Happy Anniversary

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Kent bent down and pushed down his dark blue boxers - his favorite pair, and threw them to the hamper. His rampant erection sprung free, almost funnily like a preloaded spring. He was already dripping delicious precum, of which Luke could almost taste in his tongue. The thick staff of his cock even cast a slight shadow on the floor against the light from the washroom. 

Luke licked his lips and smiled widely. He was already naked, lying on the sheets like a blatant twink whore, a whore who's going to be fucked by someone else's muscular husband. His own erection abided its time, being encased within his running fingers. His left hand was rubbing against his nipples, twirling the strawberry nubs that Kent so loved. He opened his home-wrecking thighs, wet and oh so ready for Kent's humongous cock.

They had been fucking for a year now. Luke thought of the first moment when Kent came to the office, a new transfer - when he saw his plain platinum ring he had thought he had no chance with this tall hunk of a guy. He hadn't given much thought after that, but had realized now the late nights and the lunch dates the new guy seemed to enjoy with him was all but his so-called mating ruse. He laughed about it now, reminiscing about the sweetness of it all as he was about to be fucked by his, well, boyfriend's cock, the cock that belonged to someone else.

Kent laid on top of Luke, just enjoying the closeness and the warmth of another person, his cock pulsating between Luke's warm thighs, the large glans so close to Luke's secret entrance. They were kissing deeply, deep soul-searching kisses that preceded the sex that would soon enough happen. "Where's Jamie?" Luke asked suddenly.

"Jamie's cleaning up in the kitchen." Of course, the ever kind and dutiful Jamie. The party had been a blast, with presents from Jamie's mom and Kent's parents, punctuated by bites of Luke's signature blueberry pie and the rest of Jamie's undeniably delicious cooking. And now here they were, about to fuck after Kent and Jamie's sixth anniversary party, while Jamie was somewhere in the kitchen. Fitting, really, seeing how it was Jamie that first suggested the cuckolding lifestyle to Kent. Luke smiled as he caught Kent's cockhead in his grasp.

"Now fuck me like you love me. Right here on your anniversary night."

"I thought you'd never ask." 

The moment when the cockhead breached his first resistance was a moment Luke would always treasure. The deep warmth of the glans, the smoothness of the head, the slip of the foreskin, the slight burn simply because the cock was too large - these were the things that had made Luke stayed. Yes, despite Jamie, despite everything.

It didn't take long for Kent to start his customary pounding of the tight hole that Luke offered. His large balls pounded on Luke's ass like thieves on a locked door. At the end of each thrust Kent pressed down slightly, as if confirming his stake inside Luke's hole. Luke had it all memorized, down to the little gasps that Kent would emit when he was four-five minutes away from cumming. And once he came, the semen would run down Luke's taint like a briny Milky Way, etched against the skin of his thighs.

Once wouldn't be enough, but even Kent needed his recuperating time, so Luke would crawl down the bed to suckle on Kent's spent cock, patiently bidding his time when the cock would be rejuvenated. Then Luke would take a ride on Kent's up-surging cock, once, twice, three times. Four times seemed to be Kent's limit, but then dawn would have arrived outside. The last time was when Luke was having a shower with Kent, but by then Kent's balls had been so thoroughly sated that he was cumming dust, which tickled Luke pink.

As he went out, Luke passed by a sleeping Jamie on the couch, who had his hand in his pajama pants. There was an electric smell of cum on the sleeping form - Jamie had masturbated to the sounds of Kent and Luke's fucking. Luke sniggered slightly, before bending down to kiss Jamie's forehead. "Thanks for lending me your husband. Happy anniversary."