Top Urges | Chapter 1 : "Can you hear me now?"

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I could still feel the lingering drops of oat milk on my lips as I gave a puzzled look to the guy sitting in front of me. “Huh… that’s a strange thing to admit” I said, wiping my mouth with a paper napkin, eyes still fixed on him. My roommate, Jeremy, chuckled and shrugged, his smile as happy as usual as he kept eating the meatballs he had just heated in the microwave. He raised his eyebrows in mock offense as he continued to speak. 

“It’s not strange! Sometimes I just want to check if you all are still alive before I go to class! So, I just stand on the hallway in front of your doors and listen!” 

“Huh… interesting” added in a whisper Yuanjun, one of my roommates too, and gave me a quick glance, as if asking my opinion. But the truth was that I had only one concern after the resident cute boy admitted that he listened to what we did in our bedrooms from time to time. 

“Okay, okay, but now I am very much worried about what you hear when you stand outside my door!” I added with a chuckle, trying to hide the blush that was surely revealing my true feelings. Jeremy laughed out loud and shook his head before looking into my eyes.

“You are fine, Kai… you are just loud when… you snore”. The pauses in his voice made me gulp, specially as he decided to wink at me. “He can hear me” I thought, as Jeremy returned to his spot across the table. I spend the rest of the day ignoring my classes and daydreaming about that playful smirk and the mischievous glint in Jeremy’s eyes during breakfast. 

And yes, he was right, I could be loud when I was snoring. It wouldn’t be the first time a guy I was interested in brought that one up. But the way he had said it was just… so playful, almost dirty. And… and I was a loud guy, yes. Especially when I was jacking off. And while most of the time I used porn or other lewd materials for inspiration, the straight guy that was driving me crazy and that happened to sleep literally on the other side of the hallway was starting to appear more and more frequently in my fantasies. 

And how could he not? Jeremy might have been on the short side of things, especially when thinking how he was 5’7’’ tall and I was 6’1’’. But everything else? Not a single complaint. Jeremy was in a sweet spot between twink and twunk that made me sigh dreamily: slim but with the beginnings of some muscle in his arms and legs, a mischievous smile with perfect white teeth and sparkling eyes somewhere between brown and amber. He had pale skin, but it was covered everywhere with freckles and little marks here and there, like a constellation map to another world. He had a nice bulge too and his ass was nice and round, filling his shorts and jeans perfectly. And his hair tended to curl up in soft, light brown waves that he kept short, but at a perfect length to tug at while kissing. No, I had not kissed him, but I thought about it every day, so that kind of counts. And if it wasn’t obvious by now, well I must admit that I had a big, fat, undeniable crush on him. Tragic, I know. Falling for a straight guy. But, to me, this wasn’t the most interesting part about the lustful thoughts that I had about him. 

See, after coming to terms with my attraction to guys, I realized very quickly that I was a bottom. What can I say? I really like cock. Ever since my first kiss with a guy, I felt an overwhelming need to bend over and let him have his way with me. It didn’t help that I was also naturally more submissive. And my sex partners over the years like to tell the story about how they made this tall, wide-shouldered, tan-skinned latino go on his knees and look up to them with big, round, dark brown eyes, begging for their cum after hours of being pounded. And don’t get me wrong, I was very much okay and happy with that. But ever since I met Jeremy, I had started to have… other urges… and fantasies. 

That night, I was tossing and turning in my bed, trying to sleep after finishing some readings I had to do for the only class I had the next day. But there was no use. Not only I was not tired yet, but my cock was hard as a rock, begging for attention, like it usually did when I was on my own. “Fuck it, I need to jack off” I muttered to myself as I tossed the covers aside and slid down my briefs. My dick sprung out, and I could see a tiny bead of precum on the tip of my 8 inches of thick meat. I was about to grab my phone and start watching some porn when I heard a soft knock on my door. 

“Kai, are you up?” I head the muffled voice of Jeremy on the other side. 

“Yeah, yeah! One second!” I said, trying to reach for the tossed underwear on my bedroom floor. 

“Oh, you don’t need to come out!” my roommate said with a chuckle. “I just wanted to know if you were home yet. I’m going to lock the doors and stuff”. 

“Yeah, sure. That sounds good. Thank you, dude!” I replied, one hand still squeezing my erection. 

“No problem! Have a good night~” he said with a little sing-song tone at the end of his sentence. Gosh, how something so mundane could both make me swoon and horny at the same time? 

And now, as I started to stroke myself again, I couldn’t keep the image of Jeremy out of my head. His toned body. His smile. The playful, almost mischievous look he had when we teased each other. If he were any other guy, I’d usually fantasize about the most cliché, porn-like scenario: the straight guy whipping out his big cock and saying he needed a hole, just to find his very willing gay roommate there to be used and abused. But this wasn’t a typical case. No, my fantasies were very specific when it came to Jeremy. They focused on a reverse scenario. 

As quietly as I could, I slid open a drawer on my bedside table and grabbed the recently washed Fleshjack toy that I had bought last month. At first, I tried to excuse myself and said that I was only curious. That I would try it to see what it was like and that was done. But very quickly I had to admit that not only I had bought one to feed on my most recent appetites, but that I had picked the one modeled from the porn actor I thought was the closest in appearance to Jeremy. 

After pouring some lube on my cock and inside the toy, I stroked myself a couple of times, grunting softly. It felt so good. The anticipation to it all was also a high motivation for me, as I tried to recall the feeling of the silicone toy around me, but never quite able to recreate the full experience until I was inside it. I toyed with the entrance, my fat cockhead poking the little hole there as I bit my lower lip. “Fuck… Jeremy…” I whispered quietly as I finally lifted my hips and started to bury myself inside the fuck toy. 

“Nnngggg… fuck…” I moaned, before putting one hand over my mouth. I usually jacked off like that, mouth covered, so my moans and pants were muffled, and no one could hear them as far as I knew. But then, the little wink Jeremy gave me in the morning came back to my mind. “He can hear me” I thought to myself, feeling my heart beating faster. “He has been hearing me all this time…” I said as I bucked my hips softly, almost absent-mindedly, trying to get some friction for my cock. “And his smile… could it be that…” I gulped, dropping my hand from my mouth to the toy, so now I had both firmly grasping the plastic case “… he wants to hear more?

That last thought went straight to my cock, and I felt it throbbing inside the fleshjack as I changed positions. I usually laid down and moved the toy, letting my hands do all the work. But now, I was hungry for more. I slid out and went on my knees, putting the toy in front of my crotch. I toyed with the entrance again, sighing, not caring about the noise anymore. “If he wants to hear me… I’m going to give him a show…

“Fuck… you… you want this, don’t you?” I panted softly as my fat cockhead poked the silicone entrance once more. It felt awkward at first, but soon enough, I felt confident enough to keep talking in heated, desperate whispers. “Yeah, I know you do… you… you want this cock inside you. You’ve been such a tease… well, now you get what you want so bad, baby boy…” I said, groaning in pleasure as I bucked my hips forward in one swift movement, burying myself completely into the toy. “Oh, fuuuuck… yes, yes, this hole is so hungry for my cock…” I said in pants. Once I got into a rhythm, I closed my eyes and let my fantasies go wild. I could almost hear his soft pants as I thrusted in and out. 

Kai… Kai, you feel so good inside me…” Jeremy’s voice moaned inside my mind. I could picture his slim frame in all fours in my bed, his body arched in pleasure as his tight hole swallowed my dick, gripping into it as if he didn’t want to let go of me ever. “So... so big… so fucking good…

“Yeah, baby, I know you wanted me so bad…” I panted, giving into my fantasies. It felt so fucking exhilarating. After years of being so used to bottom, now I had met a guy that made me want to top. And it felt new and exciting, as I thrusted harder, moving my hands so I could go deeper, harder inside the toy, picturing my roommate’s perky ass. “Don’t worry, baby, I’m going to give you all the dick you want… Yes, just like that… back into it… yeah… fuuuck… so good… such a nice hole… made perfectly to take my big cock…” 

One part of my mind was aware that I was moving so hard that my bed was squeaking almost as if I actually had a lover in my bedroom right now, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop picturing the pleasured face of my straight roommate as he was penetrated again and again, looking at me with pure lust, his mouth opened midway between a playful grin and a pleasured groan. “Kai… I want your cum… please, give it to me… I need your cum inside me, baby…

“Fuck yeah… you are going to get it… yes, fuck… I’m almost there, baby” I groaned loudly, as I felt my orgasm quickly approaching. “Fuck, so close… fuck, fuck, fuck… Take it, baby, yes, fuuuuuck!” I growled as I unloaded what it felt like gallons of cum inside my sex toy. Whenever I had fantasies about topping Jeremy, I always came hard but this orgasm felt even harder than before, because in the back of my mind I was hoping… I knew that he would hear me. Somehow, knowing he could hear how I jacked off to him but not fully knowing he was the protagonist of my lewd imagination was very arousing.  

It took me a couple of minutes to finally come down from the high and pull out of the silicone hole. Some of the mixture of the lube and my load was leaking out, down to my bedsheets. In my horny state, I had forgotten to set up a towel or something to clean up my messes. “Damn it” I grunted, as I quickly grabbed some underwear to clean up as much as I could. But I was fully aware that I would need to do some laundry early to fully get rid of the traces of that messy cumshot. But it would have to wait until the morning, because I was fully ready to take a well-deserved sleep. 

When I woke up, I could already feel my dick hard again, and my mind had the lingering taste of a sex dream where I rimmed Jeremy. “Fuck, I’m such a pervert... Come on, Kai. He is straight. He is not going to let you do that” I talked to myself, as I got up and got my bedsheets. “Now, it’s time to be a responsible adult and go on with your day!” I said, trying my best to ignore my morning wood. My bedroom was the closest to the small laundry closet of the apartment, and even with the other 4 guys living here, it would be very unlikely that I would run into someone. And once I got them into the machines, I’d most likely be soft once more. So, I opened the door, determined to let my horny fantasies fade away, at least until I was in bed again at night. But when I stepped out of my door, I almost slipped as my foot touched an almost dry, yet still slimy puddle. 

“What the hell?” I muttered to myself, as I dropped the bedsheets to the side and looked at the puddle. It could be anything, really. But as I stuck my fingers into it and felt the consistency, the realization hit my mind. “Is this… is this cum?” I muttered again, as I lifted my finger close to my face. Yeah, it looked like it was cum. And if it was then, someone had busted a load (and a big one, given the size of the puddle) right outside my bedroom door. But who? That’s when I heard some light groaning from the door in front of me, as if someone was just waking up. That was Jeremy’s room… the closest bedroom to mine… 

I slid back into my bedroom and laid on the floor, on top of the dirty bedsheets as I jacked off, moaning softly. I realized a second before reaching the point of no return that I had been using the remains of the puddle as lube for this particular jack-off session. That riled me up so much more. And while I didn’t get as verbal that time, I panted loudly as I shoot my load, picturing my straight roommate, the guy I was in love with and that I desperately wanted to pound into my bed, jerking off to the sounds of me pleasuring myself. “Fuck…” I groaned, hearing the guy of all my dreams, clean and dirty, coming out of his room, ready to start his day, with no idea of how much I wanted to pull him into my bedroom, kiss him deeply, and have him bouncing on my lap right after, or how strong had been the orgasm his image had just caused in me. I groaned into a pillow. 

“Kai, you okay?” I heard Jeremy’s cheerful voice outside, in the hallway.

“Perfectly fine” I shouted, wiping my hand, the sticky remnants of both cum shots clinging to my skin “I just… I just realized I have a lot of dirty laundry to go through today”