Cuck & Coffee

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Casey sat motionless in the wooden chair facing the table in his homes kitchen. However, the scene unfolding in front of him was not something you’d normally see during a normal morning routine. The room did indeed smell of freshly brewed coffee, and breakfast was set out nicely on the table, but something was different…

Casey found himself pulled back from the table, watching everything from afar. In fact, he was several feet away from the table, isolated, alone, and watching another man sit at the head of his table, sipping coffee, as he enjoyed a morning newspaper.

Besides the coffee and newspaper, that man was also enjoying something else.

GUK, guk, GuK, gUk…

Casey’s eyes darted below the table and there he saw his beautiful wife of ten years, sucking another man off. The man who sat at the table was no stranger either. That guy was Casey’s boss, Julian Perez.

Julian set his cup of coffee down and pulled his paper to the side, as his eyes glanced downward. “That’s right babygirl, suck me off real good. Swallow as much of my cock as you can take. Mmm, just like that.”

GuK, guk, GUK, guK…

Jill looked up at her dom as he instructed her. Even though her mouth was full of his thick shaft, she still managed to muster, “Yes sir.”

“Hey Casey, you watching all this! This is how you please a woman. You tell her what to do and how to do it. This is your wife, on the floor, sucking me off!” Julian laughed as he went back to his coffee and newspaper.

Casey stared at his wife, and she was indeed stunning. That morning she had chosen to wear her black yoga pants and nothing else. Her pert breasts bounced as she bobbed up and down the massive cock she greedily serviced.

Seeing his wife in such a vulnerable state, controlled by another man, turned Casey on immensely. However, his wife had instructed him to sit still and just watch. He wasn’t allowed to touch himself or stimulate his cock in anyway. Casey obeyed his wife and her dom, he didn’t want to upset either of them. He knew the punishment could be severe.

Guk, Guk, GUK, guk…

Casey moaned as he watched his wife. She had never sucked him like that before. He also knew that he could never satisfy his wife with his small cock. On the few occasions he got to fuck his wife, he’d cum within minutes, because her pussy was that over-stimulating. The only way to keep her pleased, was to allow her to service a true dom, and Julian always made sure she was properly fucked and satisfied.

“Hey Casey, shut up man! I am trying to enjoy your wife and I don’t want to hear your moans! You’re lucky she allowed you to be in here, watching us!” Julian grunted as Jill continued working her mouth over his slick shaft.

Jill loved being controlled by a real man and Julian was her complete bull. He’d manhandle her in bed, throwing her around, pounding her pussy deep, but he could still be affectionate when she needed a soft but dominant touch.

Keeping one hand on Julian’s shaft, she continued stroking him while her mouth did the rest of the work. She loved how her jaw stretched wide open, allowing her dom full access to her warm oral cavern. 

With her free hand, she slipped it into her yoga pants, then went further down to her wet pussy. Her opening was radiating pure heat as her body passionately ached for Julian to be between her legs. She pushed her fingers in and her body shuddered as she imagined him fucking her.

GUK, guk, guk, GuK….

Julian pulled his paper aside and glanced downwards and smiled, “What are you doing down there babygirl? Did I give you permission to play with yourself?”

Jill pulled her mouth off Julian’s cock for a mere second and shook her head no.

“Go ahead and please yourself babygirl, but you will be punished for this. Only do what I tell you to do. Now go back to sucking me off. I’ll fill your mouth with my cum in a few minutes.” Julian loved how submissive Jill was.

He watched as she brought her lips back to the head of his cock. She opened her mouth wide and took him back into her wet opening. Her sucking skills were impressive and he loved when she serviced him orally.

GUK, guk, GuK, guk…

“Hey Casey, too bad you’ll never experience this! Your wife has talent! Mmm, I am so close too!” Julian laughed as he closed his newspaper, placing it on the table.

Julian easily reached under the table and grabbed a handful of Jill’s exposed breast. He kneaded it firmly, causing Jill to moan passionately with her mouth full. He pulled on her nipples, causing them to hardened, as he twisted them.

Jill pulled her mouth off her dom and begged him, “Please fuck me sir. I need to feel you inside my pussy. Please sir.”

Julian laughed and kept tugging at her full breasts. “Not this morning babygirl. If you had kept both hands on my cock, then I would have gladly rewarded you. Instead, you’ll have to enjoy your hand while I feed you my cum.”

“Yes sir.” Guk, guk, guk, GUK…

Jill kept one hand submerged in her pants, rubbing at her swollen clit, while her mouth went back down on her dom. She wanted to please him, so she swallowed his entire shaft until she started to gag. She knew how much this turned him on.


“Just like that babygirl! Fuck your mouth is amazing.” Julian watched as her eyes filled with tears as she struggled to swallow his thick cock. Jill had confessed one evening, that this was her favorite way to please him.

Julian released Jill’s swollen tit and placed it on his shaft as Jill came up for air. He started stroking himself as she pleased the tip of his head. He watched as her tongue flicked around the swollen muscle, her spit gleaming against his dark skin.

Julian started to grunt as he felt a surge deep within his balls, “Here it comes baby! Open wide!” His breathing was hurried as he panted.

“Ugh, ugh, oh my fucking gosh!” Julian moaned.

His cock erupted with his built up cum, and he tilted his cock slightly, ensuring Jill would be fed his hot seed. She didn’t disappoint, she swallowed every drop, before she brought her lips back to his sensitive organ. She continued sucking him, milking him of all that he had to offer her.

“Fuck!” Julian collapsed back into the chair as he panted wildly. His eyes never left his sub, as she continued teasing his spent cock.

“Come here babygirl, stand up next to me.” Julian waited as she complied. He pulled her close to him, before he pulled out her soaked hand. “Taste yourself.”

Jill placed her hand to her lips and lavished the slick cum she had all over her fingers. She moaned as she tasted her sweetness.

“Here, let me get you off baby.” Julian quickly replaced her hand with his and slid it beneath her yoga pants and quickly found himself at her wet pussy. He pushed three fingers in and easily stretched her opening.

He began pushing his fingers in and out of her with fast thrusts. He could feel her body quivering as he pushed himself deeper into her love hole. He felt her grip at his shoulders as she struggled to hold her composure.

Jill began moaning loudly with pleasure as her dom finger fucked her passionately. Her eyes remained closed, but her heavy breathing and loud moans made it abundantly clear she was close to an orgasm.

“You like that, don’t you!” Julian tried shoving a fourth finger into her but alas it was not going to happen. She was too tight to take anymore of him. Jill’s body began a violent shudder as she gave way to an exhilarating climax. The shriek that followed next made goosebumps appear all over Casey’s arm.

He had never seen his wife so turned on. He was even more amazed that she hadn’t even climaxed from a cock. His boss had taken Jill to a new level of ecstasy and with the mere movement of his fingers. Casey watched as Julian removed his hand from Jill’s spent pussy.

Jill opened her eyes and reached for Julian’s hand and brought it to her lips. Casey watched as she seductively sucked each of his fingers, until she cleaned them of her cum. Julian pulled her close and gave her a passionate kiss before pulling back.

“I should get to work. Are we doing dinner tonight?” Julian asked, as he rubbed her shoulders. Jill nodded her head yes and gently kissed his lips.

Casey watched as Julian stood, redressed, and then left. After walking Julian out, Jill reemerged back in the kitchen, this time completely covered and redressed as well. She walked over to her husband and sat on his lap.

Jill’s voice was soft as she spoke, “Did you enjoy that?”

“I did. I enjoyed it very much.” Casey smiled as he replied.

“Good, then hopefully you’ll enjoy tonight too. Dinner is at 6pm, don’t be late.” Jill gave her husband a small passionate kiss before she stood and saw him off to work.

Jill loved sharing Cuck and Coffee time with her husband.