The Forgotten Cottage Chapter Five

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Chapter Five
I reapplied makeup and turned round and realised that daddy was still in the room.
He had some equipment in his hand.
“Come over here and kneel down on the mattress Alice.”
I did as I was told.
“Hold your hands out.”
He put a leather band on each wrist, held on with Velcro. Each one had a snap fit attached.
Then he went round the back of me and I felt him fit a spreader bar to my ankles. It was not set very wide or I would have fallen over. Then he took my wrists and attached them to the two ends of the spreader bar.
So now I was on my knees and effectively helpless again.
He came round behind me and fitted a mouth gag on me. It did up at the back and effectively held my mouth open. I could already feel myself salivating and drool appearing at the edges of my mouth.
“This is a strict spider mouth gag. As you can see, it holds your mouth open. You don’t have a choice of whether you receive cock in your hole or not. Don’t worry, no one is going to fuck your little cunt, but they are going to thoroughly bukkake you.”
He undid his flies and took out his cock. He had a semi, but as he had just come, I did not expect him to be hard.
“This is how it works” he said, lining his cock up with my mouth and pushing it in.
I could do nothing to stop the invasion. I could lick him a little with my tongue, but I couldn’t suck him or bite him. For all intents and purposes, my mouth was just a hole for their pleasure.
“There, I know you are turned on by three things: being helpless, being humiliated and older men. You should be in heaven Alice.”
And in truth, scared as I was, sore as I was from the fucking, I could feel my little clit straining against the confines of it’s cage, was sure more precum was dripping onto the fresh panties I had put on.
I looked up at him and saw he was taking pictures of me.
“Look here” he said. He showed me pictures of myself, tied, bound and gagged, dressed like a whoreish sissy slut.
“Ank yer Dafdy” I managed to say and settled down to wait for the old men.
The door shut and soon after opened.
Daddy came in followed by seven older men. They all came round me and stared down at me. Lustful, dirty looks. None could have been under 65.
“Ok gentlemen, show me your money” Daddy said.
Each handed over £20 to him in my full view, so I knew beyond doubt that I was the whore they were paying for.
Daddy backed off and started the video cameras – there were now two – one for an overall view and another for close ups. They were big, professional jobs and I was sure they would give a high definition finish.
The old men all took off their trousers. None wore pants. They undid their shirts but did not take them off. They paraded around me. Without exception, they all sported large erections. I suspected some of them were medically enhanced, but so what ? There wasn’t any difference from my point of view.
The first one stood in front of me, massaging a fairly large cock. I was hypnotised by it, by the bright glob of precum appearing in the slit. My tongue moved as if I could lick it and he must have seen the lust in my eyes.
“You want some little gurl? You need cock do you? Fancy some old man cum in your tummy? Over you face?”
“Es peas sur” was all I could reply.
He moved closer and pushed his cock into my mouth. He looked around at his friends.
“Nice warm tight mouth boys. Going to enjoy it tonight.”
He pushed his cock back and forth over my tongue, getting a steady rhythm, his glans dropping droplets of precum onto it.
“Yeah this is good.”
And then he changed. He started to mouthfuck me in earnest. There was nothing I could do, he was choking me every time he pushed it right in. I could only gag as he fucked me and this just served to turn him on more.
“Hey Tam, let me at him.” One of the others said. “I’m ready to cum.”
Another man pushed his way forward and Tam gave way. I looked up into his face and saw he was not far off his orgasm.
“Been saving this for you – haven’t cum for a week.”
I mewled through my gag and the noise must have hit a nerve with him because he came with a gasp.
The first streamer hit above my right eye and rolled down my cheek, onto my top lip and into my mouth. I tried to swallow it, but it just lay there as I couldn’t move my tongue enough to swallow.
His second and third spurts were straight into my mouth and lay on my tongue.
And then he was almost done, a few streamers came out that he rubbed into my face with his cock.
Then he put his softening cock in my mouth and rubbed the cum on my tongue.
Finished, he moved away.
But that was the signal for everyone else to move in. I couldn’t tell who was doing what. There were cocks everywhere, at any one point I had at least one cock in my mouth and more than once, two.
Then another two of them came. They just shot their loads over my face and wiped it in with their cock heads.
The original man, Tam came in mouth and filled it with cum. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t swallow it and didn’t know if I was allowed to let it drip out. Eventually, Daddy pushed my head forward and it streamed out of my mouth so I could breathe again.
“But don’t do that on your own” he said. “I’ll decide when you can spit it out.”
“Es Dadfy” was all I could say.
After that, it was just a cum fest, the remaining men cumming all over my face, in my hair and the last two of them wanted to cum in my panties.
Daddy undid my arms and made me stand up and hold my panties open at the front and they both came all over my clit and into the gusset.
Then Daddy made me take them off, he took off the gag and I had to lick their cum out of the gusset.
And then everyone was gone.
Daddy showed me the video feed – the close up of me. I was covered in cum, like something from a Japanese bukkake movie. It was all over my face, my hair and covered the top of my nightie.
My nylons were also spotted with cum where it had run out of my cunt earlier and he focussed on my clit and I could see dried semen all over it.
Then he undid my cage and told me I could cum. I touched myself and had the most powerful orgasm I had in years. My cum shot across the floor and I sagged to the mattress. 
“Now clean up your cum,” Daddy said.
“OK Daddy.” I went to get a cloth.
“No. with your mouth.”
I was too tired to argue. Crawling across the floor, the final degradation, I licked my cum from the filthy floor as I went.
When it was done, slowly, I washed and dried my self and got into my ‘man clothes’. They felt strange and I felt myself wishing for my gurly clothes.
“Well done tonight” Daddy said. “Do you want to come home with me, sleep in my bed tonight? You’ve earned it.”
I was overjoyed. Sleeping in my Daddy’s bed? Waking up in the morning being fucked by his gorgeous manhood? Being at his beck and call, dressed as a sissy?
Oh yes please!
But that’s another story.