The Forgotten Cottage Chapter Four

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Chapter Four
I had barely cleaned myself and reapplied makeup before the door opened and another older man came in. This one was about six foot and running to fat with greasy hair.
I’m not sure that I liked the look of him. He was dressed in a dirty old pair of grey flannels and a shirt with food down the front. If I had my choice, I would have had nothing to do with him.
But I didn’t have that choice. It was being made for me by my Daddy. Who was making money from me. Selling my body to old perverts like this man here, holding his cock and rubbing himself through his trousers.
And do you know? I felt a tingle in my clitty because this was humiliating and humiliation drives me to perform sexual acts I would not otherwise dream of.
“Forty quid you say Toby?” he asked. His voice was low, local and guttural. I shivered as I heard it.
“That’s the price Joe. Give it up or go.”
“No, no. I got it.” He passed some grubby notes to Daddy and moved towards me.
I put my hands over my clitty area and my breasts. I don’t know why. Something in me told me that would turn him on more.
It did. He turned to Daddy.
“If I give you another tenner, can I handcuff her?”

I looked at Daddy. This wasn’t in the script. What would he say? Tell him to fuck off I hoped.
“Yeah sure. Just don’t damage the merchandise.”
Joe handed over the money and got what looked like an old fashioned pair of police handcuffs in exchange. He took my right arm and snapped one of the cuffs on it and then dragged me to the urinal.
He pulled me down below the urinal so I was bending right over and slipped the handcuff chain behind the metal pipe running there then quickly slipped the other cuff on my left hand.
Now I was bent right over with my bottom sticking in the air, trapped with no way to move. I was at this dirty old man’s mercy.
I looked at my Daddy. He was rubbing his crotch like he was going to enjoy the entertainment. I shivered. This would not end well for me.
Joe was mauling my bottom, his hands roaming over my panties. I couldn’t help but respond, even if I didn’t want to. I started to push my bottom back against his hands.
“Look at this Toby, the little bitch loves it. She can’t get enough of my tender touch!”
And with that, he tore down my panties and made sure that I stepped out of them.
I was now at his complete mercy. I saw Daddy had got his cock out and was massaging it. Despite my precarious situation, I found myself wanting his manhood in my mouth and then inside my cunt.
Instead, I had Joe.
And Joe had dropped his trousers and pants and was showing me what I was to have penetrating me.
He was huge.
He was fully erect and must have been nine inches long. He wasn’t super thick in girth, but enough that I quailed at the thought of him inside me.
He picked up my knickers and stuffed them in my mouth.
“Can’t have you screaming too loud can we, little Alice slut?"
And with that, he was on me. I felt his enormous cock press against my bum crack and then he pushed again and his mushroom head entered me.
I whined as he entered me and I was wholly glad that Daddy had already fucked me tonight otherwise I think he would have done me damage.
Another shove and he was nearly all the way in. then he started to fuck me in earnest.
He sawed his massive cock in and out of me and as I felt myself accommodate him, I started to push back with his rhythm.
“Yeah, your Daddy says you like to be bred. That’s right isn’t it? Begging for him to breed you, make you pregnant ?”
I could only mewl through the panties stuffed in my mouth as his movements became more and more extreme. He was now almost taking the entire length out and then slamming it back in.
I imagined what I would look like, with this fat dirty old man fucking my small, pert body, me chained to a toilet, helpless to stop him.
My mewling behind my gag just got louder and this spurred him on and then he slowed down, pulled himself out.
I looked around, pushing my cunt out, desperate to have him back inside of me, but he just stood back massaging his large cock.
And then daddy came into view and it was clear that they had agreed something between them. Daddy took the panties out of my mouth and wrapped them around his cock.

“I’m going to wank into the gusset of your panties now and then put them back in your mouth so you will have my cum in you. Tell me that you like that Alice.”
“Yes Daddy, please put my cum soaked panties in my mouth while Sir finishes himself off inside me.”
I watched as his cock spasmed and he shot his load into the panties. Then he turned them inside out and pushed them into my mouth. I could taste his cum, thick and warm on my tongue and I felt nothing but gratitude for his present.
And then Joe was on me again, his giant member pounding me, me whining between the folds of the panties, his cock banging me into a frenzy, my eyes rolling into my head.
And then he came. I thought that Daddy came a lot. I could feel him exploding inside of me. There was so much, I could feel it squirting out from around his cock and running down my stockinged legs.
With a final thrust, he pulled out of me, leaving me dangling there. He slapped my bottom.
“Don’t worry, I won’t get you to clean me. This time.”
Then he was pulling up his trousers and leaving.
When he had gone, Daddy unlocked the handcuffs and I stood up. As I did, he pushed me against the wall and kissed me. My arms went around his neck and I returned his passionate kiss.
He pulled off and looked at me.
“Oh Alice, you and me are going to have so much fun. Now go and get ready for the last lot of the night.”
I stepped over to the toilet and sat down. I forced the old man’s cum out of me. I didn’t think it was going to ever end. It came out in a torrent. I had never known anyone cum so much.
Eventually it slowed and then stopped and I douched myself twice to make sure that I was clean.