Juggling The Stranger and Papi Chulo

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Chapter One

I had cooked Mario breakfast. Yes, his dick was that good he had me on some girlfriend wifey shit. He looked sexy as fuck sitting there eating without his shirt on, all muscled and tatted up. I almost didn’t want to leave the house. However, he insisted on taking me out for the day.

We had to go to his apartment first. He wanted to change clothes and get some stuff so we could take it to this cute little secluded spot right by the bay. He pulled up and parked, “I’ll be right back,” he said right before he kissed me and left the truck.

As I sat there, I received a text message from Richard, “I can’t wait to see you.” I smiled. He sent me the address of a property he owned in St Pete and told me the time to meet him there. Immediately, I got excited. And it wasn’t that I wasn’t satisfied with Mario’s cock. It was damn good. I just loved the way Richard fucked. There was something about the way he way was. It was a perfect mix of kinky with lovemaking. Whereas Mario was just raw and freaky. 

“I can’t wait,” I replied.

He sent me a picture of his beautiful cock and asked me to send him a picture of my breasts. I was wearing this maxi dress and a bikini underneath. I looked around and quickly lowered my straps, my breasts spilled out. I puckered my lips and snapped a couple of shots and sent them and said, “I have to go, but all of this is yours when I see you.”

He sent back a message, “I can already taste you.”

Mario had returned and loaded up the bed of the truck with all the stuff we needed and got in, “Ready.”

I nodded and we were off to this Puerto Rican spot to get food to bring with us. As Mario checked on the order, I stood off to the side looking at my phone. There was this Afro-Latino that walked in and he started checking me out. Looked like he was imagining my titties in his mouth while I was riding his cock.

Mario turned and noticed the man’s gaze on me. He walked over to me, put his hand on my lower back grazing my ass, pulled me close, and tongued me right in front of everyone. The man grinned and looked away.

Once we got the food, we were off to hang out and possibly do some freaky stuff out by the water.

We pulled up and parked the truck not too far from the shoreline under the wooded area and pitched our tent, laying down a tarp, a pad, and a blanket for comfort.

He set up the drinks and the food. Played some salsa, bachata, and reggaeton as we ate and talked while drinking beers and wine coolers. I told him about my work as an interior designer and how I had been working on a project, which was an older home that needed updating. 

The owner had told me there was an issue with the circuit breaker always tripping and I asked him to come and check it out and he agreed.

“So, besides hanging out with me, what are your favorite things to do?” he asked.

I chuckled, “Um, I like music. I love going to concerts. I love comedy shows, you know live entertainment. Travel.”

“Sounds like we have a lot in common. Are you into sports? Football?”

“Of course, gotta route for the home team.”

“Ya tu sabes. I got tickets to a divisional game, great seats, you should come with me.”

I nodded, “I can do that.”

He looked at my tits and smiled, “Come here,” he said. I reached over and closed the flap to the tent and moved closer to him. We faced each other. My legs over his, our bodies close. He leaned in and kissed me. Tasting his tongue made my pussy drenched. He was such a passionate kisser. 

He pulled down my strap placed his lips on my nipples as he squished my breasts together. Mario was a breasts man. He loved my tits. I reached in his flap and pulled out his stiff cock. I spit on it and massaged up and down the shaft as I looked into his eyes.

He placed his hand under my dress and untied the string bikini so he could have access to my gateway. I felt his finger circle my gem. Our gazes were locked. His lips touched mine and we continued to stoke each other slowly and methodically. 

We let out soft moans and groans as our bodies enjoyed the feeling. I clinched, orgasm one had arrived. I lifted my hips and mounted his cock, savoring the feeling as I eased down slowly to the base. Even though we weren’t in love or no shit like that, it was something about the position. Sitting in his lap, his hands caressing my back, his finger slipping down and giving me anal action as my hips rocked back and forth.

We looked into each other’s eyes. I placed my hands on the sides of his face and kissed him, I moaned in his ear. The louder I moaned, the deeper I felt his cock push into my pussy, “Fuck Mario,” I said. 

He sucked my nipples for a while before lifting me up, placing me on my back, my legs folded up and he stroked and pushed his cock in balls deep. He talked dirty to me in Spanglish, “You like my dick, mamita? Te gusta?”

“Si papi, si, fuck, si.”

“I love your pussy too.”

I looked down and saw his cock gliding. I loved to watch him fuck my pussy good. I touched myself and came hard. He pulled out and licked me up and down for several seconds before plunging back in. His pace quickened until he erupted inside of me. 

We lay there in a heap and moaned and whispered obscenities. I wiped the sweat from his forehead. He kissed my mouth before he rolled off. I had some wipes in a bag. I handed him one and we cleaned ourselves up before reopening the flap to enjoy the breeze and watch as boats went by.

I drove the truck back to his place. He had had one too many beers. He thought he was good, but I refused to let him drive. I helped him put all the stuff away and was about to get an Uber when he said, “Where are you going?”

“We both have work tomorrow. I can’t stay.”

He kissed my neck and played with my clit, “Por fa mamita, stay. I promise to take you home early in the morning.”

How could I resist? Especially when I knew his morning sex sessions were dope as fuck. 

We headed to the shower did some fondling and later ended up in his bed in sixty-nine. My lips covered his cock as I played with his balls. I lifted his shaft and sucked his sack until I saw his toes curl.

He had his tongue deep inside of me. My body twitched and I dripped honey on his lips. It wasn't long after that I felt the warm sensation of his cum inside of my mouth.

The next morning, he got up early, put on his work clothes, and dropped me off at my place. We shared a long kiss before I left his truck, “Text me the address to the property and I’ll swing by in between jobs to take a look at it.”

“Okay,” I replied, I watched him drive off and I went inside.

I took a nice shower and afterward I was standing in front of the mirror doing my hair when Jade video called me, I answered, “What’s up boo?”

“Nothing much. I was just calling to get that tea.”

I laughed, “About what?”

“Oh, you know heifer. Who was all in your goodies yesterday when I called?”

I laughed, “That was Mario. I met him the day I was headed to the airport to fly out to your wedding. We’ve been enjoying each other’s company.”

“Is that what we’re calling fucking now?”

We laughed. 

“I think Bill’s dad has a little crush on you. He’s been asking a lot of casual questions about you.”

I laughed, “You know his father owns property here in the bay area, right?”

“I do now. How do you know?”

“Because he told me. I met him before your wedding.”

“Why’d y'all act as if you didn’t know each other?”

“Because…shock, I suppose. I kind of already—”

“You didn’t,” she squealed.

I nodded, “And it was out of this world, but please don’t say anything to your husband.”

“Girl, I can’t keep secrets from my man.”

“My sex life is not your husband’s business.”

“It is if you’re fucking his dad. I mean what if you ended up being his step-mom.”

I let out a loud laugh, “Let’s not get carried away. Richard and I are just enjoying each other’s company.”

“Um-hm, fucking. Call a thing a thing, sis.”

“He’s coming here in two weeks.”

“Oh my god, you know what, I don’t want to know anymore. I want to be able to act innocent when the shit hits the fan. Just don’t get caught up like last time.”

I paused. I remembered how I had fallen for my college professor. What started out as innocent conversations about literature ended up being me riding his cock nearly five times a week for damn near a year. I was so naive. I never even recognized the signs.

I was really under the illusion that what we had was love. For me it was infatuation for him it was about the fresh ass that he could take advantage of. At any rate, I did appreciate him teaching me how to fuck. It came in handy when I dated my ex in college during my senior year. If he wasn’t the overly jealous type, we would have still been together.

“As I said, it’s not that serious and I’m being careful.”

After we ended our chat, I stopped to grab a bite to eat before heading to the property.

The day progressed rapidly. I had gotten a lot accomplished at the property. I received a text from Mario, “Address?”

I quickly replied. About twenty minutes later he showed up. I opened the door and he walked inside, “Wow, you do good work, I’ll have to get you to hook my pad up.”

I chuckled, “I don’t come cheap, sir.”

He laughed, “I’ll pay whatever the cost.” He stepped closer to me, parted my lips with his thumb, and slipped his tongue in my mouth. “Show me where the breaker is.”

I took him into the garage. He did his thing and made some recommendations and said he could fix it. I smiled and thanked him. He pulled me close to him and we kissed. 

“Touch me,” he said.

I felt his crotch and unzipped his pants. I wanted that cock in my hands. I stroked it nice and slow. “I have about fifteen minutes,” he smiled.

“Then stop talking and fuck me.” 

He pulled down my pants and spun me around. My hands were on the wall. I felt his cock penetrate and then he thrust hard and fast while holding my ponytail. I rocked back and forth on his cock, he said, “That’s right, throw that shit back like that mami.”

My ass giggled as I twerked on his shaft. I played with my clit and I felt my pussy leaking, “Oh fuck,” I exclaimed. Our sounds revibrated throughout that space. It was a good thing the property was off the beaten path because we were loud. He pulled me up, turned my head, and kissed me while his cock was deep inside as he was grinding. I felt his hands on my tits as he humped faster bringing himself closer to climax. He pulled out, I turned to stroke his cock until his cum spilled out and onto my hand. We kissed and then he left for his appointment.


Chapter Two

Mario and I had seen each other four times that week and must have fucked doubled that number. We were both FAF, freaky as fuck. And whenever there was space and opportunity to get in a session, we both were down.

Yet, I knew I had to wean him a little to prepare for my visit with Richard that was fast approaching. It was Monday as I sat in my office looking at my designs when Richard video called me.

He was in his office. He had this amazing smile in his eyes as he sat at his desk, “My plane takes off tomorrow at 10:30. I want to see you at my place around 6:00 pm.”

“I’ll be there,” I replied. I had already gotten my Brazilian, my pedicure, and my nails did. I had purchased some cute thong sets. I was so ready to get some more of him.

He showed me his cock and stroked himself. I smiled and hurried to lock my office door. I pulled out my tits and sucked them for him. 

“Imagine me inside of you,” he said. “You want my cock in your pussy?”

I nodded, “Yes, I want it, baby.”

“I want you to cream all over me as you did on the airplane in the restroom, you remember that?”

“Yes, baby.”

“You were so fucking good.”

“You too baby.”

My heart raced, I wanted him badly as I sat there with my pussy drenched and licking my nipples for him as he yanked his shaft until it erupted. “Ahhhhhh,” he said. He panted, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Lelani.”

“Okay, Richard.”

I had already told Mario I had friends coming in from out of town and that I was unavailable. He felt some type of way, but I would refocus on him after my time with Richard. After all, Richard would only get to see me once a month. Whereas Mario had closer access to my pussy. It was the fair thing to do.

It’s Tuesday evening. I’m dressed in this sexy-ass black dress with a split that traveled up to the middle stopping right by my coochie. My legs are nice and oiled. My tits are looked lush and plump. I grabbed my purse and got ready to leave. The door opened and Mario was standing outside, “I just stopped by right quick. I missed you.”

I was like Mario, bruh, come on I had fucked his brains out two nights ago, it should have been enough to keep him chill. But he had that look in his eyes. He walked me back into the house, closed the door. I placed my hands on his chest, “Babe, come on, I told you have to meet some people tonight.”

“You can be a little late.” He pulled out his cock. The next thing I knew, his dick was in my pussy and I was holding onto him as he fucked me standing with my leg over his arm, “Papi, fuck, shit,” I said as my body twitched.

I looked at the clock, he smiled, “I’m going to take a little bit longer.” He said cockily, “Since you’re busy for the next few days, I want to leave you with something to remember.”

I watched the clock and he kept pounding my pussy. I tightened my walls on his cock and I saw him buckle a little, I knew he was close and finally, he pulled out, and his cum shot onto my dress, “Damn sorry babe.” He kissed me, “Have fun tonight," he said and he left.

I hurried to the bathroom and sent Richard a text as I cleaned myself up and found another dress. 

I arrived at the cute condo that was across from the beach. I was a little nervous. When the door opened, he looked handsome as ever. He greeted me with a warm hug, his cologne smelled like Homme by Christian Dior. 

“You look amazing,” he said as he handed me a glass of wine. We went out to the balcony. The night was pretty calm as we sat and ate sushi rolls, crackers and drank a couple of bottles of wine.

“I have to confess, I have been asking my daughter-in-law quite a few questions about you. She may figure out something sooner than later.”

I chuckled, “It’s fine. How do you think your son will take it?”

He laughed, “Well, his mother is already seeing someone. And he’s okay with that. I’d hope he’d be okay with me dating as well.”

“Yes, but—”

He smiled, “Yeah. I know our situation is a little more complicated.”

“I say, we just say something when and if something needs to be said.”

“Fair enough.”

He stood holding out his hand. I grabbed it and stood. He was a little taller than me. He looked down into my eyes before kissing me. His hands caressed all over my back, ass, and breasts. He was ready and so was I.

We went inside and immediately started removing each other’s clothes. Our breathing was heavy and when we finally stood before each other naked it was on. 

His mouth suckled my pointed nipples, his hand was in my hair and the other was working on my clit. I felt his finger penetrate and he fingered me fast and I gushed. I thought to myself, he did not come to play games.

He stroked his cock and grinned. I knew what he wanted. I knelt and gave him my mouth. Polishing his tip and licking his shaft, sucking his balls and deep throated his dick. I felt his precum melt on my tongue, his cock was nice and wet from my saliva.

He kneeled to my level and we kissed as we played with each other further building anticipation. He moved closer until I lay back on the floor. He opened my legs wide and he tongued my pussy marvelously until I grabbed his face. He kissed my inner thigh before placing my right leg on his shoulder and pushing his cock in deep and his strokes were so divine as he looked down on me watching me take all of his big cock, my titties giggled around. He couldn’t resist so he leaned in and sucked them. 

He looked into my eyes, “You gonna cum on my dick?”

“Yes baby.”

“You wanna ride?”

I nodded. He pulled out and sat on the sofa. I straddled him in reverse so he could watch my ass giggle as I twerked on his pole. He was in heaven and so was I. I looked back and we held eye contact as I bounced on his shaft. 

He rubbed my back and pulled me into him. I held my legs up and open wide. He thrust from below and wiggled my clit. “That’s it, I feel you coming on my cock.” 

I continued until his balls were wet with my juices He stood up and bent me over and fucked me hard and fast until he released in my crack.

I turned to him, we kissed. He held my ass tight and giggled it. “You like my ass?”

“I do. Let’s get cleaned up and go to bed.”

I smiled, “I didn’t bring anything.”

“I got you some stuff.”

I looked at him. He took me to the bedroom and showed me some clothes, shoes, and bags he had purchased me. I smiled, “Richard.”

“I asked Jade what sizes you wore and what kind of stuff you liked.”

 I laughed, “I guess I’m sleeping over then.”

The morning started beautifully. I woke up to him kissing me. I hummed and moaned as he hovered over me pushing his cock into my juicy pussy. His chest connected to my breasts, my arms, and my legs wrapped around him as I matched his tempo.

It felt magical, it felt like poetry. It reminded me of my first time with the college professor. Richard was attentive just like Dr. St. James. He always dotted every I and crossed every T when our bodies connected. At that moment I was a little scared that I might fall. I wasn’t trying to, but god the way he was fucking me made my body tingle.

Afterward, he collapsed in my arms and we both panted until our hearts resumed a normal cadence, we had breakfast on the balcony. The breeze was delightful, our conversation was intriguing as we learned more about each other. 

“Can you meet me back here around 5:00 pm? I would love to take you on a cruise around La Boca Ciega. We can have dinner, wine and find a nice quiet spot out of view to do other things.”

“Sure, I can be here,” I replied.

I left his place and headed to the property to get some work done. After about an hour Mario showed up to make repairs to the circuit breaker. When he finished he found me upstairs in one of the bedrooms. He walked up behind me and hugged me.

I turned to him. He kissed me. I could tell he wanted to say something. I said, “What?”

“I’m not crowding your space, am I?”

“Why would you ask me that?”

“I just want to make sure I’m not doing too much. I don’t want you to get tired of me.”

I smiled, “We’re good. I like you. If I didn’t, we certainly wouldn’t be fucking like we have been.”

“We are pretty good together.”

“We are.”

He had that look in his eyes. I knew he wasn’t leaving until I wet his cock or his lips. He kneeled and pulled down my pants. My legs opened wider so he could drink from my cup. When he quenched his thirst, he turned me around. I felt his cock poking at my anal entrance. I turned and looked at him. 

I had not done anal since my senior year. So my ass was pretty tight. I didn’t know if I was ready to take all of him in my little bootie hole. He held my cheeks open wide and licked up and down my split. I felt him push and push until he was in. I groaned, “Oh fuck.”

Once he got into a nice rhythm, he slapped my ass, “Come on, throw it back like you do when I’m in that pussy.”

I rocked back on his cock. He enjoyed the show. I couldn’t believe he was in my ass. He grabbed my hips and thrust. I felt his balls tapping against my lower region. We moaned together and when I felt him tense up, I knew he had finished. He pulled out. I turned to him and we shared a kiss. 

“Have fun tonight with your friends,” he said as he touched my nose. 

We kissed again and shortly after he left.


That evening, I headed back to meet Richard. He took me to one of the marinas he owned. We boarded a luxury yacht and sailed around the sound. We had dinner and wine inside and danced a little. 

“I can’t come next month,” he informed me and my heart nearly broke. “But I want you to come to Boston, but you can’t have any friendly encounters on the airplane with anyone.”

We laughed, “I promise I won’t do that. I honestly don’t know what came over me.”

“I’m glad you had a temporary lapse in judgment. It worked out in my favor.”

“It did.”

“I can cover your costs of course. You can stay with me for the weekend.” He kissed my neck.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Great. Let’s get in the pool.”

I laughed, “We didn’t bring suits.”

“We don’t need them,” he replied as he undressed in front of me and walked out to the deck with the pool. “Don’t worry about the captain, he’s upfront and won’t disturb us. We have another hour before we return.”

I undressed and joined him in the pool. It was only four feet of water. He got close to me and we immediately began kissing. Our hands surveyed each other’s bodies. 

I felt him touch me below the water. My leg lifted and he found my center. Our mouths touched and we let out tapered breaths as he thrust. Our tongues finally connected and we savored the taste on one another’s tongue. 

I smiled. He smiled. We were having a great time under the stars, the moonlight, the cool breeze danced across our wet skin. We moaned and spoke between kisses, “You like it?” he asked.

“Yes baby, it’s so good.”

“I love it. You’re so good. So beautiful.”

I hugged him, his arms wrapped around me and we came together, panting, flinching, moaning together.

On Friday morning, after we fucked one last time. He looked into my eyes, “I don’t know exactly what this is, but I do enjoy your company. I hope you feel the same.”

“I do.”

“I can’t wait for you to visit me in Boston.”

“It’ll be nice,” I said with a smile.

I hugged him and let him prepare to leave. On my way to work, I got a call from Mario, “Hey mami, what time are you getting off?”

“About 5:00 pm.”

“I’ll see you tonight around 6:00 pm.”

The call ended. I laughed out loud. My sex drought was officially over.

 To Be cont….