The Forgotten Cottage Chapter Three

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Chapter Three
I went to the cupboard. Surprised at what was in there, I saw douches and lube and all sorts of cleaning products. I also saw a spreader bar and other bondage related stuff in there. My clitty twitched at the thought that they might be used on me.
I went in the toilet and douched and lubed myself again and sat on the pan, waiting for what would happen next.
No sooner had I sat down than I heard the key turn in the lock on the front door.
There stood my Daddy with an elderly man, about five foot eleven dressed in bowls whites.
He looked over at me hungrily and his hand went to his cock and massaged himself.
“Wow!”  He said in a low voice. “This is a right treat you have for us here Toby and no mistake.”
“Yes she’s a prime piece of meat. You can see why I’m charging premium prices. So what do you want to do with her?”
“Oh I just want a blow job from her sweet lipstick mouth. Does she swallow?”
“Do you swallow Alice?”
“Yes Daddy. I take all the cum that men can offer into my tummy.”
“Good enough for me,” the older bloke said. How much?”
“Twenty pounds for a blow job.”
He handed over the money in a way that meant I could not help but see it and take the meaning. My body was being sold – and cheaply as well.
And do you know what? It was humiliating and embarrassing but I didn’t care. I was turned on by the degradation and knew that I would revel in having his elderly cock in my slut mouth.
“Get on you knees slut!” the old man said and I sank to my knees. 
Daddy had put down an old mattress, stained and ripped and my knees sank into it as I awaited the old man’s attentions.
He walked over to me and I looked up. He came closer and stood right in front of me with his crutch no more than two inches from my face.
“Got a pretty one this time Toby.”
“Obedient too Louis” daddy replies.
“I should hope so too at this price.”
He pushes closer so that his crotch is now pressing in my face. I can’t stop him and neither do I want to. There is a faint smell off urine coming from the crutch of his trousers and I inhale. After all I don’t deserve anything more. I am a slut, completely for the use of men better than me.
He pushes harder and adds, “kiss it slut.”
I open my lips and kiss his rapidly hardening cock through his trousers. I don’t think he has pants on. The trousers are thin cotton and there is warmth from his thickening manhood I can feel on my lips.
He slaps my face – not hard, but it jolts me. I look up into his eyes. See the lust there, the need to degrade and humiliate me.
And that’s OK. This is where I get my turn on from, for I am a true submissive. I live for the humiliation, both verbal and physical and long to be used as a sissy.
I can feel everything. The strappy sandals on my feet, the stockings stretched against my Veet treated legs, the suspender belt around my waist.
And also the way that the panties outline my bottom and the nightie that rests on my knees with the straps rubbing gently on my shoulders.
I love the way that the wig fits so well and the feel of the lipstick as I lick my lips.
I even like the feel of the tatty mattress under my knees, reminding me I am not worth anything more.
“Undo my trousers and pull them down.” I am ordered.
I undo his belt, then the catch on his trousers and unzip him. They fall to his ankles and I am faced by his cock.
It is a nice size – maybe five or six inches in a semi erect mode and it is hanging down past his old man’s balls.
He is uncut and as he presses forward again, the smell of urine is stronger. Even if I wasn’t turned on by this, there would be nothing I could do.
“Come on then whore, let’s see you at work then. My balls maybe old but there’s still a lot of cum in them.”
I take his cock in my right hand. it is warm and that is good. So many old men have circulation problems in their penis and feel cold when you take them in your mouth. If it’s warm, it means that it is filling with blood and I revel in the thought that it will be me making him erect.
I pull back his foreskin and look at his glans. Apart from the smell of piss, it is clean. His cock is growing in my hand, a little more than a semi now. I hope to make it much more than a semi in the near future.
His hand touches my head and I look up into his eyes.
“Oh Alice, look at you. You just can’t get enough cock can you? Make sure you make a good job of sucking me off or Mr Toby, your Daddy will have to spank you. And you don’t want that do you?”
I look down, not sure what to say. The thought of daddy spanking me is… delicious, but I’m not sure I should be saying that.
But Daddy sees it. Sees it in my face.
“No Louis. That would be a treat for her. You’d like that, wouldn’t you Alice ”
I look up at him from under the bangs in my hair. I was wishing now I’d put on false eyelashes and made a mental note to buy some in the near future.
“Only if it was you Daddy.” I said in my best little gurl voice.
The second slap took me completely by surprise and it hurt. A tear sprang from my eyes and I looked up at the old man with dismay. “Hey whore, I’m paying for your attention. Now get on with what I paid for.”
I looked at Daddy for support but he just looked back at me with cold eyes.
I turned back to Louis’ cock and saw that it had visibly grown since he had slapped me.
I took it in my hand again and pulled back the foreskin and lent forward. 
As I took the glans in my mouth, I looked up into his eyes, try to show how much I adored having his manhood penetrating my mouth.
He looked down and smiled.
“That’s better little girl. Nice and gentle and we’ll both have a smooth ride.”
I swirled my tongue around his mushroom head and ran my tongue in the slit. The taste of urine came and went and was replaced by the familiar taste of precum. At least his wasn’t bitter like some old men I had fellated.
He was fully stiff now and I realised that I had underestimated the size. He must have been eight inches now and thick enough to fill my mouth.
Still looking up, I pushed forward and sank my mouth onto as much cock as I could get in. I stopped when it touched the back of my mouth, with about five inches in.
But he wasn’t satisfied with that and I felt his hands surround the back of my head and push. His big mushroom head penetrated my throat and I swallowed as well as I could, making choking noises as it went in.
I did this because I was choking, but also because it never fails to turn the person I am sucking on.
He held me there in this choking embrace for what seemed for ever, gently pulling back and pushing in, until eventually, I felt his old man’s balls laying against my chin.
He must have had some experience at this, because just as I felt I might pass out, he pulled it out of my mouth.
I leaned back, gasping for breath, long drools of saliva mixed with precum, strung like pearly string between my mouth and his glans.
And then the flash went off and I realised that daddy was taking pictures of me in action. He would have caught me just right, eyes slightly out of focus, the drool coming from my mouth, but most of all the look on my face saying that I desperately wanted it back in my mouth.
Louis must have seen the look as well.
“Well, well, well, look at what we have here. A little choker.  A slutty little gurl who not only likes to be choked but begs for it. You do, don’t you Alice? Beg for it?”
I know what he wants and I’m going to give it to him. He wants me to ask him, no beg him to choke me again with his cock swaying in front of my eyes with my spit hanging from it.
And do you know what? I will. Not only because I am a sucker for cock. Not only because I love old men using and abusing me. 
No, I will because it is part of what I want to be.
A snivelling cocksleeve who’s only use is to please her elder and betters. A slut for use.
"So please Sir, could you put your gorgeous cock down my throat again? Please could you choke me with your huge mushroom head, fuck my slutty lip sticked mouth until you shoot your load into my slutty tummy ?
Please Sir, I’m begging you, please use my mouth for your pleasure.”
I looked up and saw that he was gone. He grabbed my head and shoved his cock into my mouth and ruthlessly mouthfucked me.
Every time his cock hit the back of my mouth and slipped a little into my throat, I would make a noise.
“That’s it slut, take it.”
“You love it shoved down your throat.”
And then he took it out and pushed my head down so his balls were in my face. I didn’t need instruction and my tongue came out, lathing his balls, then taking each one in my mouth, frantically trying to give him the best pleasure that I could. 
And for his part, he was masturbating his cock hard now and I could hear his breath shortening as he came close to his climax. His hand, flashing up and down his cock occasionally hitting me in the face as I devotedly made love to his genitals.
I didn’t care that he was hitting me. He and I were now in a world of our own, both knowing where this was going to end and both doing our best to bring it to that conclusion.
Then he was gasping.
“Take it cunt.” He gasped and at first I thought he wanted to fuck me, but then I realised he wanted to be in my mouth.
I came up a little and opened my mouth and he groaned, holding the back of my head and drove his cock in until his balls hit my chin. There was literally nothing I could do and nothing I wanted to do.
Then he came, shooting his cum directly into my slut tummy, filling me with his seed. I managed to pull back and take a breath that was half air, half semen, but nonetheless meant I could breathe now.
When he said he came a lot, he wasn’t kidding. As he came out of my mouth, a huge streamer hit me just above the right eye and ran down my cheek. 
Then he was back in my mouth again, shooting the rest of his seed into me. And I swallowed eagerly, not wanting to waste any of his beautiful love juice.

Eventually, we both calmed down.
He looked over to my Daddy.
“Catch that Toby?”
 “Yes, all on video. That’ll be another fifty though.”
“It’ll be worth it. Clean me up Alice.”
Eagerly I leant forward and took his cock in my mouth, licking round his glans, making sure I had all of his lovely old man cum.
He pulled it away and I chased it with my mouth, but he put his left hand on my forehead, holding me back. With his right hand, he swiped around my face, gathering the cum there on his thumb and then pushing it into my mouth. I eagerly lapped it up.
Then he was done.
“Do up my trousers Alice.”
“Yes Sir” I said as I pulled them up and did the catch and the belt. His cock was hanging out and I leaned forward and kissed it and put it away. then I zipped him up and leaned back.
“Good girl Alice.” Then he looked at my Daddy. Will she be available next week?”
“Yes she will.”
“Good because I want to fuck her tight cunt next time.”
“And that will be forty.”
“I know, but she’ll be worth it.”
And then he was gone.
“Get yourself cleaned up, there’s another old man waiting to ream your virgin cunt.” He said “And then you can experience what bukkake is like with old men. Clean yourself up and get ready.”
“Yes Daddy.”
It was then I realised that I had an erection. All through the fellatio I hadn’t even given a thought to my own pleasure. And now I thought of it I looked down and saw more precum leaking into my panties.