Top Urges | Chapter 2 : "Drive-In Glory"

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It had been a couple of weeks after the night where I found that cum puddle outside of my bedroom, and while I continued to be loud whenever I needed to feed my fantasies of pounding Jeremy’s hole and breeding him, I never found another trace of anyone’s seed that wasn’t my own. Jeremy himself hadn’t acknowledged my new late-night pastimes, except for a couple of knowing grins and playful “Did you have a good night?” questions followed by a chuckle before he changed the subject. So, really nothing had changed in our 69 Jackson Drive house. 

That wasn’t a bad thing, though. I loved the dynamics I had with my roommates, mostly. Of course, Jeremy was my favorite. But my other roommates weren’t bad at all. Yuanjun and I in particular got close since we both were part of Engineering related programs, so we shared some classes together. He was shy when we first met but could easily be the loudest of all of us, especially when he was having a good time watching a movie or playing video games. We both were the same height, but he had a beefier and stockier built than me, and very thick thighs. If I was brave enough, I would also admit to his face that he had fantastic pecs. Jeremy often teased him about “showing too much cleavage”, which only signaled the beginning of more teasing and bro-touching between the three of us. 

Then, there was Thomas. While we weren’t as close as I was with Yuanjun and Jeremy, he was very kind and nice to us all. He also happened to be the tallest of all of us, towering over everyone at 6’5’’. Thomas was also, objectively, the guy that was in the best shape of all of us, his muscles well carved in his brawny physique. I wasn’t sure how he could handle so much coursework on the Dentistry program and also had time to spend hours at the gym, making sure every curve of his dark-skinned body was in peak shape. I wasn’t complaining, though. Especially since he tended to hang out shirtless around the living room after he finished working out. And then, there was him…

“Kai, why haven’t you taken the trash out yet?” I heard as I was finishing my dinner on a Friday night. I didn’t need to lift my head from the YouTube video I was watching on my phone to know that I would find his face scowling at me. Which was a shame, because his pretty green eyes looked so much better when he wasn’t mad. But then again, he was usually mad. 

“Because I’m eating. I’ll take it out after I’m done with this, don’t worry” I said with a soft smile and a calculatedly calm tone to Amir, my final roommate, who sighed and grumbled to himself something about living with “four straight guys”. Amir was slightly shorter than me, and his tone, brown physique was practically perfect in every way. When we first met the day I arrived at the house, I felt slightly intimidated by his energetic and demanding attitude, vital in his MBA program. But as the days passed, I realized that when he got very bossy, it didn’t matter that we were the only two gay guys on that house: He annoyed me. And while the other guys could get messy sometimes, it seemed that my support for the general cleaning tasks of the house had made Amir think that he could demand me to clean everything whenever he wanted. Hell no. He was hot, but I was not going to stop eating dinner over him. Maybe for Jeremy, but definitely not for Amir. 

That said, once I finished dinner, I scooped any remaining garbage around the living room and kitchen before taking out the trash. When I came out, Amir’s expression was more relaxed. Dare I say that he smiled at me before continuing writing an essay on his laptop, as he munched on some apple slices and, as judging by the dialogue coming out of his speakers, listened to a podcast about Environmental Issues. The very definition of Gaslight, Gatekeep… Gayboss?

At that moment, Jeremy and Yuanjun came through the front door, carrying some groceries. “Hey, guys, are you ready for tonight? Shang-Chi will leave the Drive-In next week, and we have to watch it! Is our last chance” Jeremy said excitedly, bumping into the bags. Somehow, I prevented him from spilling a whole carton of eggs all over the floor and managed to sneak a peek at how his ass filled his black jeans before getting up and smiling. If he only knew how badly I wanted him.

Amir raised his gaze for a second and shook his head before focusing his attention back on his computer. “I can’t tonight, sorry. I have a lot of deadlines coming up… And I don’t think Thomas is around either. He mentioned something about a group project”

“Oh, damn,” Yuanjun said, groaning as a package of frozen peas fell from his arms. “I can’t tonight either, dude. Maybe tomorrow?” 

“Oh, but tomorrow I have to go to this event of the Psychology department, and I will be stuck there all afternoon!” Jeremy whined. Then, he looked at me with his cute, cute smile and I can swear he was almost batting his eyelashes at me. “What are you up to tonight, Kai?”

“I’m… I’m…” I stuttered, grabbing the first bottle I could reach (which turned out to be orange juice) and drank some before replying. “I can do tonight, yeah…” 

“Awesome! Then is going to be just the two of us, then” Jeremy said, putting his arm around my shoulders, which made me bend my knees a bit, so he wasn’t literally hanging from my neck. “Unless you have a surprise hot man waiting for you?” 

“Shut up” I chuckled and pushed him away gently as he kept teasing me. Yeah, it was cool that I had a straight guy friend that I could talk about boys to. The big problem was that the main boy I could talk about was him. So, not the most ideal situation. 

The trip to the nearby Drive-In theater was uneventful, and we mostly talked about classes and our plans for the weekend. I felt a little sting of jealousy when Jeremy mentioned he was going to a party after that event he mentioned back at home, and how excited he was about meeting some girls, but I managed to smile and encourage him, although I kept quiet about my suggestion of him skipping the party and spending the night with me, as I dumped load after load inside his tight asshole before cuddling together. I was a horny, sentimental mess. 

“Oh, are we early? It seems the last movie has not finished yet” I mentioned as I noticed a different scene was playing on the screen. Jeremy fiddled with the radio until we heard music coming out of it. 

“Ah yes, Dear Evan Hansen… It’s cool, I guess. Not my favorite musical, but cool” he mentioned. I raised an eyebrow at him, and he shrugged, chuckling “Yes, I’m a theater kid. I know you are too, don’t judge me”. 

“I’m not! Why do you say I’m judging you?” I said with a nervous chuckle. Jeremy then gazed into my eyes and grabbed my thigh, giving it a quick squeeze

“Because you can’t keep your eyes off me, Kai. So, you are either into me or judging me. Am I right?” 

I managed to laugh very loudly one second later and dismiss any truth behind those words. And then, conveniently remembered that we didn’t have any snacks. So, I volunteered to go buy them, as I also tied up my jacket around my waist so he wouldn’t notice the hard-on his touch had caused in me. 

After muttering some half-assed order to the snack counter, I asked one of the employees where the bathroom was. I bolted inside and locked myself in a stall almost in the end, pulling down my jeans and underwear. The chill air felt tingly on my cock, which was hard and leaking some precum already. “How am I going to be back like this? He will notice! Fuck…” I looked at my watch. It would be 5 minutes until the movie officially started, and the snacks wouldn’t be ready yet, so maybe I had time. I pushed my underwear fully down and sat on the toilet. Wrapping my hand on my thick cock, I started to stroke quickly, trying my best to reach climax fast. I was so focused that I didn’t notice that someone had walked into the stall next to me. Or that it had a hole connecting them both. 

“Hey… that’s a nice dick you got there,” said a soft voice, whispering, but even that calming tone made me jump. 

“Fuck!” I shouted and glanced around. This time, I saw the hole and, more importantly, saw the fingers on the edge of it. It was so small that I could barely distinguish more than an eyeball and the corner of a smile, but I was in full display for the stranger there. “What… what do you want? I’m kind of in the middle of something…”

“Oh, I know”, the stranger snickered, his laugh reminding me of Jeremy a bit, which didn’t help my erection at all. “Look, I’m just offering my help. I come here because I like to suck cock and you seem to need to cum soon. So, how about you let me take care of you, big guy?” 

I felt a bead of sweat sliding from my hair all the way to my back. I had never done anything like this before, not even in my most raunchy, slutty days. Also, since I usually tended to bottom, I wasn’t completely sure if I liked to get sucked, in all honesty. I loved to give head, but I had mixed feelings about the opposite. “I don’t know, man… I… I… This is all new to me…”

“Oh, don’t you worry. I’ll be very nice with you…” he said, beckoning me with one finger. It felt almost like a dream as I stood up and, gulping, I pushed my erect dick through the hole, feeling so nervous yet so turned on too. “Fuck yeah, that’s a big fucking dick… love that…” the stranger said with hunger, as he gave a couple of lazy strokes to my prick. I gasped softly at the touch of something wet that slid all through the underside. “Fuck, he is licking it. He is licking my cock” I thought panicked as I took deep breaths to calm down, even though my heart was beating so fast and loudly I was sure that everyone on the drive-in could hear me. 

“That’s a good boy… You haven’t cum in a while, have you? Well, is good that I’m here to give you a nice suck…”. The other guy must have felt some hesitation still on my part because he quickly added in a soothing voice. “Don’t you worry, big boy. Just relax and enjoy. You can pretend is a pretty girl if it helps you cum”. 

“I’m g… oh, fuck!” I hissed as I felt my cock being enveloped by a wet cavity. Yeah, he was sucking me off. And he was mighty good at it. He easily took almost all of me in one go, dampening all over my length with a tongue that moved fast and greedily all over. I groaned softly again, remembering that we couldn’t make too much noise. It felt so fucking good. Why was I hesitant about this before? Maybe I hadn’t met guys that really knew how to suck dick. The stranger on the other side of the hole was an expert cocksucker. After a few minutes of pure bliss, I thrusted forward, needing more of that delicious sensation. I heard the other guy gag and he pulled out, stroking my wet, throbbing rod. 

“Fuck, boy, you are leaking so fucking much… and you are so fucking big… you are going to give me a big load, aren’t you?” the other’s voice whispered needily. I nodded first, but then, remembered he couldn’t see me, so I spoke softly. 

“Yeah… fuck, your mouth feels so good…” I groaned, thrusting again, to let him know I wanted more. I needed more. I needed to fuck that delicious mouth so bad. 

“Good boy. I told you I would give you a good time…” he said, wrapping his lips around my cockhead, licking on the slit, and making me moan loudly once more. “I bet I can give your girlfriend lessons, so she learns how to treat this big cock right…”

“I’m… I’m gay…” I panted. Yeah, it felt dumb to say it right now, as I had another man servicing my cock, but as soon as I mentioned it, I could feel the other’s efforts doubling, making me pant and moan again, as I bit my lower lip desperately trying to keep quiet. 

“Well, then your boyfriend is not making a good job on keeping you satisfied… fuck, if you were mine, I’d make sure you’d feed me your cum every day…” he groaned in between hasty, needy groans. Was he also getting close? I did jack off when I sucked off guys, but I had never been satisfied just from doing so. And, in mentioning my inexistent boyfriend, I couldn’t help but imagine Jeremy. And the image of him, on his knees, his cute face blushing, lips stretched around my cock, sucking me off as if his life depended on it made me shiver. 

“Come on, big boy… I’m so fucking close already too… give me that cum. Give me all your load… Show me a big cum shot” the stranger demanded, stroking me hard and sucking on half of my cock viciously, demanding that I give him my seed. Even if I tried, I wouldn’t have been able to deny his request. Not with the image of Jeremy smiling mischievously as he slurped on my cum replaying in my mind like my personal gay porn movie. 

“Oh… oh, fuck! So, so fucking, good! Eat it all! Fuck, yeah, Jeremy!!” I shouted as I came, rope after rope of my thick, white seed devoured by someone whose face I couldn’t see. I didn’t care that I shouted Jeremy’s name. He would never know. And the stranger didn’t seem to care either. His muffled moans made me realize that he was also cumming as he swallowed my load. And he didn’t stop until he was sure I had given him all I had. I felt like I needed to thank him after that great blowjob. “Fuck that was… that was so good… I’m…” I started but then noticed the quick movements on the stall. 

“Thank you, big boy. Hope to see you again” the stranger said hastily, and in the next second he opened the door and went out. I was a little confused by how quickly he left. Was this how cruising worked? I had quick hook-ups before, but it still felt a little rushed. I was about to leave when the stall next to me opened again. 

“Holy shit… I can tell you just came and yet you are still hard” another voice said, this one from someone who sounded older. “Need some more help? I fucking love sucking big cocks”. 

The old Kai would have politely refused and gone out of the stall but, as I looked down, I realized this new stranger was right: I was still hard. I couldn’t go to meet Jeremy like this, could I? So, I wiped my cock clean with some paper towels and pushed it through the hole once more. 

“I don’t have much time, so… you better know what you are doing with that mouth…”

When I finally left the bathroom, the movie was already like 10 minutes in, and I had a couple of texts and even a missed call from Jeremy. I rushed towards the snack store and picked my order, excusing myself to a very annoyed employee. Then, I ran to Jeremy’s car as he tried to call me again. 

“Dude, where were you? I thought something had happened to you!” Jeremy said, running a hand through his wavy hair. I had never seen him upset before, and I was surprised by how genuine his relief was when I sat next to him. 

“I was fine, sorry. I had to go to the bathroom and then, someone else had picked up our order, so they were redoing it for me. I’m so sorry!” I said, looking at him. After a few seconds, he patted my shoulder and gave me a smile. This one was different, though. It wasn’t playful or mischievous. It was just… happy. A smile without any pretense. 

“Just… don’t do it again, okay? You really got me worried for a second” he said, as I blushed and gulped. “Oh! Caramel popcorn! You really know me, Kai” he said, grabbing one of the bags on my lap. “Anyway, you didn’t really miss out on much, just the exposition first, about his family and stuff… and here Simu Liu comes! Woo-hoo!” 

I glanced at the screen as the shirtless actor appeared and chuckled. But then, on the corner of my eye, I noticed something on Jeremy’s shirt. It looked as if something had dripped on the front of his t-shirt and dried there… something white… and sticky. 

“He’s the best. I bet you think he is hot!” Jeremy said with a chuckle, shoving some popcorn in his mouth.

“Yeah… it is very hot” I replied, unable to glance away from that stain, my mind starting to ask questions about my crush that I didn’t know how to answer.