Top Urges | Chapter 3 : "The Friend Thief"

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“It sounds like you have a big crush, little brother,” the guy Face Timing me snickered as I gave an exasperated sigh. I hated that he was right. “Look, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Just ask him if he’s interested in something like a date and you’ll know”

“But I don’t want to make it awkward if he says no, Vince” I groaned. “When he says no. He’s straight and also my roommate. If he rejects me, I’d still have to see him every day and it will be very weird for everyone”

“Then suffer,” he said with a chuckle and shrugged. “Look, I’m usually nice to you as your big brother, but also I think it’s very funny. I mean, you are away from home, without Mom or Dad keeping an eye on you, free to date, kiss, and fuck as many guys as you want… and you fall head over heels for the one that, apparently, is not interested in you in that way”

“I know…” I groaned, shaking my head, as I heard my brother chuckling again. I hated how he was so logical and obvious. He had seen me fall for straight guys before when I was a teen, so I could see where he was coming from. If he only knew all the things I wanted to do to Jeremy, he would be very, very surprised about his little brother’s dirty mind. “Maybe if I looked more like you…”

“Hey, Kai, come on. Don’t be hard on yourself. You are a very good-looking guy!” Vince said, giving me a protective look. Yeah,  I was not bad, but my brother? He was in another league. Taller than me at 6’3’’, the only similarities between us were skin, hair, and eye color. He had a chiseled jaw, a very strong and muscular body, and, to my dismay, a very thick and round ass, supported by thick, tree-trunk thighs. What was a straight guy doing with so much cake? It was so unfair. I had tried to do the same workouts and diets that he did, but apparently, I hadn’t quite cracked the code just yet. 

My brother spent a good chunk of our conversation complimenting me to cheer me up (including a very funny moment where he started to joke about how I probably had a bigger dick than him) and then he tried to give me some love advice. It felt nice and, while I didn’t miss my family that much, I did miss talking to Vince like this. But as he was giving me ideas of where to find some guys that were interesting and not only looking for some quick sex, I heard a deep boom coming from the living room. And another. And they kept coming. 

“What’s that?” Vince asked “It sounds like there’s an earthquake on your side. I thought your roommates weren’t home?”

I sighed and shook my head “Jeremy’s new friend must be here again. Yay”

Vince bit his bottom lip, but I could still hear his snicker “Tell them I said hi. And try not to look as jealous as you do now, Kai-Kai”. 

I blamed that damn psychology event thing that Jeremy had gone to the next day after our drive-in moment. When the movie ended, we came back home and hung out for a little more, with Jeremy even admitting he wished he didn’t have to go to that thing so we could stay up late. But, just my luck, not only had he enjoyed and gotten the number of a lot of girls. Oh no. He also happened to become good friends with a gay guy there too. One that was currently sitting next to him, while they both played video games together in the living room. 

The worst part was that, in any other circumstance, I would really like David. More than that, I would have probably tried to set up something with him. He was just a little bit shorter than me, maybe an inch or two, but the first thing I noticed about him was his amazing body. I had caught Amir giving him some very lewd looks a couple of times, so I knew I wasn’t alone in thinking he was hot. His black hair contrasted with his very pale skin, and he wore it slicked back most of the time, in a very stylish undercut. His arms bulged the tight white shirt he was wearing, with a deep v-neck that showed he had some hair on his pecs. And I could tell by the skimpy gray sweat shorts he was wearing that he also had a nice package… 

Did Jeremy have to friend not only a hot gay guy but one that basically had written “experiment with me” on his forehead? 

“Guys, can you turn it down a little?” I asked, frowning a bit as I could hear more clearly the cause of the reverberating bass on the place: David had brought some big, fancy speakers that made every sound ten times louder. “I was having a phone call with my brother and even he noticed about the noise”

“Oh, sorry. Yeah, we can turn it down!” Jeremy said, but his eyes were glued to the screen. It seemed I was interrupting a very close battle or something. 

“Do we have to, though? We are taking a break after this one” David said with his annoyingly sexy baritone voice. Unlike my roommate, he did look at me and smirked “You can join us for some pizza if you want, Kai! It should be here any second now”

“... sure, I’d love to,” I said, trying to smile, but only managing some sort of grimace as David gave a playful squeeze to Jeremy’s thigh to make him lose his focus. And it irritated me a lot how much it worked. My dream guy groaned as his character was demolished, and shook his head. David chuckled and even made a little victory dance. What a show-off. But, to be fair… there was a lot of him that was nice to look at. 

“Damn! Fine, you win David” Jeremy said, groaning and then going to squeeze his thigh too. “Next time, you have to play fair, though!” 

“Oh, I’m never fair. I like to play dirty” he mentioned innocently, but he gave me a suggestive wink as he went to poke and tease Jeremy again. It made my blood boil. This fucking bitch was squeezing Jeremy’s thighs and touching him and flirting with him right in my face and I couldn’t find the words or courage to tell him to fuck off. 

Luckily for David, the pizza arrived before I realized I could throw him a kitchen knife and end all my problems. While the unwanted guest went to pick it up, Jeremy came to me, with a bit of a puzzled, worried look. “You okay, Kai?”

“I’m good,” I replied a bit dryly. What was I supposed to say? That I was jealous of his new good-looking, thigh-touching buddy? “Some stuff my brother told me is on my mind, that’s all”

“Oh, I hope it's nothing bad,” Jeremy said, putting a hand on my back and giving me a couple of pats, to then leave it resting on my shoulder. “Do you want to talk about it?” 

“N-No, not really” I gulped, as I got as close as I could to the kitchen island, so he wouldn’t notice that the most basic of touches made me so fucking hard that it was impossible to conceal. He squeezed my shoulder once more, and that made me look at his pretty face. 

“That’s okay, but I’m here if you need to talk to someone. You know that right?” he asked, looking into my eyes and making my knees weak. Couldn’t he just kick out David, kiss me, bend over the couch and let me make him my good, greedy, naughty boy? If only… 

David came back with the pizza box and placed it triumphantly in front of us, opening it with a flourish. As much as I was jealous, I had to admit the guy had some spark on him that made him charming even when doing mundane things like that. 

“There we go! It’s been a while since I had some good pizza, so I hope the Monster Meat one is as delicious as they say!'' David said, immediately going for one of the slices. The pizza did look very good and, while surely I still looked somewhat upset, the food was enough to make me change my expression. 

“Oh, that’s a lot of meat, yes,” Jeremy said, as he also began eating. I couldn’t help but snort and he gave me an amused look. “What? I’m just saying, this has, what? Beef, pepperoni, salami, chicken, bacon, sausage…”

“Oh yeah, of course, you noticed the sausage…” David added with a smirk. I choked on my slice and his smile only widened “... and here Kai is the one choking on it. Nice. Sounds like a good evening, yes. Do you two do that often? Choke on the other’s sausage?”

“Oh my God, stop it,” Jeremy said, laughing. I tried to, but my sausage was in the wrong pipe, and I started coughing. Jeremy gave me a coke and patted my back. As I tried to open it, in my clumsiness, I bumped into him and spilled some of the drink on him. “Oh, welp…”

“Shit! I’m sorry, Jeremy!” I replied with a hoarse voice, still feeling the dough and meat in my throat. I drank the soda and that sensation was gone, thankfully. The shame of looking like an idiot in front of him, not so much. 

“You are good, don’t worry! But if you guys excuse me, I'll change my shirt. Don’t eat the whole thing, I’m still hungry!” he announced and went to his bedroom. I had my gaze turned towards the hallway that went there until I heard his door closing. When I turned around, David was practically on my back. I gasped in surprise and took a step back, hitting the island where the food was.

“What are you doing?” I asked, raising my eyebrows and rubbing my back where I had bumped into the furniture. David had a smile that only meant trouble. He finished the slice in his hand and gave me a once-over. 

“You know, this is good for a Monster Meat pizza, but I personally was expecting more sausage… You have some with you?” 

“Er… good for you, I guess… And I don’t?” I said, rolling my eyes and drinking some more of my coke. He came closer and, for the first time, looked surprised. 

“That’s… a very tame reaction, okay... Usually, guys get what I’m saying pretty quickly…” 

“And what are you saying, exactly?” I asked, leaving the soda can to the side and facing him. 

“... Oh wow, you really don’t know. Fine, guess I’ll need to be direct with you, then” David said, as he put his hands on my waist and smirked at me “I think you are fucking hot, Kai”.  Before I could say anything, he pulled me in for a kiss. 

I wasn’t prepared for it, but once the initial surprise vanished, I found myself responding to the kiss quite eagerly. Maybe it was the mere adrenaline of the moment, or maybe that I hadn’t kissed a guy in so long, but I was truly enjoying this. We kept at that for a few minutes until he pulled out, panting, his face blushed and his lips parted in a very mischievous smile. 

“Now, let’s see what we are working with here…” he said, as he tugged at the zipper on my pants and fished my cock out. I felt my cheeks going red when his expression turned from mischievous playfulness to eager, horny surprise “... fuck yeah, I knew you were big…”

“David, what the fuck…” I whispered as I watched the attractive stud going on his knees and immediately starting giving me head. It took very few seconds for him to get me fully hard, and I gasped in surprise as his lips stretched around me. “Fuck… what… what the fuck, man… you are so good at this…”

“Well, thank you” David pulled out with a smirk, slapping his cheeks and tongue with my fat, throbbing meat. “It always helps when I get to suck such a cute guy like you. I’ve been wanting to be on my knees and do this since the moment I saw you” 

“Wow… that’s… oh, fuck…” I panted, throwing my head back as David took me almost to the base. I was still new to the feeling of getting my cock sucked, but I could tell this man was talented. And very much cock-hungry. “Fuck yeah, suck that cock, you slut…” Knowing that was what he wanted, I started to move my hips forward, pushing more of my inches inside his mouth as he bobbed his head. 

“I’m back! What are you guys up to?” Jeremy's voice came from the hallway. 

Shit! I was so distracted by David’s mind-blowing cock-sucking skills that I completely forgot Jeremy was coming back! Luckily, he didn’t notice anything as he went straight to the pizza, this time on the other side of the island. That was good, or he would have been able to watch his new friend practically devouring his roommate’s dick. “Where’s David, though?” he asked me, raising his eyebrows. 

“He is… ah… he is… bathroom…” I said, trying to conceal the low groans and moans that were in my throat. The slutty boy had not stopped sucking me for one second, not even with another guy in the room! I knew how horny a good slab of meat in your throat could make you, but David was taking it to a whole new level. 

“Cool! He was planning to stay the night, so I was worried he had forgotten about it”. After this, we spent a few seconds in silence (or he did. I gave soft sighs every now and then). At one point, Jeremy looked at me again, with a new slice in his hand. “You know, I haven’t asked him but… I have the feeling David is kind of into you?”

“What? … No… no way…” I panted, as David pulled out and started to suck on my balls. I could almost hear his snicker as he made me leak precum all over the kitchen floor now. Knowing Jeremy was there was only getting us both more aroused. 

“Yeah… I mean, after the first time he came over, he just kept talking about you and stuff…” Jeremy said, scratching the back of his head. He seemed to be uncomfortable talking about this somehow, which was both adorable and ironic given the current situation. “Nothing weird! But I did notice. Also, he is usually very quiet and serious, and whenever you are around, he kind of gets more relaxed and playful… So… yeah… I thought you should know…”

“Oh? Why?” I panted, one hand grabbing the edge of the island. David had returned to my cock and was sucking me for dear life, one hand stroking my base and the other squeezing my balls as he hollowed his cheeks around me. He was demanding my cum.

“Just… like, I don’t know…” Jeremy nervously replied, looking to the side, probably towards the guest bathroom, hoping to get rescued from that situation perhaps? “Is it just in my head or do you… kind of hate him?” he asked, a little apologetic smile on his face. Fuck, why does he have to be so cute just as I felt my orgasm coming? 

“I… oh yeah… not… not hate him… I…” I slid my hand towards David’s hair, unable to hold back anymore. I started to fuck David’s face, not caring about being discovered anymore. If the slut wanted cum, he was about to get it  “... I’m sure I… I will like him… when I… get to know him…” I said in between groans. Jeremy raised his eyebrows but, to my luck, Yuanjin and Thomas came through the front door, stealing his attention as I came down his friend’s hot throat. If any of them noticed my orgasm face as I sent rope after rope of my creamy sperm inside David’s mouth, they didn’t say a thing. 

David stayed down for a bit, nursing on the tip, before getting up, and just stood next to me, looking satisfied. Yuanjin and Thomas also didn’t notice he was there. It seemed that if I ever wanted to distract my roommates, pizza was the way to go. 

“Oh… hi David… how long have you been there?” Jeremy said, panic totally visible in his voice when he noticed David was there. 

“Just got here right after your other roommates appeared… I think we are going to need more pizza” David said with a chuckle. I looked at him and blushed when he winked at me. 

“Maybe… oh… what’s that on your cheek?” Jeremy said. I immediately looked at him and noticed the same thing my straight crush was looking at: There was some cum on the other boy’s cheek. David noticed my panicked expression and he wiped it quickly with a thumb

“Oh… that’s… eh… the garlic sauce! Yeah. Sorry, I might have hogged that one” he said as he sucked on it, making sure I wouldn't miss any detail of the lewd scene. “I just had one taste and couldn’t help myself, so I ate it all”

“Ah, that sucks. I love garlic sauce!” Jeremy whined, making me snort again. “Oh wait, but the container is here! Did we get an extra one? This one is unopened…”

“Yeah… yeah, we did…” I intervened, feeling my cock growing hard again. “I took it and gave it to David… when you were in your room.” David looked down at my crotch and noticed my growing bulge again, which made him smile. “I… I should go… but thanks for… the pizza, yeah…” 

I went back to my bedroom and, while I knew I had to talk to David about what had just happened, I wasn’t sure how to address it. Especially because I knew I wanted it to happen again. And despite me trying to watch some movies on my laptop, it was hard not to fantasize about what else I could do with him. And with David’s image in mind, I fell asleep.

A soft knock woke me up in the middle of the night. I reached for my phone to check on the time. It was 2 AM. Maybe I had just imagined the sound? But before I could lay down again, I heard it again, firmer, more urgent. I went to open my bedroom door and found no other than David himself, wearing only a light blue jockstrap.

“Good, you are up” he whispered before giving me a deep kiss. I took a step back in surprise, so now we both were inside my bedroom. He smirked at me and shrugged. “What? I hope you weren’t thinking I would be satisfied with just sucking you off. You are hot. I want more, Kai”

“I… but…” I stuttered, as he pulled down my sleeping shorts, and began to stroke my cock once more. “What about… what about Jeremy?”

“He is asleep. Like, basically passed out… I don’t think an earthquake would wake him up” David chuckled as he watched my cock with pure lust before looking up at me and giving me a knowing look. “Hey, is okay to have sex with other guys, even if you have a crush on someone. Don’t hold yourself back for just one guy…”

“I don’t… I don’t have a crush on him…” I tried to defend myself, but it was hard to do when such a hot guy was stroking my hard cock and making it throb deliciously in between his fingers. 

“Sure, sure… We can talk about that later… Now, the only guy you should think about is me” David said, dropping to his knees. His hungry expression was enough to make me go fully hard. I did manage to close the door again before letting the sensations of his magnificent mouth take over, as he slobbered around my pole once more. 

“Nng… fuck yeah… so good… your mouth feels so fucking good…” I groaned, my hands running all over his hair, messing up the perfect hair-do. He didn’t seem to mind. Or maybe he was just too focused on swallowing me balls deep to care. “Come here…”

I pulled him up and kissed him deeply, letting my hands travel all over him. His body was just a work of art. I especially loved the soft, hairy patches all over his chest, and the happy trail that ended just right above the waist of his jockstrap. I tugged at it only to get a slap on my wrist.

“No, sir… I’m the one taking charge here, you understand?”

Before I could reply, he pushed me to bed, so I was laying on my back. Immediately, he straddled me and began grinding his plump behind on my hardened shaft, making it slide in between the cheeks, so my length was teasing his entrance. He groaned in delight and put his hands on my shoulders, pushing me to bed so I was unable to do anything but groan too, trying to lift my hips to get as much contact as I could. 

“Such an eager guy… you really need a hole, don’t you?” he said with a smirk, doing slower yet more conscious movements, so I could feel my cockhead poking at his entrance, almost making in before sliding out. It was the sweetest torture. “I’m going to need some help for this monster of yours, though… Have some lube with you?” That’s when it hit me: David was going to be my first bottom. He might have noticed nervousness in my expression because he caressed my hair and kissed me before I could reply. “So… lube?” he asked again with a snicker. 

“Oh… Y… yeah… on the nightstand drawer…” I panted, nodding to my left. He opened it and retrieved the bottle, getting to work on my cock instantly. He poured a generous amount of the liquid and stroked it all over me. I could only feel what he was doing, though, since he was still straddling me, so all I could see was his perfectly sculpted body on me, making me hornier and hornier the more time passed. “Did you mean what… what you said before? That… fuck… that you wanted me?”

“Yeah, I did! You are very attractive, Kai. Your big fucking dick is just a bonus to me” he said with a chuckle. He bit his lower lip as he pushed a finger inside him, coating himself with the lube too. “Okay, I might be ready for you now… fuck…” David lifted his body and lined up with my cock. Now, I could feel he was letting gravity help him take my thick fuck stick inside. I couldn’t believe this was my first time topping. I opened my eyes in surprise as I felt the sensation of his hole stretching around me for the first time. Meanwhile, David had his closed, moaning softly. “Fuck… you are so fucking big… shit… yeah, I’m going to feel you tomorrow, alright…”

We started slowly, as he got used to having me inside him, which also helped me because if he had tried to move on those first seconds, I would have busted inside him in no time. I was not going to tell him this was my first time topping. But that time David took to working himself on me until I was fully sheathed inside him helped me also get used to the delicious sensation of having his tight muscle walls around me. No wonder tops liked this. It felt fucking amazing. 

“Fuck… oh, fuck yeah… feels so good… nngg… oh that fucking dick is enormous… ah… feels so good inside me… yeah…” David began getting more vocal as we got into the rhythm of it, bouncing his fat, round ass on my lap, riding me with energy and gusto. I was sure the sounds we were making could be heard from the outside and I couldn’t help but wonder if my roommates, especially Jeremy, could hear me wrecking this slut’s tight hole. And that only made me harder. 

“Ah… yeah, fucking ride it… such a nice hole… you want this big cock so bad, don’t you? Then take it… take it, fuck…” I whispered, lifting my hips and fucking him at the same rhythm he was bouncing on my cock. His eyes opened and, unable to say anything, he just nodded, moaning loudly as I made sure every time he went down, he had my full length lodged inside him. 

After a while, we decided to switch positions. Now David was on his back, but closer to the edge of my bed, and I stood up, with his legs on my shoulders. This time, I was in charge of the fucking. And I made sure he knew it because I went inside him, balls deep, with little warning. He moaned so loud that I could almost hear the complaints Amir would give me the next day. David smiled and began to play with his nipples as I thrusted inside him.  

“Yeah… that’s it, stud… right fucking there… oh fuck, Kai! Yes, fuck me like that! Give me that fucking cock!” he moaned, his voice reverberating above my groans and the skin-on-skin contact sounds. There was something so erotic on hearing a guy with such a deep, manly voice moaning and begging for cock. It took me right to the edge. After a few more minutes, I was ready to bust. 

“Fuck, I’m so close… I’m so fucking close…” I groaned, my hips still moving at a neck-breaking speed. David’s eyes lit up and he gave me a needy look. I already knew what he wanted before he spoke.  

“Feed it to me, Kai… I want to swallow your cum again! Please!” he groaned. I barely managed to pull out of him and climb on the bed before my orgasm took over me. 

“Fuck yeah! Fuck, David! Yeah, take my load, boy!” I moaned as I shot all over his face. David was definitely addicted to cum, and I watched him trying to swallow as much as he could. Once I was over, he kept sucking the cockhead, rubbing it all over his face to collect the jizz on his skin and consume it too. Something about my taste took him to the edge, because, as he stroked himself, he reached the point of no return too. 

“I’m about to cum! Kai! Fu-!” I cut his moan with a hard kiss and pressed him against my body, rocking into him as I slid a finger inside his stretched hole. I tasted myself in between David whimpers as he shot his own load in between our bodies. “Oh… Oh God… that… wow…”

“Yeah… that was hot…” I said with a chuckle before kissing him again. I scooped some of his load that was on his abs and fed it to him. David eagerly began to lick my fingers and then, he started to suckle on him, looking at me with hunger. “Damn, aren’t you satisfied yet?”

“I am… but I’m also a glutton… I hope you are not planning on sending me back to Jeremy’s room just yet?” I shook my head and he laughed. “Fuck, I’m such a bad friend… I only agreed to the sleepover hoping we’d get to fool around”

“Is that regret I’m sensing?” I asked a bit worried that David was having second thoughts. His next kiss put me at ease, and also made my cock hard once more.

“Not a chance… now… I wonder how many loads you still have in these big balls of yours?” he added with a mischievous smile. 

“Only one way to find out…” I replied with a grin of my own. Maybe I was going to enjoy having David around more than I initially thought.