on your knees, I'm gonna fuck your face."
Billy was hesitant at first, but he did as he was told.
My head was swimming with anger and lust. I looked down at my cock and smiled at how big I was. As soon as Billy was near, I shoved it in my little brother's mouth.

"Suck on it, you little bitch."
I continued calling him a bitch as I shoved my dick in and out of his mouth. I felt so dirty, but I couldn't stop myself. Every time I shoved my dick in his mouth, I would spurt a load of my precum onto his face and then push it back in his mouth.
"Swallow it." I demanded.
And he did.
I didn't last too long after that. I shot my first hot load into the back of his throat and kept it in his mouth for as long as I could. He was chocking on my spunk even as I pulled out of his mouth. He coughed and puked while I held him up in my shaky arms.
Once again, I felt dirty.

"That's not enough, Billy. My cock needs your ass. So you're gonna get on the bed and spread your legs, okay?"
"Uh...okay," Billy responded. He got on all fours just like I wanted. He spread his legs a bit to give me a better view of his ass. But I didn't want just a view, I wanted my dick in that tight asshole.
"Relax," I told my little brother as I rubbed his back.
I stared at my dick and ball sack while I stroked it. The warm feeling soon returned, "Are you sure?"
"Yeah, bro. Do it."
"Hold on, let me get you ready." I said, and began licking my palms. I gently rubbed one of my palms against his asscheeks and then entered my hand slowly into my little brother's asshole.

"Ah! I u-uh... that kinda hurts a little!"
"Well, it's gonna hurt a lot more if I don't do this to you hole! That dildo over there clearly didn't prepare you enough for someone my size."

He nodded and let me continue. I kept my hand in his ass as I began stroking my cock.

"Oh fuck! Okay, You're ready!" I said while getting ready to stick my cock in.
Billy let out a huge gasp, his walls clenching around me.
"Sorry," I gasped, as I thrusted in slowly.
"Fuck...that's huge!" he cried.

I stayed still for a second and basked in the moment. My abs contracting as I caught my breath.

When I felt ready, I began moving, "Yeah... you like your big brother's big cock, don't you, bro?"
"Mmmm, y-yeah."
I began to thrust in and out of his ass a bit harder.
"I'm gonna make you squeal, bitch!" I grunted.
I thrust deep inside of him as my other hand went to his dick. He was definitely enjoying this, I could tell, but at the same time he was trying to tolerate it.
"I'm gonna make your tight little hole sore. You gonna be my bitch, little brother?"
"Yes, yes!" he cried.
"Fuck, you're tight!"
I started to slam into him harder and faster as I milked his ass for all it was worth.
"Fuck! I'm coming again!" I panted.
I pulled my dick out of his ass as my semen shot all over his asscheeks and upper thighs. It was a powerful stream of cum that landed right in the middle of his crack.
"Aaaaaahhh! Oh my god! I'm gonna die from this!" he cried.
"F-fuck!" I panted as I released my soft dick on to his legs.
Once my legs stopped shaking I fondled his hair.
"You okay, Billy?"
"Here, take my shirt," I said, as I wiped the cum off of my legs.
I wiped my dick clean, but there was no way it could be cleaned with just a wipe. After I was done, I used my shirt to clean his legs up.
"Thanks," he said.
I sat on the floor while Billy wiped himself off some more.

After a few more minutes of watching his tiny body move around, I jumped on him, pinning him down while I admired his tiny stomach. Billy was hot. Hotter than any girl I'd ever fucked before. And the fact that he was my own flesh and blood only made me want to feel him even more.

I reached down and made out with him, the feeling of our naked bodies rubbing on each other was so good. He kept feeling my abs and my ass, and I knew how excited he was just from his eyes. He held my dick in his hand while our tongues wrestled with each other.
As our kiss deepened, he slowly moved down to blow me. He held his head looking up at me the whole time.
I put my hand around the back of his head as he started to lick my balls.
"Oh, fuck yeah!" I grunted as he started to work my nuts, "You love your big brother's cock, don't you? Say it. Say you love my cock."
"I love my big brother's cock," he said, smiling.

He worked my dick with his hand and mouth vigorously. He was enjoying having his way with me. I could tell.
"That's it, baby...mmmm yeah..."
I sat down and pulled him up, kissing him. After a few seconds, I finally felt ready.

"Okay, Billy. Sit on my cock. Ride me."
He blushed and looked down, but didn't hesitate. He spread his asscheeks and slowly lowered himself on to my dick.
"Aaaahhh! It's so fucking big!" he moaned.
"It is now," I smiled.
We were both moaning as loud as we could. We weren't really thinking about anything else except getting off.

"Your ass is perfect, Billy."
"I'm so full, Tom!"
"I know you are. Your ass is so beautiful. My cock feels like heaven when I'm inside of it."
Billy kissed the side of my neck, heaving, “Thanks, big bro."
"Mmmm, I love your voice too. It's so sexy."

Billy moaned louder. I was glad my parents couldn't hear us. They would be mad I was fucking him, but they would never be able to stop us from fucking. We were family. We were drawn to each other, and my cock felt so good inside my little brother.

"Jump faster, bitch!" I screamed.
"Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder!" he yelled.
I grabbed his hips and slammed into him hard.

"Take it, Billy!"

Billy nodded and moaned, kissing me. I could tell he was a cockslut and he loved my big fat dick.
"Come on, Billy. Make me cum, slut"
I reached around and pulled him downwards, ramming my dick all the way into him.
I came in him, my seed exploding inside. Billy screamed, loving it. I loved it too.

"Ahhhhhh!!!" he shouted.
"Fuck, that was great! Keep doing that, and you'll make me come again soon."
"I will!" he grinned.
Billy pulled me, making me lay on top of him.

"Give me more of your dick, big bro!" He screamed.

I smiled and thrust, my semen making it easy for me to go in and out.

"Tell me you need my cock, bitch!"
"I love your cock, big brother!"
"Good! Now, let's do it again."

I got on top of him and pounded him as hard as I could. He screamed loudly.
"AAARGH!!! FUCKING AAAAAH!!!!!" he screamed.
His screams turned to laughs as I fucked him. His body was shaking, and I knew he wanted to come.

"Come on, Billy! Come for me!" I shouted.
"I want to feel you inside of me! Please, please!"

"Feel my cock! You're never gonna find someone to fuck you like me. You're my slut now. Your my little brother but you're my slut!"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah! That's right! I'm my big brother's slut!"

I put my hands around his hips and started squeezing. He was screaming as loud as I was. The sounds of our bodies slamming together filled the room.

"Do it, Tom! I wanna feel all of you!"
"YES! YES! Cum for me, Billy!"

I pumped my dick in and out of him as fast as I could. I loved how hot it made me feel.
Billy's body tensed up as he shot his load, landing over his own tiny frame. His stomach tensed while covered in white. This made me go even faster, feeling my own climax approaching.

"Cum in me, Tom! Cum in your little brother's hole!" he panted, his nails scratching at my back.
I smiled and thrusted faster, screaming as I shot my seed inside my own brother. There was no other feeling in the world like it, I loved it.

We stayed like that for a second, my dick still pulsating inside him.
" that's what it feels like..."
"Not bad..."
I laughed and shoved my brother off of me. I stumbled backwards and pulled out my dick, catching the last of my spunk in his asshole.

I looked over to the pink dildo he was using. "Y'know, Billy, if you ever need to get fucked again, don't bother with these toys. Just tell me and I'll fuck you, no matter what."
"Yeah, but don't tell mom and dad about that."

Billy nodded, “Thanks, Tom.”
I winked at him, “If you’re up for another round later, y’know where to find me.”

I smiled as I turned around and left his room, satisfied for the night.