My First Android Robot - Chap 4

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Over the next several weeks, Tyler experimented with his new android. They intertwined into crazy sexual positions, Juli-E was dressed in provocative outfits, and she was even taught how to talk dirty during their sexual adventures.

One evening during an amazing blow job, Tyler’s phone started ringing. It was his new friend Bryan, so he decided to answer as Julie continued bobbing her mouth up and down his hard shaft.

“Hey bud, what’s up?” Tyler managed to get out, as his breathing increased.

“Did I catch you at a bad time?” Bryan laughed.

“No, you caught me at a great time, I’ve got Julie working her mouth on my cock!” Both guys started laughing. Bryan spoke next.

“Well guess what? She’s arrived! I got my new android today! And damn is she hot and talented.” You could hear the excitement in Bryan’s voice as he announced the news. “I was thinking, maybe tomorrow, I could stop by your place, drop ChloE off, and see how she and Julie interact. Then after my deliveries, I’ll stop by and get the update from you.”

Tyler was getting close to a climax but he managed to reply, “Yea man, that sounds great! Just stop by tomorrow morning and I’ll see you then.” The guys hung up and Tyler gave his full attention to his sexy android.

“That’s right baby, suck my dick like that.” Tyler grabbed Julie’s head and pushed her further down on his cock as he felt the surge start and he began filling her mouth with his hot cum. He pulled her off his cock and was excited to tell her, “Tomorrow you’ll meet a new friend. Go clean up and make sure you’re fully charged, because you’re in for a long day!”

Julie smiled and replied, “Yes sir daddy. I can’t wait.” 


The next morning came quickly. Tyler was on the couch drinking coffee when his door bell rang. He smiled over at Julie who was still on her charging stand from the night before. He went to the front door and was greeted by his friend Bryan and Bryan’s new android, Chloe.

“Wow man, she is stunning!” Tyler felt his cock twitch in his shorts. Chloe was indeed beautiful. She had blonde hair, huge D cup tits, tanned skin, and stood about 5 feet 6 inches. Chloe smiled and presented her hand. Tyler obliged and led her into the house.

“I can’t stay long, I have a busy day. I want you and Julie to interact with Chloe and see how they get a long. Chloe is the newest model from YAD, so I don’t know how their operating systems will work together. I have Chloe on no restrictions, so feel free to test her out.” Bryan gave Tyler a fist bump and was soon out the front door.

Tyler could feel his cock harden as he stood next to Chloe, now fully examining her body frame, skin texture and beautiful blue eyes. Tyler was impressed with her outfit too. His buddy, Bryan, had dressed her in a cute, super short tennis skirt and white top. Tyler ran his hands along her legs, he wanted to feel her soft, silky, smooth silicone skin. Tyler lifted her skirt and smiled as he was rewarded with cute white lace panties that accented her tanned skin perfectly.

Tyler went over to his android, Julie, who was still on her charger and he powered her on. “Good morning babe,” she purred. Julie leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss and then asked, “Would you like a morning blowjob sir?” Tyler smiled and declined. Julie frowned but she kept her hands on his crotch, rubbing his hard cock through his shorts.

“I want you to come meet your new friend. Her name is Chloe.” Julie tilted her head, but walked towards the other android and then stopped. Tyler could hear whirring inside both androids and slight beeping sounds.

Suddenly, the room was filled with chatter as both androids started communicating with each other. It was like both androids had been friends for years. They spoke about how they completed tasks, they had male owners, and that they did everything to please them. Tyler was in awe, but he was also very horny. He had two beautiful females in his living room, and he wanted to fuck one or both of them.

“Hey girls, why don’t we go to the bedroom and get a little more acquainted.” Tyler was excited to see if he could convince them to do more. His cock was now raging hard as he watched as Julie took Chloe’s hand and led her to the bedroom.

“Hey girls, I want you both to strip to your bra and panties for me.” Both female androids started giggling, but they did as they were instructed. Tyler was again rewarded with an amazing sight. Julie was now in her matching black lace bra and black crotchless panties, while Chloe had on white lace panties and a very small white bra that barely contained her huge tits.

Tyler could feel his cock pre-cumming as he stood in front of two beautiful girls. Without even issuing a command, both girls started kissing each other and they ran their hands along each other’s soft curvy skin.

Tyler took this opportunity to strip naked and then approached both girls. He pushed his mouth to theirs and enjoyed a hot threesome passionate kiss. He could feel their tongues dancing around in his mouth as he added his hands to the mix and felt the soft skin of their bodies.

“Let’s get on the bed girls.” He was eager to do more. Tyler watched as the girls climbed up on the bed and crawled toward the center, their beautiful asses teasing him as they moved away from him. He soon joined them and started kissing their bodies as the two girls continued kissing each other.
Tyler laid on his back and then instructed Julie to start sucking his hard dick. He had Chloe position herself over his face, where he pulled her white panties to the side, and had her lower her pussy to his begging mouth. Chloe had a small patch of blondes pubes above her slit, which Tyler loved how it tickled his nose.

Chloe was instantly wet and her juices were flowing all over Tyler’s lips as she pressed further down onto his face. Her hips would grind and her pussy opened even more as his tongue explored her sweet hole. 

Julie was not about to let another female android satisfy her man, so she kept her sucking skills exquisite as she mastered her mans hard shaft. Julie knew how to bring Tyler close to an orgasm, but she would slow down as he neared climax, only to edge him again and again.

Julie could feel Tyler getting close to a climax as his dick throbbed in her synthetic hand. Julie smiled and took that opportunity to straddle her mans cock, she parted her crotchless panties, and lowered herself onto him. Tyler’s hard dick pushed upward and was soon hilt deep into his android lovers pink hole.

Julie took her fingers and started rubbing her slit as Tyler slid in and out of her. She knew how much he enjoyed feeling her fingers along her slit and his shaft as he fucked her. She looked up and saw Chloe still grinding her mans face. Chloe smiled at Julie and motioned her to kiss. Julie leaned forward and gave Chloe that passionate kiss she wanted.

Tyler kept his hands on Chloe’s waist as she smothered his mouth with the sweet wetness from her pussy. He could feel Julie riding his cock, making her body grind and twist on him, just the way he liked it. He didn’t want to cum just yet, so he started to pull each girl off him.

“Julie, I want to fuck Chloe now. Do you understand what that means?” Tyler was trying to catch his breath, his heart was racing, but he was having the best experience thus far.
“Yes babe, I want to help, and will do as you command.” Julie was purring as her and Chloe cuddled on the bed.

“Come here Chloe, lay on your back, at the edge of the bed.” Tyler instructed, he felt his cock twitching again as he watched Chloe reposition herself. He took his fingers, placed them under her panty waistline and removed them, sliding them off her body. He held her panties to his face, inhaling deep, they smelled delicious. “I think I’ll keep these for myself,” he laughed.
“Now Julie, I want you to get on top of Chloe in a 69 position and I want you to start licking her pussy while I fuck her.” 

Julie smiled and complied. Tyler positioned his cock and pushed in. Chloe’s pussy was more of a delicate, velvety, gentle grasp. She must be programmed to be more relaxed, Tyler didn’t mind though, he found a nice pace and started giving her a good thorough fucking.

He could feel Julie’s tongue flicking around his shaft as he went in and out. He could also see Julie was grinding her pussy against Chloe’s face. This turned him on immensely. Tyler had never experienced two girls at the same time, yet here he had two amazing vixens to do as he commanded. He could feel himself nearing climax again, so he slowed his thrusts and pulled out, giving his slick cock slight rubbing jerks.

“Julie, get in the middle of the bed. I want your ass up and your face on the mattress. Chloe, get on top of Julie and do the same.” Tyler wanted to take turns fucking both girls. He wanted both pussies to be in front of him. The girls complied and he was rewarded with two beautiful asses at the perfect height. He started with Julie first, pushing in, feeling her tight vice grab his cock, Tyler moaned.
While he fucked Julie, he used Chloe’s waist to give him a nice grip, that allowed him to thrust deep. Every so often, Tyler would tease Chloe’s ass hole, pushing his finger in, causing Chloe to moan loudly. Tyler then pulled out, lifted himself up and repositioned his cock at Chloe’s pussy and pushed in. This was amazing he thought, two girls, to please his every wish.

Tyler pulled out of Chloe’s pussy. He wanted to feel her ass, and without warning, he pushed into her other opening. Chloe moaned and Tyler felt an amazing experience. Chloe’s ass was ribbed, and his cock pushed further in. He knew he wouldn’t last long.

Tyler suddenly pulled out of Chloe and motioned both girls to face him, as he held his climax. He then started jerking his massive cock and he felt the surge of cum as it shot out and started to hit both girls on their faces. Tyler grunted as he came harder than ever before.

He looked down and saw both beautiful androids covered in his cum, as they kissed and shared his hot seed. Tyler reached down and squeezed Julie’s exposed tit. During the hard fucking her top must’ve fell off, but he didn’t mind. He smiled and watched as his two lovers cleaned each other’s face.

Tyler couldn’t wait to tell Bryan how both girls got along perfectly.