Lacrosse Sessions - Part 1

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Caden was nervous as he approached the steps to his dormitory. The cold air that cut across his skin only pushed him towards the large wooden entrance. The freezing winds in New York were somehow different. The gusts were unapologetic, harsh, but still very familiar to him.

The entrance flew open and a young, clean cut guy stepped out, extending his hand. “Here, let me help you. This weather is going to shit and quick!”

Caden gave the guy a half laugh, but in earnest he was relieved to have some help. His parents had hired a car service to transport him to his new university, but he hadn’t realized how large the campus actually was. Caden had been lugging several bags and suitcases across the courtyard, searching for his residence hall, as the harsh wind assaulted his exposed skin.

He handed his heavy duffle to the guy who offered a hand, before replying, “Thanks man. My name is Caden.”

“No shit! Small world!” The guy exclaimed. “My name is Paul and you’re in luck, because I happen to be your roommate! I’ll show you to our dorm and help you get situated.”

Caden followed Paul down several hallways. He listened as Paul pointed out the shared spaces, study rooms and other boring stuff that pertained to their building. Several minutes later, they arrived at their dorm room.

“There should be a packet on your bed that contains keys, your student badge and some forms. It’s all pretty straight forward and dumb really. Hey! Are you hungry?” Paul was a bit of a scatter brain as he rambled on.

However, Caden knew instantly that they’d get along well. Already things were looking bright and Caden sighed some relief. This was a big change for him. He was in the largest city in the US, pretty much alone, and already he felt homesick for Toronto. Caden had been awarded a full ride scholarship to his new university, as long as he kept his grades up, and played lacrosse for the school.

“So.. Are.. You.. Hungry?” Paul gave Caden a play-full hit to his shoulder.

“Oh yea, sorry man. I was in deep thought. I am still trying to process it all.” Caden replied.

“No, I completely understand. I am not from here either. I call Boston home. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with New York, except their food sucks. So… hungry. Maybe?”

Caden laughed, “Yea, let’s grab some food and we’ll figure this out later.” He tossed his bags to the corner of the room and followed Paul to the dining hall. 

Over their light meals, both guys chatted and learned a lot about each other. They had a lot of the same similarities. Both guys played lacrosse, they were the same age, and they had traveled from different cities. Caden was enjoying his roommates company when their phones chimed from a group text.

Team, we will not be meeting today. Weather is inclement. We’ll reschedule tomorrow. 
-Coach Thomas.

“I told you the weather was shit. I was looking forward to meeting the rest of the team too.” Paul looked defeated as he toyed with his jello cup. “I mean, what are we supposed to do all day. I don’t mean to vent, I am just bummed out now.”

“Do you drink?” Caden’s question was a nervous half-laugh, but in actuality he was serious.

“Yea, but I don’t have anything and we’re not 21… So where would we get any alcohol?” Paul perked up as he waited for Caden to respond.

“Well, I snuck a full handle of Canadian Club in my bag. It’s not the best whiskey, but if you’re down, and cool with it…” Caden was nervous as he spoke. This could get him or them in a lot of trouble if the university found out. He tried gauging Paul’s face as he pondered the question.

“I’ll get a bucket of ice, you grab some glasses!” Paul jumped up excitedly. Paul’s response solidified the friendship as both boys grabbed the items needed for their evening drinks.

It didn’t take long before both boys were in their room and drunk off the whiskey that Caden had snuck in. Caden watched as Paul topped off their glasses, spilling a few drops as he placed the bottle on the desk.

“Man, I needed this. You’re like the best fucking roommate I could ask for!” Paul’s words were slurred, but his emotions were true.

Caden laughed as he sipped more of his drink. He then blurted out, “The only thing missing, is some hot girls. All this alcohol is making me horny.”

There was a long silence in the room as both guys processed what had just been said. The alcohol only heightened their senses and it was evident that they were both indeed horny.

“I mean, I could put on some porn, and we could turn off the lights. I mean, that’s not gay right?” Paul’s response was an uneasy but awkward laugh.

“Umm, yea, if the lights are out… And.. We’re watching the porn. I guess that’s cool. Are you down for that?” Caden took another sip as he watched Paul pondering the question.

Caden had experimented a bit with his buds back in Toronto, so it wasn’t really anything new to him. He casually enjoyed mutual masterbation and guy bonding. He finished his drink and watched as Paul stood up and retrieved a backpack from his bed side.

Paul casually pulled out his laptop and opened the screen. “Are you cool with watching some porn on the hub?”

“Sure, I’ll get the lights, you find something to play for us.” Caden stood up, taking a moment to find his balance. He stumbled over to the light switch and flipped it off. When he turned around, his eyes adjusted to the dark room, and he focused in on Paul who had propped himself against some pillows. “Is it cool, if I sit next to you?”

“Umm, sure man. How else are we going to share the screen?” Paul let out another awkward laugh. He had never done this before, but he was curious to see how it would all play out.

Caden sat on the small futon next to his roommate and watched as Paul scrolled through some random porn. “That one looks good. Play that one.” Caden pointed to a video of two guys and one girl. 

Paul pressed play and sat the laptop between them. As the video began, Paul felt his cock hardening. He was turned on by everything that was happening. The alcohol, porn playing and another guy next to him, aroused him immensely.

“Are you cool if… If I jack off?” Caden asked, as he ran his hand along his jeans. It had been days since his last edging session, and he needed some relief.

“Umm. Yea, that’s cool man. As long as you’re cool with me, jacking off too.” Paul’s voice was much huskier, now that he was getting turned on. The screens dim light was enough for him to see Caden acknowledge with a small nod of approval.

Caden unzipped his bluejeans and pulled them off. He sat on the futon in black briefs with his legs spread wide. His cock pressed against the underwear fabric, straining to be released. His hand firmly gripped his cock as he stroked and pulled at it. “Uggh, fuck this feels good. I needed this badly.” Caden’s moan was deep and relieving.

Paul’s eyes went back and forth between the screen and his roommate. He was intrigued and turned on by his roommates carefree approach. Paul pulled down his sweatpants and exposed his bare cock. In the dim light, he saw a small amount of precum appearing from his slit.

“No underwear, nice man.”

Paul quickly diverted his eyes from himself back to his roommate. “Yea.” He laughed. “I like being commando as much as possible.” Paul watched as Caden pulled off his briefs, allowing both guys to size each other up.

Caden grunted as he stroked his shaft. His cock was an impressive eight inches uncut and thick. His slit was also producing a lot of precum as he pulled his foreskin back. Caden looked over at his roommate, “By the way, you have a really nice cock.”

Paul’s breathing had increased as he stroked himself. The porn’s audio, the heavy breathing and the smell of alcohol was over powering and indulging. “Thank’s man.” He replied. Paul closed his eyes and his senses catapulted him to an elevated bliss.

Caden reached over and placed a firm grip on his roommates swollen shaft, “Here, let me help you.”

“Oh fuck. Fuck. Ughhh.” Paul began grunting as he felt the hand stroking him. He had enjoyed girls many times, but never had he been with a guy before. The experience was exhilarating and a new sensation.

Caden watched as his roommate grunted and quivered from his touch. “Do you like that? Do like how I am stroking your big cock?”

Through labored breathing, Paul responded, “Fuck yea bro. That feels amazing.” As Caden continued stroking him, Paul pulled off his shirt and revealed his muscular chest.

“Tell me how this feels…” Caden lowered himself to his roommates cock and brought it to his lips. His warm mouth took the enlarged tip first while his tongue started flicking around the slit.

“Oh fuck man. Shit. I’ve never. Fuck, keep doing that.” Paul placed his hand on the back of Caden’s head and guided his him lower. Caden began deep throating his roommate, savoring the salty precum in his mouth.

Paul opened his eyes and watched as his new friend continued sucking him. He reached over, closed the laptop and pushed it aside. The only sounds in the room were Caden’s mouth and Paul’s heavy breathing.

Caden pulled his mouth off and looked up at his roommate, “Do you want us to stop, or is this cool… I’ve never done this before, but I like it so far.” Caden wiped spit from his lips as he spoke. 

Paul kept his hand on the back of Caden’s head, running his fingers through his hair. “Um. Yea, sure man. This is definitely something new, but I am cool, if you are.”

Caden smiled and repositioned himself. He sat on the floor as he scooted closer between his roommates legs. His hand reached out and tugged at the thick shaft that yearned for more oral servicing.

“Mmm, just like that bro.” Paul moaned, as he leaned back. Caden began licking all over his shaft, darting his tongue further down until he felt the smooth scrotum of his friend. Caden’s tongue explored further as it lapped at the boys smooth taint.

Caden pulled his face back and looked up at Paul, “Pull your legs up. I wanna try something.” His breathing was heavy and he felt a stream of precum dripping onto the floor from his own cock.

Paul brought his legs up and propped them on the edge of the futon and watched as Caden pressed his face back into his exposed crotch. He felt Caden’s tongue darting around his balls and then his body jerked with an unexpected intrusion. “Fuccckkk!”

Caden pushed his tongue in deep and felt resistance from Paul’s tight hole. He had never rimmed anyone before, but the alcohol gave him courage, and his tongue pressed further in. His strong tongue darted in and out of Paul’s tight hole as his hand continued stroking the thick shaft above his face.

Paul continued grunting, cussing and moaning as his body was subjected to waves of absolute pleasure. He reached down and pulled Caden further into him as his body shuddered from a small climax. Paul’s breathing was heavy as the boy’s tongue continued probing at him below.

Caden pulled back, gasping for air, as spit covered his face. He watched as Paul’s body continued jerking from the rimming experience. He stood up and admired the beautiful guy that was seated before him. “Stand up with me.” Caden requested, as he extended his hand and waited.

Paul opened his eyes and smiled. He grabbed the extended hand and was helped up. “Wow man, that was impressive! What should we do now?”

“This…” Caden took a step closer to Paul, as their cocks now rubbed against each other. He reached down and began stroking both cocks against their bare skin. Caden looked down, opened his mouth and spat down on their exposed cocks.

Paul reached out and placed his arms on his roommates shoulders, holding them close, as Caden continued stroking them both. Caden’s large hands easily held both cocks as they continued rubbing bare against each other.

“That feels amazing dude, keep doing that.” Paul spoke between passionate grunts.

Caden could feel the heavy breathing coming from Paul’s lips as his eyes gazed upon his roommate. He couldn’t resist the temptation any further. He leaned in and began kissing his roommate with a passionate embrace.

Paul wasn’t expecting the kiss, but he leaned in and returned the intimate exchange. Both guys felt their tongues dart between their mouths as they neared an ultimate orgasm. Paul could feel the fervor from Caden’s hands as he held both cocks tight, rubbing them against one another.

Paul pulled his mouth away from his roommate and began nibbling at Caden’s neck. 

“Ugh, don’t stop, keep doing that!” Caden begged. His hands speed increased as both guys struggled to maintain their composure. Paul kept his arms wrapped around the boy who eagerly pleased them both from his passionate handling.

Paul whispered near Caden’s ear, “I am so close.”

“Me too.” He replied. 

The guys locked eyes onto each other, as their lips met once more, kissing in an aroused embrace. This sent both guys into ecstasy as their cocks began erupting several ropes of cum onto their bodies. Their lips never parted as they embraced their experience.

Both guys collapsed onto the futon, heavily breathing, as their hearts raced. Caden rested his hand on Paul’s exposed thigh, gently caressing him.

“Wow. That was… That was fucking awesome.” Paul managed to blurt out.

Caden turned his head and stared at his roommate. He smiled and nodded his head in agreement. 

“I wasn’t expecting that.” Paul’s breathing was still labored as he spoke.

“Was everything ok? I don’t want you to be disappointed or awkward with me.” Caden’s reply voiced concern.

Paul leaned in giving his roommate an intense kiss. He pulled his lips away and whispered, “I don’t think you could disappoint me Caden. I hope we can explore some more throughout the school year. I am glad you are my roommate.”

Caden smiled, “We should get some rest. I am pretty sure coach is going to reschedule practice tomorrow.”

“Sounds like a good idea bro, I am exhausted.” Paul stood up first before he helped his roommate up by extending his arm. As Caden walked away, Paul couldn’t help notice how fuckable his roommates ass looked.


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