His Loss

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He had just came inside me but he was still hard, at least that he was still firmly embedded within my hole. I could still feel his pulsating aftershocks and the waves of his cum flowing around his shaft to seep into the skin of my taint. He had his hand on my head, tucking it under his chin. It felt like I was his precious thing, his beloved, but I knew better.

"You know, I've been thinking."

"That would explain the beads of sweat on your temple."

I chuckled. "Ha-ha-ha. No, I've been thinking. About you, about us. About Harry, too."

"Mmm." It was a question, an order to continue my train of thought. So I continued.

"What if you divorce Harry? And marry me?"

He turned and looked into my eyes. I hoped he saw my sincerity in them. "What is this, a proposal? From my own brother-in-law? The brother of my husband?"

I felt tears coming into my eyes. "Forget about it." I made to run away from him, from his hold, but realized I was still stuck on his cock. The cock that was rapidly filling again.

"I swear you'll be the end of me, but I don't think that's a bad idea." He gave me a deep kiss. "God knows Harry - your brother - is more concerned about his career than his own husband." I groaned as I felt precum flow from his cock-slit, lubing the way for his enlarging cock. "Yeah, I think I like the idea of coming back home to you every day, wet and ready for a fuck or two."

"And maybe you'll make me pregnant," I whispered, then blushed. He knew of my pregnancy kink, how I often dreamed of somehow being pregnant of his children.

"Fuck baby, you're going to be pregnant by me," he whispered back, and gave me a deep thrust. We both moaned in the darkness of my room, where we were safe.

"And I'll have you be the responsible daddy, my baby-daddy," I whined as he turned us into missionary. "My baby-daddy with the daddy cock, oh fuck me daddy," I moaned again.

"Fuck oh fuck, I'm cumming again, cumming up your tight ass, gonna breed you, fucking knock you up with my seed," he rambled, clearly not displeased with the thought of fucking a baby into my slim form. I smiled and received his bountiful seed. His seed, the seed that belonged to my brother, who was unappreciative.

Well, his loss.