The Forgotten Cottage Chapter One

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I was feeling quite horny the other day and was browsing one of the internet engines when I saw on a cruising page the following entry.
“You really should try the local toilet, it’s really great. The groundskeeper (at least I think it was him) is an older top and loves to be sucked. The toilet door locks so when you are in there you won’t be disturbed. He’s got giant balls and cums loads. Definitely one to look out for”
Well I knew where these toilets were – don’t regular cruisers know where all the toilets are? I had been there a couple of times – it is right at the back of a largish recreation ground and they weren’t marked on the signs at the front. Although it was obvious that they were kept clean, they weren’t in great shape. I had often thought that they would be great, but no one ever appeared to go there.
Well now here was a thing – a man, (older – mmmm my favourite) AND possibly the groundsman was gay and looking for faces to hump!
No sooner read than done and I was on my way to the said toilets. I got there about midday and as it had been before, it was very quiet, seemingly no one about. I parked my car and sauntered slowly down to the toilets.
On my way past I saw a man come out of what looked like a potting shed. He was taller than me – about 6’ and reasonably good looking. He was a bigger build than me and looked about 60 – 65 years old. This guy was beginning to push some of my turn on buttons. Could this be the guy that they were talking about on the website?
I am 22 years old, but look younger. I have a slim frame, am only five foot seven inches and long blonde hair. My friends kid me on about how femme I look. I don’t mind. None of them know my secret life – the secret crossdressing, sub slut life, I lead when I’m on my own.
I will be the first to admit I’m not very experienced at the crossdressing bit, but I’m getting there. I’m lucky. An aunt died and left me her first floor flat in a nice area. So I have my own place and it’s literally hundreds of miles away from family.
So all in all, I have the life I want. I work for a small charity three days a week and the rest of the time is my own. The money my aunt left with the flat pays all my bills and allows me to run a small car.
So to summarize, I have lots of time to play with older men who I fantasize about using and abusing me.
It was a nice day in July and the temperature was up in the twenties still, so I was wearing shorts T shirt and sandals and nothing else. To be honest that was fairly daring for me. Although I have had a lot of promiscuous anonymous sex with other men, I am still worried and shy about what might happen.
Anyway, he glanced my way and then looked towards the toilets and then back to me. As I said,  I have a slim body and a nice arse, so I thought he may fancy me if he was the bloke. His eyes went up and down my body and a shiver went through me. I smiled at him and licked my lips nervously and continued to walk towards the toilet block. He smiled back and then went off in the opposite direction
Disappointed, I headed onto the toilet block, thinking that it was the usual thing – someone making up an encounter to spice up their own fantasies. Still, I may just have a wank in the toilets with my own fantasies I thought
I pushed open the door and saw the familiar arrangement – a urinal with a cubicle next to it. The cubicle was bounded by the wall on one side and a chipboard panel on the other. When I looked at the panel there was a fair sized hole there – not big enough for a cock, but enough to see what was there, both ways. Perhaps I would get lucky I thought. The hole looked out onto the single urinal.
The rest of the room the toilet was set out in was surprisingly large, tiled all over including the floor.
I went into the cubicle and the normal sordid turn on smell hit me – difficult to describe, but those of you that cottage will know what I mean – disinfectant, wee and sometimes stale cum. It shouldn’t turn you on, but it does and I was getting turned on now.
I closed the door and decided to get naked, took my T shirt and shorts off and left my sandals on. 
I slowly played with my 6” – I am not huge, but it is a nice shape and I like to play. I am uncut, so the feel of the foreskin running up and down my glans generally does for me
This time though, although I factored the bloke outside into my fantasies, I just couldn’t get myself off, even if I knelt on the floor and pretended I was being face fucked.
I considered coming out into the room and wanking there, but decided that this idea would be too risky if a ‘normal’ member of the public came in.
I must have been in there for about twenty minutes, coming close to cumming a couple of times (but no banana) and I thought that I might as well go. I pulled on my shorts and was just putting on my T shirt when I heard the door go to the toilet.
Quickly I stripped again – just in case my luck was about to change (I doubted it, but you never knew). I sat down on the toilet and looked through the hole
The first thing I saw was the green cords the old boy outside had been wearing and my mind went immediately back to the message on the website. Excitedly I watched his hand reach down to his flies.
I must admit that I expected him to piss and leave, but he didn’t. To my delight, he rubbed his cock through his trousers and turned slightly my way so I could see a sizeable lump in the front of said trousers.
I stroked myself. This was more like it! 
Slowly, so slowly, he unzipped himself and put his hand inside his pants. Slowly, he withdrew the most gorgeous cock I had seen for ages.
It was about 8.5-9 inches long and quite thick and a beautiful phallic shape. It was cut and semi hard. But this changed as he smoothly rubbed his hand up and down the lovely shaft. My hand was moving up and down mine and I had to stop because I didn’t want to cum now!
I looked at the door and decided to take a chance. Getting up, I unlocked the catch noisily and let the door swing in a little. I then quickly got onto my knees, hoping this would allow me to have his gorgeous weapon in my mouth.
I waited for about a minute, which is a long time when you are hoping that you will get cock and then I saw his shoes under the door.
The door swung open and there he stood, smiling down at me, cock in hand.
“Come out here” he said “It’s Ok – I have a key for the door, we won’t be disturbed”
So it wasn’t just someone’s fantasy – he really existed!
I came out and kneeled in the middle of the toilet space. He walked over to the door and took out a key and locked it.
He walked back over, massaging his monster cock. I was almost drooling over it I wanted it so much.
“Take your sandals off as well – I want you naked” he ordered. I immediately took them off.
He bent down and took off his boots and socks and took his trousers and pants off. He then undid his shirt, but left it on.
“Stand up” he said and grabbed me by the upper arm and pulled me to him.
“Have you ever been fucked?” he asked me, his face close to mine.
“Not properly,” I replied.
“Well that’s going to change – get on all fours and put your arse in the air” he said.
I was sure that he was going to fuck me unprotected, but I didn’t care – I had never been so turned on before. Even though his cock was large I wanted him up me and I obediently got on all fours and put my pert bottom into the air.
“Lube yourself” he said throwing KY down by my hands.
I excitedly unscrewed the cap and poured some onto my fingers, pushed it into my anus as far as I could go.
Then he was down behind me and I could feel his body pushing up against my back, his engorged cock rubbing at my cheeks.
“Grab me and put me in,” he ordered and I put my hand between my legs and felt his gorgeous member.
I pulled it towards me and set him up at the entrance to my tight little virgin hole.
Almost immediately, he pushed it into me and it was really painful, but he just kept pushing.
“There you little fuck slut, that’s what you wanted wasn’t it? My meat buried in you. You wanted a large cock up you and now you’ve got it.”
With that, he started to saw his cock in and out of me. As he continued the pain began to ease and his cock head started to hit my prostate causing me to become more erect.
Spurred on by this I panted back at him.
“Oh god, you’re so big, you’re splitting me in two. Please be careful. No don’t take it out of me please fuck me.”
This spurred him on and I could hear his panting getting more and more laboured and then in a final thrust, I felt him jam it up me as far as he could go and then I felt a warm feeling in me as he let his jizz go inside of me. As he came, he reached under and wanked me. Two strokes and I was cumming all over the floor.
Slowly, I felt him slip out of me and then I felt his cum drip down my thighs.
As I knelt there, he said to me “You’ll be back soon. Next time I expect you to be dressed in hold-ups and I’ll have some mates that will want some of you as well. Understand?”
“Yes sir” was all I could manage.
“Good. Next Wednesday, 2pm.”
The next I knew he was walking out of the door, leaving me naked on the floor dripping cum from my bruised little bud and staring at my cum all over the tiles.
As I came out of the loo, I saw that there was a bowling club next door. I glanced over and saw several older men playing on the green. Several of them looked over at me. Was it me or did they have a hungry look in their eyes?
I have a thing about older men. Ever since I was sixteen and met an older man when I was mowing his lawn. He taught me about respecting my elders and betters and kind of set my sexuality.
Later I discovered the joy of wearing female clothes and I decided that I would dress for my cottage lover next week..
When I got home, I looked through my dressing up clothes as I liked to call them, deciding what I should wear.
I thought that I would go all out and dress completely and that would include a wig and makeup. I knew that I became very femme when I did this and thought that it would inflame my new dom’s desire.
And he had mentioned friends as well. That scared me and excited me in equal measure and I both did and did not want to go there. But I knew the slut in me would lead me there.
Having decided what I would wear, I settled down to the evening TV.