Meet Kitty.

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Wanna hear about the night that I brought home a cute little pet?  
She's a kitten, I call her "Kitty". She's petite, brunette and just adorable. 
I wanted to surprise Daddy with my new pet so I brought her home before he arrived. We climb into bed and get naked. I put a cute little collar and leash on her. She puts her little kitten ears on and bends over so I can put in her tail. I lube up her tail plug, line it up with her tight little hole and begin rubbing the tip of the silicone plug against her opening. 
I lean over her and whisper, "Ready to be my good kitten?" 
She nods her head as she arches her back. I slide her plug in nice and slowly; she lets out a little moan, then she turns and kisses me. 
Daddy walks in. I'm lying in the bed; legs spread, while Kitty has her head laying on my stomach. I'm caressing her hair as she's caressing my pussy. Not fingering me, not trying to rub hard on my clit but gently caressing my pussy. Slowly sliding her fingers up and down my slit, gently rubbing my clit, slightly pressing her fingertips against my wet hole; never inserting. 
Daddy's eyes light up. I smile; spreading my legs wider. 
"Hi Daddy, I brought home a pet. She's a kitten, she's my Kitty", I state, very proud of what I brought home. 
“I see this", he replies. 
“Come say ‘hello’ to Kitty”, I say, while patting the bed next to me. 
Daddy climbs into bed next to me. 
"Hi Kitty", he says as he strokes her hair. 
He runs his fingers down her neck, across her shoulder, down her arm & to the hand that's caressing my wet pussy. He begins doing the same as Kitty and caresses my pussy.  
Grabbing his hand; I place it on my breast, "Kitty is playing there, be nice and share. You'll get your turn in a bit but right now, I want to play with Kitty. You can sit there and watch", I say as I point to a chair that's sitting beside the bed. 
"Mmm, I don't mind watching", Daddy says while climbing off the bed. 
Removing his clothing and exposing his hard cock, he takes a seat in the chair: ready to enjoy the show. 
Pulling lightly on Kitty’s leash, she climbs between my legs. She rests her head on her hands, and across my stomach. 
"Yes?" She says, while looking up at me with her big green eyes. 
"Do you wanna play?" I ask. 
“Yes please!”, Kitty exclaims; her voice sweet, her eyes sparkling, “I really want to play! Can we play? Can we use toys?" 
"Of course, Kitty, we can use the toys.” 
Kitty crawls across the bed and opens the bedside drawer, she leans over putting her beautiful ass on display. I rub her, grazing my finger against her slit. She sits up with 3 vibrators. 
"Got the toys!" She says excitedly. 
"Perfect. Now come here", I say, as I pull on her leash. 
Kitty crawls to me. I run my hand down her back; she arches and moans. Sitting spread legged, I pat my lap. She crawls over and lays her head just above my pussy. I run her tail through my fingers, then slide my hand up her thigh. I place 4 fingers across her tight slit. I slowly spread her open and slide 2 fingers in her. She moans as she starts licking my clit. I begin grinding into her soft tongue. She sucks my clit while gently flicking her tongue across it; she shoves 2 fingers in and starts fingering me: I begin to gush. I'm knuckles deep in her tight pussy; she's soaking my hand. I pull my fingers out, and begin rubbing he clit hard. I smack her ass. She moans; I smack her ass again. 
I pull her leash, jarring her slightly, she looks up at me, her fingers still deep inside me. 
"Get in position for a toy", I demand. 
She straddles my lap on all fours putting her ass right in front of me. 
"Grab 2 toys and come here, Daddy", I say as he's been busy over there rubbing his hard cock. 
Daddy grabs the toys and climbs up next to me. Flipping Kitty’s tail onto her back, I expose her tight, glistening pussy. 
I spread her open and take a slow lick from her clit to her slit... God, she tastes so sweet. I slowly rub her clit. 
"Daddy, turn a toy on and put it in her", I command. 
Daddy turns the pink vibrator up to high and slowly slides it in Kitty. She moans and starts grinding against Daddy's hand. 
"Mmmm, Daddy. Now, let me sit on that cock for a minute" I tell Daddy, as I lift up enough for him to slide under me. 
Daddy slides over and I sit on his lap, sliding myself into his dick. Mmm... Nothing feels better than that first insertion. 
I begin riding Daddy's cock while shoving the vibrator in and out of Kitty. She's cumming, I'm cumming. Daddy's enjoying the show, thrusting hard into me with his hands full of my chest. 
I smack Kitty's ass, "go play". 
Kitty crawls as far as her leash allows and starts masturbating.  
I turn around and start riding Daddy. He hits a stroke that causing me to squirt and squirt... I'm soaking him. 
I get up and get into doggy, where I'm facing Kitty. Now, Daddy and I can enjoy the show too. 
Kitty has her head back, her eyes closed. She's moaning while holding a vibrator on her clit and she's going deep with another vibrator in her pussy. 
Daddy spreads my ass and slowly slides deep into my pussy. He grabs my waist and starts thrusting. Pulling on Kitty’s leash, I get her attention. I take the vibe out of her and start eating her. Daddy shoves my face deeper into her pussy with every thrust. She's cumming on me as I'm cumming on Daddy's cock. 
She starts using the vibrator on her clit while I’m eating her. She’s grinding into my face as she cums hard. I take the toy from her and shove it in her; she moans. She slides under me, lower and lower, until we’re face to face. She pulls me on her, Daddy still in me. Kitty starts kissing me. My breasts on hers, my clit against her mound, her hands running down my back. I feel a vibration on my back, lower, lower. She slips a vibrator in my ass.  
I’m crammed, the vibrations from the toy in my ass begin vibrating Daddy’s dick, deep in my pussy. I begin grinding my clit against Kitty’s mound as she’s kissing me deep; her nails digging into my ass cheeks as she holds the vibrator in. Daddy is pounding into me, his hands tightly gripped around my waist. 
I'm cumming, Kitty's cumming, Daddy pulls out and cums on my ass. 
Daddy lays back, sprawled out on the bed, he's spent. 
I tug on Kitty's leash, "clean me up”, I demand. 
Kitty climbs out from under me, gets behind me and licks all the cum up off my ass. I get up, run my hand across her lips, down her chest and to her waist. 
"Good girl, Kitty", I tell her. 
I kiss her, mmm she tastes like Daddy's cum and my juices. 
I lay down next to Daddy, my head on his chest, my leg draped across his leg. I lay my hand on his waist, just millimeters from his dick. Kitty climbs up behind me. She presses her entire body against mine and nuzzles her head into my neck. She reaches her hand up and around me, cupping my breast as she kisses my neck. 
Now, we sleep. Tomorrow, we play.