The Forgotten Cottage Chapter Two

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Chapter Two
The week went past quickly and the day came. I arrived at the toilet at half past one.
I slipped in and stripped naked in the toilet. At home I had douched myself several times and lubed myself up. I had put on the small hipster panties and they held my cock in. 

No. it wasn’t my cock. It was my clit. My clitoris. And my anus was my cunt. I could feel myself leaking into the panties at the thought of those words and how they applied to me. I so wanted him to breed me today.
Quickly, I put on the white stockings and the six clip suspender belt. I followed this with my strappy sandals with the four inch stiletto heels and then a white baby doll nightie that just came down and covered my bottom. I took a chance and came out and used the mirror to fit my blonde bob wig and apply makeup.
I had practised this and foundation and blusher went on followed by eyeliner and pink lipstick.
I looked in the mirror and thought that he may not recognise me.
I packed away my male clothes in a bag and stood. Should I be going this far? Would he still like me ? Was I really a sub slut?
But I didn’t move, didn’t walk away. I looked down at my knickers and saw the precum stain and knew that I would stay.
And then the door opened and there he was. He took a moment to look at me and his hand strayed to his cock encased in his corduroy trousers. It was then I knew that I had made the right decision.
He turned and locked the door.
“So you decided to come back then?”
“Yes Sir, I found myself longing for your cock.”
“Well then, um, what do I call you?”
 “Alice Sir. And may I… err call you Daddy please?”
“You may. You are going to be a busy girl today Alice.”
“Why is that Daddy?”
“Because the men from the bowls club have seen you and they want some of your pretty arse Alice. They want to ravage you and spit roast you and fill you with their old men cum. How do you feel about that?”
“Frightened, but excited, Daddy.”
“Good. Put this on.” He handed me a pink chastity device.
I had never worn one, but had watched videos on how to put them on. 
I fitted it round my small balls and then slipped my clit into the receptacle and clipped the two halves together. I fitted into it, but when I was stiff, it was a tight fit.
Daddy walked over to me and produced a small padlock which he fitted through the two loops of the device, thus locking me in.
“There. We can’t have you playing with yourself and cumming. The merchandise has to be in a permanent state of excitement.”
“Merchandise Daddy?”
“Yes. You are the merchandise. The men coming in today aren’t having you for nothing. They are paying to use you. I guess that makes you a slutty prostitute. Do you have a problem with that? Selling yourself and your body for money?”
In truth, the thought turned me on so much that I couldn’t answer anything but a few mumbled words.
“No problems at all Daddy. I am your sub slut and I have no say in how I am used. I can be your whore.”
“Good gurl. Now do a few poses for me so that I can put you on my Squirt profile as my slut.”
I minced around a little and then went over to the urinal and out my knees together and bent over to show off my bottom.
This must have been to much for my Daddy as he strode over and pulled my panties down, got his cock out and entered me.
It happened so fast that I couldn’t resist. But then neither did I want to.
“Oh Daddy,” was all I could say.
“Just loosening your tight little cunt for all the old men that are going to use you.” He said as he pumped his manhood in and out of me, leaving me gasping.
“Yes Daddy, please breed me. Make me pregnant Daddy. Then sell me to all those dirty old men.”
My dirty talk must have been too much as he pushed his cock right inside of me as I felt his balls against the soft skin of my bottom. Then he unloaded into me and I felt his cum flood my insides.
And then he was pulling out. And I wanted more. I was sexually hyped up now and frustrated because I couldn’t touch my little clitty. I waggled my bottom in front of him in a desperate attempt to get him back in, but he just laughed. He slapped me hard on my bottom and I jumped at the slap.
“Don’t worry my little slut. There is lots of cock coming your way shortly.”
He opened a cupboard.
“Clean yourself up and get ready.”
With that he left. As he went out, I heard the key lock in the door.