My First Android Robot - Chap 1

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Tyler was frustrated. He sat in his upscale loft looking around at all the clutter that had been accumulating for months. His place wasn’t really that dirty, but it wasn’t really that tidy either. Tyler was frustrated because he had friends stopping by in a few weeks to visit, and there was no way he could host people in these messy surroundings.

He thought to himself, either hire a maid, clean it yourself or just cancel on everyone. He sighed in frustration. There had to be a solution. He didn’t want some stranger roaming through his things, but he also knew he was too busy with work to tackle the mess himself.

Just at that moment, an ad came over the flatscreen. “Need a helping hand? Overwhelmed with small tasks in your busy life? Well we have the solution you’ve been waiting for! Let our android robots take over and give you the freedom you deserve! Visit us at YAD Appliances dot com!”

Hmm, he thought. He had heard that androids were the future. It seemed like a sound investment and he had the means to buy one, so why not. Tyler found himself browsing the YAD website. Your Android Device. Interesting name he thought. Before he knew it, he had been searching the website for almost two hours. Finally content, he had built a custom robot and had it in his shopping basket. He paid without hesitation and was quickly alerted with an email chime of his successful order. In just under two weeks, his new helper would arrive.

The doorbell ring was loud and alerting. Tyler jumped up as he heard the chime. He had been anticipating with excitement of his delivery. It was finally here and he quickly made his way to the front door.

He was greeted by a younger clean-cut guy in the familiar brown uniform. They exchanged pleasantries and Tyler asked if his item would fit through the doorway. The delivery guy assured him it wouldn’t be an issue. Tyler watched as his parcel was brought in and placed in his living room. A large brown crate that read: YAD Appliances.

Tyler signed for his item and the delivery guy smiled at him and said, “Have fun with your new appliance, I hear they are great at everything.”  

Tyler thanked him and shut the front door. He thought to himself, I wonder what he meant by that. In all innocence, Tyler had just ordered a basic android to help him around his place.  He shrugged it off and stared at the crate waiting to be opened.

Several screws later, he lifted the crates top off and stared at layers of foam sheets. He really didn’t know what to expect. Even though he had ordered a base model, he felt his heart racing. There was only one way to find out, so he started unpacking his new device.

Tyler stared in disbelief. There had to be some mistake. This was not the model he had ordered. Staring back at him was a beautiful female android robot. Her silicone skin was milky white, her hair was brunette and her breasts... Wow her breasts were definitely a full C cup. Even the outfit she wore was risqué. She was indeed a maid, but more of a French maid, with a very short hemmed skirt, lots of black lace and a top that barely held her breasts in place.

Tyler lifted her out of the crate and leaned her against the wall. He was amazed at how beautiful his machine was. He wondered, “Should I turn her on, or repack her and send it back?”

Tyler grabbed his phone and opened his banking app. The right amount had been debited. Clearly, this was YAD Appliances mistake and he excitedly started to turn on his new device.

Tyler quickly found the quick start guide and glanced it over. Programming seemed pretty straight forward. You could download an app and choose appropriate responses to situations, environments and more. Apparently the android would learn to anticipate its owners needs over time.

Tyler found her power button, and placed his finger on the small round disc and then hesitated. “Do I power her on.” He grinned, then pressed the tiny button and heard a small faint humming sound, a few beeps, and then her eyes opened.

“Hi, I am Juli-E, your new home assistant android. I am model number YAD9067. What is your name?” Her voice seemed almost natural with a small hint of programming. He was amazed.

“I am.. I am Tyler.” He choked out his name. He was eager to learn more and see what she was capable of.  Tyler downloaded the app and started asking her to complete tasks.

“Please start picking up clothes and place them in the hamper.” “This is the kitchen, please tidy this area.” “Here is a vacuum, please clean the floors.” “Can you make a sandwich?”

Tyler watched in awe, as Julie did everything he requested. It was so neat to see such a beautiful piece of machinery accomplish even complicated tasks. He couldn’t help notice that when she’d bend over, her black lace panties teased him. Even her walk was sexy, almost seductive.

He wondered. What would happen if he asked her to perform “other duties.” Was she even capable of those tasks. There was only one way to find out.

“Hey Julie, will you come here please.”  He watched as Julie placed a dish on the counter and then with such ease, she moved towards him, where he was seated on the couch. She stood right in front of him. He reached out and gently touched the hem of her skirt.

“Hey Julie, can you suck my dick?” Even he was surprised at how quickly he asked without hesitation.

Before he could even think of any consequences, she replied. “I am programmed to do anything my owner requests, as long as it does not harm, hurt, destroy or cause any laws to be broken.”  

Tyler stared in disbelief. “Julie, I want you to service me.” His words were barely out of his mouth, as she seductively went down to her knees, and was now facing him. Her hands reached out to him and she slowly started rubbing the outer fabric of his mesh shorts. His cock went rock hard instantly and he let out a slight moan.

She was still staring at him as her fingers slipped under his waist band and started pulling his shorts off. His shorts and briefs were pulled off in one quick swoop and his nine inch cock was now standing straight up. When she reached out and took his cock in her hands, he was surprised at the warmth her silicone gave off.

She took his hard shaft and slowly lowered her mouth to it. He moaned as he felt her sultry lips wrap around his stiff muscle. Even her mouth was self lubricated!  She started with slow bobs of her head going up and down, then he felt her artificial tongue flick around his head, and then the suction began. The suction was simply amazing. He took his hands and placed them on the back of her head and pushed her further down. Julie didn’t even gag, she just took all that he had to give.

Tyler started thrusting his cock further down her throat, pushing his hips up while pushing her head down. He grunted then begged, “Moan for me.” 

Julie started moaning on command as he face fucked her with all the strength and energy he had.

He removed one hand from behind her head and reached down and released one of her supple tits.  It was so soft and human like, but he knew it was still silicone. He gave her now exposed breast a hard squeeze, she moaned on queue and it sent him over the edge.

“Uh uh, I am cumming!” He felt ropes of cum start to shoot deep inside his androids mouth. He kept his cock submerged down her throat until he was done and then pulled himself out. Tyler was panting as he fell back on the couch.

Julie took her hand and slowly wiped her mouth. “Are you satisfied sir? Is there anything else I can service at this time?” Even her reply was seductive.

Tyler smiled and responded, “Thank you Julie, that was amazing. Go clean yourself up for now.” He watched as she stood up, replaced her tit back into her outfit and proceeded towards the bathroom. Tyler knew he’d have to rest after that blow job. He would need all his energy if he wanted to have more fun tonight.