Anna’s Trip to the Glory Hole

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It was a typical Friday night for Anna. She sat cozied up on the sofa watching reruns of Law & Order SVU on Hulu, when her roommate Ashly a lively redhead with deep blue eyes, slim waist and perky boobs walked in wearing one of her usual weekend dresses. The ones that barely hit mid-thigh and sort of scrunched up with every step she took damn near revealing her ass cheeks.

Anna was in pair of baggy sweats, a My Hero Academia t-shirt and had her hair pulled back in an Afro puff. She looked at Ashly, “You look pretty.”

Ashly tossed her curly red locks back and smiled, “Thanks Anna, where’s Dorian?” she asked. He was their other roommate. An attractive Latin man with pretty brown skin and amazing features. He often did Ashly’s makeup and his own before they went out.

He entered the living room, “I heard you bitches were looking for me?” he joked.

Ashly laughed. Anna shook her head, “Where are you two off to tonight?”

Ashly looked at Dorian with a grin. He smiled, “Should we tell her?” he chuckled.

“We’re going to the Glory Hole, Anna,” said Ashly with a smile.

Anna’s face lit up, “Oh my God, I haven’t had donut holes in so long, can I come with?” she had already stood to her feet and prepared to run to her room to change.

They burst into laughter as she hurried to her room. “Um, are you going to tell her or?”

“I think it would be fun to see the expression on her face, who knows, she may even like it.”

Anna didn’t dress up often, but when she did it was usually a dress that was longer, but fitted to show off her modest curves. She was slim, but she had a nice ass. They looked at her in the black dress with gladiator sandals and smiled.

“Alright Ms. Anna, this will be a night you shall not forget.”

She smiled, “Great. I can use a fun night out with friends.”

Dorian looked at her hair, he took the clip out and let her thick curls fluff out and then put a little makeup on her face. He smiled, “Now Anna, no matter what, you have to promise to try at least two holes before we leave that’s the deal or you stay home.”

She nodded, “I can do way more than that.”

They laughed.

“Alright then let’s go,” he said.

Anna was all giddy inside. It had been a while since she had eaten sweets and even longer since she had gotten to eat donut holes. When Dorian pulled up to the building, it looked somewhat normal, but Anna didn’t see any signs of donuts.

They got out of the car and walked up to the white door that had a code on the outside. Dorian entered the number and he and the ladies walked in. 

 “Are there donuts here?” asked Anna as she saw the people walking back and forth from one hallway to the other.

One sign over a hallway read “monster sausages, women only.” Another sign said, “elephant trunks, men only.” And another read, “fun and satisfying men or women.”

Dorian looked at his favorite hall, “I think you already know where I’m headed,” he turned to Anna, “Remember, at least two because I’m not leaving until I’m ready.” He strutted off to the hall that said, “elephant trunks, men only.”

Anna eyed Ashly suspiciously, “What the h. e. double hockey sticks is happening here?”

Ashly chuckled, “I tried to tell you, this is a glory hole and it has nothing to do with donuts silly.”

She heard the moans pouring out from the different halls, “Oh my god are people having sex in here?”

Ashly nodded, “Yes and lots of it.” She reached into her purse and handed her several condoms, enjoy.” She attempted to walk off, but Anna grabbed her.

“You can’t just leave me here; I don’t know about this.”

“You have condoms for fucking. And if you just want to suck, then save the condoms for some other time. You have had sex before, right?”

“Well, yes, but not with people I don’t know.”

“Anna, relax, come,” she said as she walked her to the bar, “Two double shots of tequila please.”

The bartender cracked a sexy smile, “First timer?”

Ashly nodded, “Yeah.” Anna tossed back her shot and handed the other to Anna, “drink.”

Anna lifted it to her full lips and tossed it back and nearly choked. 

The bartender shook his head, “Maybe you should set her up in the VIP room. It’s great for first-timers.”

“Could you help her with that? I want to catch a specific cock before he leaves.”

He nodded, “I can help her out.”

They watched Ashly disappear down the Monster Sausage hallway. 

Anna turned with an awkward smile and looked at the bartender who had the name Max on his shirt.

“Are you ready?” he asked as his green eyes dazzled under the light and his smile sparked a little twinge in Anna’s pussy. She shrugged, “I guess.”

He walked to an elevator that led to the top floor. The room was lit with red lights and had two partitions one to the left and another to the right closed off. There was one open room in the middle. He walked her to the opened door, there was a hole in three walls. She looked at him, “Do I have to do all three at once?”

He chuckled, “Um, not at all, it’s up to you. Just uncover the hole you want and have fun. Hopefully, you’ll get a surprise later,” he smiled.

She nodded. It had been almost two years since she had fucked anyone. And hearing all the moans did make her horny.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it,” he said as he turned and left.

She closed the door and looked at the three holes in the tight space. She took a deep breath and went for the one straight ahead. She removed the covering. A nice long white cock with a mushroomed tip appeared with balls that hung low. She smiled. It reminded her of her first love, excellent.

She touched it, massaged it until it got harder in her hand. She spat down and watched her saliva drop on the shaft. Her hand glided up and down and yanked gently. She heard the person moan on the other end as she gave him a handjob. She went to her knees and tasted the precum that leaked from the slit.

She held her mouth opened wide and allowed the anonymous man to fuck her mouth. She hummed as she played with her clit. She felt her juices leaking from her pussy as her mouth was filled with a big white cock.

She pushed her mouth as far as she could go on his cock until she gagged a little and did it a few more times. She was having so much fun, she started playing with his balls and French kissing his tip like he was her man and that cock belonged in her mouth.

She gurgled and gagged and sucked until he nutted in her mouth. His cock slowly deflated. She stepped back and watched as it retreated through the hole. She wiped her mouth. 

She looked at the hole on right. Her pussy was sopping wet and she wanted cock in her tight hole. Her delicate hand lifted the cloth and a whopper appeared. Her heart skipped a beat, she almost covered the hole, but she didn’t want to hurt the man’s feelings, big cocks deserved tight wet pussy. 

She lowered her panties, hiked up dress up to the waist, turned, and pushed her center onto the man’s cock. They both moaned, “Fuck!”

His dick was thick and her pussy was tight. He wasn’t all the way inside and she was already whining from being filled and stretched. She heard his voice, “Push back.”

Nervously, she backed up and felt all of his cock in her pussy. She clenched her jaws for a moment and then breathed out, “Fuck, shit!”

He moaned loudly, “Fuck, yeah, push back on it, just like that.”

“Oh my god, shit, fuck,” she cried out. Her pussy was stretched wide and she started to cream all over that huge black cock.

“Um, um, um,” she heard him say as he repeatedly pushed back on his cock.

“Oh my god, shit, I’m coming.” She said. 

“Ah yeah, that’s right, cum for me.”

“Ahhhhhhh!” she exclaimed and leaned over accidentally removing the final covering over the hole on the left wall.

A white cock appeared. “Oh shit,” she said. She didn’t know what to do. Her pussy was already filled and the guy didn’t show any sign of being finished.

She looked at the cock and touched it. It was perfect. Her mouth could reach. She placed it in her mouth and ran her lips up and down the shaft. The man moaned in delight.

Suddenly, the other white cock peeped through the center wall, “grab it,” she heard.

Her mind was blown, she had already sucked that cock, or was it a new one, she reached for it. It was a different cock; the tip was more rounded.

As her pussy was filled and stretched as she took turns blowing each cock and stroking them with her hands.

The room was filled with multiple primal groans from the three men and Anna working diligently to make them cum.

She heard a loud sound behind her, “Arghhhh,” he said as his cock erupted inside of her. So much cum, it oozed out before he pulled his dick out. 

Anna panted. Her pussy throbbed. Her mouth was on the cock to the left, she felt his balls tighten and then he released. He was done. She stood straight and looked at the cock in front of her.

“Turn around and feed my cock into your wet, cum drenched pussy,” he said.

She turned and pushed back on it. She was nice and open. She rocked back on his cock with vigor. He grunted and cussed. Anna went wild on his cock. She had never moved that fast on a man’s shaft before. 

Her leg stiffened and she leaked. The man pushed his cock in deep as her ass was pressed against the wall. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Arghhhhhhh,” he said, as he pumped her full of his cum.

She stood there for a moment, exhausted. Her chest heaved. She took deep breaths. The cock pulled out of her pussy. Finally, she stood to her feet.

There were wipes in the corner of the room. She cleaned herself up and made it back to the lobby. She sat at the bar. There was a woman serving drinks, “Is Max still here?” she asked the bartender.

She smiled, “No, he said he had to go work the VIP area for a little while.”

Ashly and Dorian walked up to her, “So, how was it?” They asked.

She smiled, “Better than donut holes.”