Crotch Rocket 3

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Several weeks had passed and Justin had now experienced making love to both his sister and his mom. Sex with his mom was a bit more complicated, as she wasn’t aware that it was her son who had fucked her. While that experience was special, his mom was the only one in the family not privy to the taboo arrangement.

Justin and his dad had laid out some basic rules and they were as follows. Justin could keep seeing Heather, as long as she didn’t end up pregnant. However, Danny asked Justin to keep their PDA minimal until he could explain it to his wife, who was naive to the entire family situation unfolding.

Justin assured his dad, that he’d be more careful when having sex with his sister. He also promised to keep their taboo relationship discreet. Danny figured it would be a short lived phase and he wasn’t all that concerned.

Unbeknownst to Danny, Justin and Heather’s daily sex visits were growing in frequency. Danny and Vickie would also be gone, for an entire week long work conference, and this would only allow the siblings to form a closer bond.


Justin ran the towel along his motorcycle, wiping off the water beads. The sun kissed his tanned skin and sweat ran down his chiseled chest. 

Heather lowered her sunglasses giving him a playful smirk. “How much longer?” She pouted. “You promised me a massage and some us time.” She knew he couldn’t resist her pouty face.

Justin bit his lower lip before smiling. “I am almost done, I promise! Then I will be all yours, all night!”

Just as he finished his sentence, a loud revving engine interrupted him. Justin started smiling, he already knew who it was. He turned around and threw his hands in the air.

“Bro! About fucking time! Where have you been??” Justin yelled as he started walking towards the GT Mustang. The driver cut the engine and climbed out, and both guys embraced.

“Cuz, enough with the hug, you’re all sweaty!” Adam pulled away, laughing loudly. “Where’s my hug at Heather?!” He motioned her over.

Heather approached her cousin and gave him a warm hug. “Nice car Adam, when did you get this?” She admired the red Mustang that sat in the driveway.

“Got her last week. Do you want to go for a ride?” Adam grinned like an eager kid as he opened the drivers door.

“I would love too!” Heather replied. She glanced over at Justin who was still staring, silent and in disbelief.

“Why don’t you go put on some shorts first sis! You’re… you’re in a bikini.” Justin felt a small urge of jealousy as he waited for his sister to comply.

“Awe dude, she’s fine. It’s just a skimpy bikini! Plus we’ll be quick. I’d invite you, but you’re all sweaty!” Adam gave Justin a playful swing and pat on his bare chest.

Justin was not amused. Heather glanced back at him, blew him a kiss and then climbed into the car. He watched as she wiggled her butt, climbing over to the passenger seat.

“Nice view Heather!” Adam exclaimed, as he enjoyed her teasing attitude.

“Dude, that’s my sister!” Justin yelled.

“Chill cuz, I am just messing with her…. Or am I?” Adam laughed and quickly climbed into the car and turned the ignition. The car came alive, roaring and revving as Adam showed off.

Before Justin could protest, the car reversed, the tires screeched and the engine bellowed as they tore off towards the parkway. Justin fumed as the muscle car retreated. That was his sister, his lover, in that car, with another guy! He didn’t care if that guy was their cousin. He was jealous and there was nothing he could do.


Justin scoffed and went inside. The longer they were gone, the more irritated he became. They had been gone so long on their joyride, he had enough time to shower and clean up before he heard the loud car pull back into the driveway.

Justin sat on the back patio near the pool waiting for his sister and Adam to join him. Adam and Heather soon appeared laughing and carrying bags and a box of beer.

“It took long enough.” He grudgingly pouted.

“Oh don’t be a sour patch buba!” Heather dropped the bags and quickly wrapped her arms around her brother, planting a wet kiss on his cheek. Justin couldn’t help but smile. His sister hadn’t called him buba since they were younger. Her kiss and hug quickly cheered him up as Adam watched on.

“Plus dude, we stopped and got goodies!” Adam placed the beer on the table as he dug through one of the bags. He pulled out several small tequila bottles and yelled, “Shot time!”

“Oh shit!” You guys did get some goodies! Justin easily picked up Heather as he stood from the chair. He smiled at his cousin as he reached for the mini tequila bottles. His only weakness in life was beautiful women and tequila shots.

It wasn’t long before all three of them were buzzed and goofing off around the pool. The warm weather, picturesque orange sunset and free-flowing alcohol created the perfect setting for what played out next.

Both guys turned when they heard a loud splash from the pools water.

“What the fu…” Adam was speechless as both guys watched as a stunning and topless Heather, stood up in the pool. She raised her arms, slicking her wet hair back, smiling at both guys who gawked at her naked beauty.

“Seriously guys!? You act like you’ve never seen breasts before!” Heather gave a frown and dove back under the water, playfully splashing as she swam in the refreshing pool.

“I’ve never seen perfect tits like yours.” Adam muttered, as he swigged back his beer, finishing the bottles contents.

“Dude, that’s my sister and your cousin!” Justin swatted at his cousin, as he tried to distract Adam's attention from the half nude girl swimming in front of them.

Adam quickly shot back, “Like it’s not obvious how she’s all over you. Kissing you and calling you pet names! And from the boner in your shorts, apparently it doesn’t bother you too much, that she’s your sister!”

Justin watched as Adam pulled off his t-shirt, revealing his muscular chest, covered in light golden fuzz. 

“Dude, get over it! There is a topless chick in the pool. You can watch the beer… I am jumping in with her!” Adam dropped his shorts as he spoke on. The only thing that remained were his dark briefs that barely concealed his hardening cock.

Justin watched as Adam ran and cannon-balled into the pool. He heard his sister squeal as both cousins now playfully splashed water at each other. Justin wasn’t one to be out done, so he quickly stripped naked, and joined the fun.

“Damn cousin, I didn’t know you were so well endowed!” Adam stared down into the water, admiring Justin’s raging hard-on.

Justin blushed.

“It’s really nice too.” Heather approached her brothers side, allowing her hand to remain under water, as she reached for his enlarged muscle. She gave him a few strokes, causing him to moan.

“I guess you too are really close then. I kind of wondered, after seeing…” Adam was silenced as Heather interrupted him.

“Let me feel yours Adam. I want to see who is bigger.” She reached over and easily found his hard cock, still covered by his briefs.

“Ughh, wow, that feels amazing.” Adam moaned as Heather began grabbing at his manhood. “Here, let me take these off.”

Heather gently bite her lip when she was given access to both guys nude cocks, allowing her to stroke them unhindered. “Why don’t you both get up there and sit on the pools edge.” Heather pointed at the shallower end of the pool.

Both guys obliged and were soon seated next to each other while Heather admired their packages from the waters edge.

“Can I taste them?” She pouted, playfully tugging at them.

Adam turned and looked at Justin, almost waiting for permission, even though no words were spoken. Both guys just stared at each other, but it was obvious, they were at the mercy of Heather.

Justin was the first to let out a deep moan as he felt his sisters lips wrap around his swollen head, taking half of his thick shaft into her tiny mouth.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot bro!” Adam intently watched as his two cousins enjoyed oral in front of him. Heather’s mouth may have been busy, but her hand never left Adam’s cock as she stroked and sucked simultaneously.

Adam leaned forward, dipping his hand into the water, reaching for Heather’s exposed breast. He fondled it under the water, which caused her to moan as she continued sucking her brother.

Heather pulled her mouth off her brother, as spit ran down her lips, and she turned her attention to her cousin Adam. “Your turn!” She giggled.

Adam released his hand off her pert breast and leaned back onto the pavement. He watched as Heather repositioned herself in front of him, dropping her lips to his cock. Instead of swallowing his shaft, she teased him with her tongue. Allowing it to dart around the head of him.

“Fuckkkkk. That feels amazing.” Adam moaned as he continued to lean back. He watched as Justin slid off the pools edge, back into the water. Heather continued teasing Adam’s cock as Justin walked behind her in the pools water.

Even in the refracting water, it was clear that Justin was pulling his sisters bikini bottom off. Both Heather and Justin stared at Adam who was struggling as Heather continued teasing his cock.

“Be a good girl and suck him off sis.” Justin whispered into her ear.

“Mmmhmmm.” Heather moaned, as she took as much of Adam’s cock into her mouth that she could handle. She gagged as his thick head hit the back of her throat. She went to pull her mouth off, when she felt Justin push her back down.

“No no. Take all of him. Show him how talented you are.” Justin pushed her further down onto Adam’s cock, causing her to gag more. She didn’t disappoint though, she swallowed his entire shaft before she was allowed to come up for air.

“Good girl.” Justin moaned.

Even though Heather had a mouth full, moans and grunts escaped her lips as she sucked her cousin off. Adam darted his eyes to his cousin Justin, who was ramming his fingers into his sisters pussy, from under the water.

“How tight is she cuz?” Adam panted.

“How about we take this party to the loungers and you can find out.” Justin smiled as he removed his fingers from his sisters tight vice.

Heather pulled her mouth off the cock she had been sucking, “Do I get both of you tonight?”

Justin pulled her upright in the pool and spun her around, dropping his mouth to her neck, nibbling at her and groping her breasts. “You can have us any way you want sis!”

Adam and Justin helped Heather out the pool, admiring her nude body. Adam squatted down and grabbed one of her firm ass cheeks. “Dude, she is perfect. Look at this ass!”

“Wait till she bounces it up and down on you!” Justin laughed!

“Wait, you two have fu…” again Adam was interrupted. 

“Do you want to fuck me or not?!” Heather snapped back in a teasingly way.

Adam gave her bare ass a hard slap and easily picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder. Heather let out a loud squeal as her cousin man handled her over the pool lounger.

“Of course I want to fuck you! But first I want to taste you!” Adam playfully growled.

Adam easily opened her legs, displaying her wet and glistening pussy to both him and Justin. He took two fingers and ran them up and down her slit before pushing them into her.

Heather let out a loud moan and lifted her ass up as she was penetrated. “Ohhh, that feel’s nice.” She purred. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sensations.

“No, no. Open your mouth.” Justin ran his hands through her wet hair, pushing it away from her face. Heather opened her eyes to find her brothers cock waiting for her to suck him again.

Heather moaned passionately as she again sucked her brother off. She could now feel Adam’s tongue flicking at her bare pussy as she orally pleased Justin. All three cousins were moaning as they pleased and were pleased.

Adam pulled his mouth off his cousins pussy and looked up, admiring Justin and Heather in pure bliss. “Hey cuz, do you want to taste her before I fuck her?”

Justin opened his eyes and looked down at Adam, who’s face was covered in Heather’s slick juices. “How about we taste her together?”

Adam shrugged, “Sure. Get down here then.”

Justin stepped back from the lounger, pulling his cock away from Heather’s lips. “Ughhh” she pouted.

“Oh don’t worry sis, just lay back. You’re about to experience something amazing!” He laughed as he joined Adam at the foot of the chair. “Open your legs as wide as you can!”

Heather complied and waited. “Oh my gosh!” She moaned, as her eyes rolled back. Suddenly she felt two tongues flicking and licking all over her pussy at the same time. One mouth would gently suck on her clit while another mouth would flick between her pussy and ass. It was a sensation she never thought she could experience.

Both Adam and Justin moaned as they allowed their tongues to tease and pleasure the one girl they shared. Adam didn’t care that occasionally their tongues would cross and touch each other and Justin didn’t mind that he was sharing one pussy with another guy, who happened to be his cousin.

Both guys could feel as Heather pulled at them both, running her hands through their damp hair. She wanted their tongues deep inside her hot box as she squirmed from her first orgasm.

Both Justin and Adam pulled back as Heather passionately moaned from her first climax. They looked at each other and grinned before fist bumping.

“Dude. Wow. This is awesome.” Adam panted as he stood up, giving his cock a few strokes.

“Go ahead bro, dive in. Heather… has a high sex drive and I doubt we’ll get any sleep tonight.” Justin laughed as he ran his fingers along her parted slit. 

“Someone needs to put a cock in me now or I’m going to get my vibrator!” Heather laughed as she repositioned herself higher on the lounger. She ran her hands between her legs, giving both boys a sultry pout.

Adam bit his lower lip and climbed onto the lounger, placing his body on top of Heather. He grunted as he lined up his cock and then pushed in. “Fuck, she’s tight!”

“Here let me help you then.” Justin placed his hands on his cousins bare ass and started pushing him further into his sister. All three moaned in unison as the energetic scene unfolded.

Justin continued to guide in his cousin in and out of Heather as they moved in unison. Justin could feel Adam as he tightened his ass, allowing him to get the best grip on the boys toned bottom.

Adam was panting and breathing heavily as he thrusted deep into his cousin below. He could feel as she dug her nails into his sides as he thrusted deep and fast. Her wetness allowed him to please her with his thick cock as it submerged into her warm silk vice.

“Bro, I don’t think I can last long, this is too fucking hot!” Adam grunted as he tried steadying his pace. He looked down into Heather’s eyes before he brought his lips to hers, and they kissed passionately.

Suddenly, Adam felt Heather tighten her pussy around his shaft and it sent him over the edge. He grunted loudly as he lost all control and started shooting thick ropes of his built up climax deep into his cousins pussy.

“Fuck! Fuck!” He panted as he collapsed on top of Heather. Her hands caressed him until he stood up, pulling his cock out from within her.

Heather laughed as she ran her fingers between her spent opening. Playing with the cum that now dripped out of her. “Who’s next?” She playfully teased.

“Me! Get on all fours babe!” Justin commanded.

Heather squeezed her breasts and complied. “Mmmm, I like this side of you! Maybe we should invite Adam over, more often.” She moaned.

It was evident that Justin wanted to show off and be the alpha male. It was hot that he was sharing his piece of ass with another guy, but he didn’t want any confusion, that she was HIS.

As Heather got into position, Justin gave her rear a hard slap, before he leant down and kissed her smooth tanned skin. “Mmm, I can’t wait to fuck your other hole!” He growled.

Heather dipped her head low as she squealed with pleasure. She loved teasing her brother and she knew he’d make good on that promise. She could only imagine feeling him deep inside her virgin ass.

Justin positioned himself behind his sister and pushed in. Her warm, wet, cum-filled pussy welcomed his cock like a long lost toy. He moaned as he felt her muscles clenching him, as he pushed further in.

He placed both hands on her ass as he fucked her passionately, deeply and quickly. He’d piston in and out of her, as she bucked and met him with each thrust. Justin looked over at Adam who was now stroking his semi-hard cock.

“Fuck that’s hot guys!” Adam moaned as he watched his cousins lustfully fucking each other.

“Feed her your cock dude! Let’s keep all her holes filled!” Justin grunted as he sped up his thrusts. Heather was now letting out small yelps as he pounded her from behind.

Adam repositioned himself in front of Heather and placed his hand on her chin, raising her face to his hard cock. “Open your mouth.” He timidly spoke.

Justin gave her another hard smack on her ass, eliciting a loud yelp. “Open your mouth you dirty little slut!”

Heather started moaning on queue as her brothers demands sent her over the edge and she started flooding her pussy with a second strong climax. She quickly opened her mouth and felt Adam feeding her his thick cock as her brother fucked her from behind.

Justin could feel her wetness pushing out as he continued fucking her and he knew he was close to a climax as well. Just seeing his sister suck Adam’s cock and the fact that he now felt in complete control was enough to cause him to cum.

Justin let out several loud grunts as his body tensed and he felt himself unload deep inside his sister, filling her warm opening with ropes of thick cum. His body jerked as he came down from the ultimate climax. He gave her ass a few gentle smacks as he withdrew from her.

Justin was barely up before Adam spoke, “Care if I go again?”

Now that Heather’s mouth was free of his cock, she laughed and responded, “I will submit to you both all night! Let’s see how many climaxes we can all get before we’re exhausted.” She seductively used her finger to summon her brother. “Let me clean you off buba.”

Justin moaned as he felt his sister lips wrap around his shaft, sucking him, tasting him, and pleasing him. Justin opened his eyes and watched as Adam lined up and started fucking his sister again from behind.

Both guys knew they were in for a long night, but they were completely content on keeping Heather satisfied, even if it took several hours and several climaxes…..

To be continued.